Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Denver Gives Standing Ovation To Richie Sambora

Last night Bon Jovi played Denver. Instead of hiding shamefully in the corner or even staying home, Richie Sambora took front and center and was given a standing ovation by the crowd when he had the stage to himself for a solo.

When Jon Bon Jovi introduced Sambora the crowd got to its feet. "Hello Denver," he said, as the crowd cheered. "I just want to thank everyone for their support. Sometimes friends need the help of their friends to get by. This next song is one that keeps coming back in my life and is current again ... ." The crowd stayed standing and applauding as Sambora started playing "These Days."

I guess in Denver they might not have heard about Richie getting arrested for suspicion of DUI with two little girls inside and his girlfriend. It doesn't really matter whether Richie Sambora beats the charges and walks, the fact remains that he did not make a good decision. Instead of facing up to that mistake and doing something about it, he instead hit the road to earn some extra money and to get the love and adulation from fans that he certainly does not deserve.

He should be in rehab again right now, or at least trying to get his life back on track. He should be kissing his daughter's ass each and every second as well as the asses of the woman he was with and her child. He sure as hell should be kissing the ass of Heather Locklear who should have already gone into court to keep Sambora away from their daughter unless supervised.

But, nope, Richie is out on the road, living it up and just turning this into another, aww shucks rock star kind of moment. The fans in Denver enabled that behavior. They should have made his life miserable the entire time he was on stage.


jax said...

Jon shoulda kicked him to the curb until he got out of rehab...again.
it puts a nasty stain on a pretty decent band.

Twisted Sister said...

Thanking his fans for their support after HE has done something really wrong makes me want to slap the shit of him.

unicorn jones said...

the fact that he was linked w/ denise richards period makes me want to slap the shit out of him

oh, also he's a scumbag for drunk driving w/ kids in the car


Sylvia said...

Well it also doesn't help when people give out ovation to those that don't deserve it. Especially with his track record.

Judi said...

Let's wait to crucify him until we find out for sure if he was DUI. But, yes, Unicorn. For DR alone, he should go to jail.

sheetrock said...

Let's here it for Mr. Sambora!! He screwed Skankbait Richards! Woo Hoo! Clap, Clap.

Drove Drunk w/ his kid in the car?!! Woo Hoo!! You are AWESOME! Good Job!! Clap, Clap!!!

Dude is a loser. End of story.

Trix said...

Im not surprised. After all, we live in a country where people still go to R Kelly shows, buy Michael Jackson albums, applaud Roman Polanski movies, etc etc etc.

califblondy said...

Tough crowd.

I thought that he was arrested for "suspicion" of DUI, but he tested negative?

I'm certainly not defending driving under the influence in any way.

Trix said...

califblondy, he chose to do a blood test instead, results wont be out for a little while yet.

Sis said...

It does not surprise me, the Bon Jovi fans do not care (they call themselves "true fans"), they will not care even when the results come back, because he is their "rock star" and the almighty Richie Sambora. It is totally screwed up, Jon threatened him before, wonder why he is not insisting on rehab, again. I would have kicked him to the curb...fast. I am not going to the concert on Saturday as I will not support an ass and the band, because at this point it is not just about supporting him, it is much more... These Days, my ass.

Sorry for the negativity, just hard to get my head around a standing ovation.

He failed two field tests, and two breath tests before demanding a blood test, which takes a while to set up, this usually results in a lesser under the influence number.

Sis said...

My bad, Richie failed two physical breath tests to the cops, two field tests, and two verbal tests. I do not know if an actual breath analyzer (sp?) was done in addition to the blood test.

Betsy said...

I have no idea where ENT got his information. I was actually at the concert in Denver. People were standing the entire concert, so to call it a "standing ovation" for Richie is a more than a little inaccurate.


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