Friday, April 18, 2008

Your Turn

Copperas Cove Update-

Jim Copeland -- School Board Board Member
Mary Ann Glass -- School Board Board Member
Joan Manning -- School Board Board Member
Glynn Powell -- School Board Board Member
Bob Weiss -- School Board Board Member
Lynn Wessels -- School Board Board Member
Mike Wilburn -- School Board Board Member

The PR stuff sucked again. So, again this week, I look to all of you to post something. This week, you can link to whatever you want to plug again. I am hoping though that you will focus on the story or post you saw this week that you were the most interested in and that you want to share.

Each day I get lots and lots of suggestions for stories and things people want me to see or write about or both. These are the three this week that I found really interesting, but did not have time to write about.

Twisted sent me this story about a boy in Texas who got a call on his cell phone from his father who is stationed in Iraq. Unfortunately for the kid he took the call while in class, and the school suspended him for talking on a cell phone in class.

Here is the story.

I am sure Twisted will post the e-mail address of the principal in case you would like to send a lovely note.

This one was sent in by Julia. It is about the 20 year old daughter of a Norwegian member of their Parliament who killed herself last week after allegedly receiving low scores on a Scientology stress test. The CO$ says they are not responsible and that the girl's anorexia and mental problems are what caused her to commit suicide. I will let you decide. You can read the story here.

Finally, Elyse sent me an article from the Yale Daily news. It is about an art experiment from a student at the school that will probably shock the hell out of you. You can read about it here.


Twisted Sister said...

The principal of The Copperas Cove High School is Dr. Carol Saxenian and her email address is

If you think this kid got a bum rap, please drop her a line and tell her so.

EL, thanks for posting that.

kris_r said...

I'm on it TS!!!! This is total B.S...

Anonymous said...

I saw the news about the Texas kid using his cell phone. Supposedly the school has a rule about using cell phones in school. I think since his father is in Iraq their should have been an exception for him. Especially when his father is father for this war that it should not have happen.

Scientology will always deny whatever is not good stories about that. Tell me what cult admits their mistakes. They are all the same taking money from people and not caring what happens to them.

Art is art but I think what this girl did was a little way out of line. First of all she purposely committed abortions for her art. Shouldn't she be charge for killing the unborn babies?

Twisted Sister said...

Thanks, Kris, I agree!

Sylvia, the article says the father had made arrangements with the assistant principal who said it would be fine for him to call, so I don't get what's up the principal's ass on this one.

Ask A Hooker said...

Hmm I may put in an'd think they'd cut the kid a little slack...

Oh, and I want to plug this link:

Its all the known videos of Paris doing drugs, which were in circulation around the same time she went on Larry King and said she never did drugs before. I just hate her so much I want to spread around anything that further exposes her bullshit :)

Anonymous said...

Twisted thanks for mentioning that I don't think in the news I heard that.

Probably the principal suddenly has memory lost LOL.

kris_r said... sent...think I'll get a response? ha...

Anonymous said...

i watched the Paris videos... but it just made me want to hang out with her. Hard to hate a girl that i could share a blunt with.

jax said...

this is a story how Nicole Kidman wants her kids out of COS.

its funny if not factual.

Alpine Summer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Twisted Sister said...

Kris, let us know if you do.

I just sent mine:

Dear Dr. Saxenian,

Please confirm that you've suspended a student because the teen took his father's call when he phoned from Iraq; calls that had been approved by your assistant principal, Mr. Fletcher? And please also confirm that you've refused to remove the suspension from his record? I'm writing a book about people in this country who don't use common sense in meting out rules and I'd like to include this incident in the book.


Real Name

Alpine Summer said...

About the art student - Yale has said it was a hoax and they knew about it. Now the girl is speaking out saying it wasn't but she's not sure if she was ever pregnant or not. I've been following this since it broke. I believe in art, even art that is hard to see as art, but I think she's making light of a horrible situation. Many many women have a hard time dealing with having abortions, and many others have had miscarriages that break their hearts (some close to home). I can't say this was a good art project, in my opinion.

In other news: Free shipping on free returns on shoes. Can't beat shoes.

WriterMommy said...

In the article about the young lady who committed suicide, the spokesperson for the church says that she had a history of mental illness. I thought they didn't believe in mental illness?

Trix said...

I'd find it easy to hate a girl I could share a blunt with, if I had to keep spraying it down with disinfectant rather than risk touching her saliva and catching a mutant strain of herpes/syphilis/genital warts.

Plus, a stoner chick that lies about it, and does fucked up drugs like coke, crack, meth, etc., would never be the type I'd like to chill with.

Just sayin'!

kris_r said...


I will let you know for sure if I get anything. I LOVE what you really crack me up.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read the cell phone story, but if the Asst Principal okayed it, then it's wrong. I know a lot of schools have zero-tolerance policies when it comes to cell phone use during class.

