Friday, April 04, 2008

Best Of PR

This week, I got 142 e-mails from public relations people trying to get me to post their stuff. On Friday's I am going to pick the very best thing sent to me and post it here. This week it is the UK singer Duffy. This was a no brainer because I already like her and the song "Mercy". If you are going to Coachella this year she will be performing on the third day. Get there early though if you want to see her because I think she goes on like 10th.


jax said...

video not accessible.


Twisted Sister said...

That was great. I like her.

Jax, try it again - it worked for me.

Then again, I'm nicer. ;-P

Amber said...

:( Only works for US residents I guess.

Twisted Sister said...

Try clicking the tiny play button on the bottom left instead of the big button in the middle. If that doesn't work, this isn't the same version, but the vocal is the same:

jax said...

how f*ckin stupid do you think we are TS?? lol.
no worky for canucks.

Twisted Sister said...

Jax, no shit??? LMAO! You know I love my canucks!

Whattup up there? Are they controlling what you can and can't view? It's just youtube, people.

Sharon said...

Nope doesn't work for this canuck either. Stupid censorship. Protest Bill C-10! I am really tired of this nonsense - Canadian content my arse, if they started giving us some decent stuff we wouldn't be constantly hitting up Brit TV for good stuff.

Sharon said...

Oh and I adore this song. I am on a Brit top 40 binge as of late because with talent like Duffy, Estelle, Adele, M.I.A., Leona Lewis and Amy you really can't miss. Sadly though, I am also develping a taste for Brit pop music and am really hacked that Canadian I-tunes doesn't carry most of the music I want to buy.


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