The art experiment thing is all sorts of wrong. The girl must have no emotion whatsoever.

sylvia - re: art/miscarriage thing. Technically there was no proof she was actually pregnant, so there would be nothing to charge. And even if she were, RU486 is legal in the USA and there's nothing different about that.

Twisted Sister said...

I just read the Yale art project blurb and I'm sick to my stomach. What is wrong with that girl? I'd have her taken into a shrink so fast her fucked up head would spin.

Anonymous said...

lol@twisted, like the letter you wrote to the principal.

dnf thanks for reminding me about RU486.

jax said...

thnx for the email addy Twist.
i sent her one to let her know she is in the running for Canada's Teachers without Feelings award.

i take a personal joy in ending any email with 'you should be ashamed of yourself'

Twisted Sister said...

LOLOLOL!!! Oh man, I hope we all get replies.

RagDoll said...

I thought that Ms. Svarts (Art-Girl) swore that she was only taking "herbal abortifacients"??

Like what? Hemlock?

I hope, hope, hope it's all red paint and a HUUUUUUGE publicity stunt by an "artist" who wuld otherwise never get a write-up anywhere. I mean, anyone seen any of her other "work?" I haven't.

Anonymous said...

Here is another Art story that I found at another gossip site.

dbfreak said...

Too lazy to check out any of the links yet, so no insightful comments : )

Since I was too busy gathering all the good links from last week's "Your Turn", I didn't take the time to post my referrals:

I also love Watch With Kristen & Ted C at and Michael Ausiello & Matt Rousch at the blogs.

Finally, the site that lead me here - (not sure if exact right addy) - I've actually stopped going there because I don't think there have been any posts since late 2007 : (

jax said...

bad email got bounced back from the Principal saying they only accept emails from the internal only..LOL.

Twisted Sister said...

Bummer. Why do they post her email address if they're going to reject incoming emails? Or maybe they've been getting too many since the story hit.

Mine hasn't come back yet.

Trix said...

I'm pro choice and everything, but that "art" student makes me sick. She makes me ashamed that she's the same gender as I am. Its one thing to exercise your choice, its another to make a mockery of it. When will people realize that showing extremely bad taste and inducing shock in the general public with your callousness and cruelty, is not art? Self satisfied art student types would have you believe that anything that creates emotion, is art. (Awesome... I took a big shit and it tore my asshole. It made me mad. My shit is now art.) Sounds like a justification for a stunt designed to cover up the obvious lack of talent in the "artist".

adrian said...

I order wonderful bath & body products from a site called The owner is very sweet, & the products are great. However, there is a running thread now for a name for a "coochie wash".
It is funny to follow because they are taking this product quite seriously.

Abaddon said...

This is all I want to plug. Long time reader, second time poster.
"Using tax dollars to shoot animals on the endangered species list"
"...Unbelievably, the Bush Administration bowing to pressure from Wyoming and a relatively few local ranchers and elk hunters, has just issued a new rule that allows the mass killing of grey wolves. Instead of doing its job to protect animals on the endangered species list, this administration is preparing to slaughter them. Even worse, it plans to issue a second rule that would strip wolves of federal protection altogether...."
Please help on this. I am not an employee, just a member of a wolf organization, and think that this is atrocious. Any help would be appreciated. I do not live in the U.S. and can only donate money but not really do anything vocal except what I am now doing and ask certain bloggers to please place this on their site.

d said...

Listen I know it's not current news, but when asked to plug, it's the only thing that comes to mind.

Again, I am plugging Austin Experimentalists, Death is not a joyride.

Death is not a joyride is a female-fronted, experimental art-rock band from Austin, Texas. Comprised of a wide range of instruments, including everything from synths and samples to viola and mandolin, the group is known for both their schizophrenic compositions and theatrical live shows.

Accomplishments also include being named 3rd Best Experimental Band (behind only the Octopus Project and Ghostland Observatory), 4th Best Industrial/Goth Band, 5th Best Novelty Band, and 9th Best None of the Above Band in the Austin Chronicle Muisc Poll (2007) and 8th Best Experimental Band in the Austin Chronicle Music Poll (2006).

Their first full length release, the Human Zoo, is out in independent stores in Austin, and will become available in the greater Southwest in the coming months. You can also get the album online.

The website is listed below. Please feel free to check it out and leave your input. Be warned: it's art-rock.


Here's where you can get more info:

kissannie said...

The cell phone story makes me sick - My husband has been in Iraq for 14 months and if my daughter had to be suspended in order to talk to him (especially under their pre arranged circumstances) I would fight it to the end on principle.

Anyhow, I want to plug Freecycle. It's a great group where members can post offers of things they can't use or don't want or you seek out items you are looking for - helps keep good stuff out of landfills! It's all free - see if you have one in your area. I have freecycled a lot of baby clothes and toys to others and have gotten everything from moving boxes to Wiggles toys!

mags said...

That principal wins the fool of the day award. Great letter twisted sister.

That art student story is gross.

This is for the days you need to pop some bubble wrap and there is none to be found.

adrian said...
above is a post referencing some of our blind items guesses on another site.


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