Friday, May 02, 2008

Your Turn

This week in Your Turn, I am going to plug the music of Fay, who I have plugged before. This time though, she has a brand new video entitled Give It To Me Straight that had its world premiere earlier this week. Of course I should probably be bitter since I wasn't invited to the premiere, but when have you ever known me to bitter about anything. I am attaching the "comedic cut" of the video and I promise that if you stick around until the end of the video, you will probably pee your pants a little. Especially if you loved the show Las Vegas. Some photos from the premiere, and the video.
Fay and Flawless
Jill-Michele Melean, Vanessa Marcil and Suzanne Whang


jax said...

directing by America Young..wasn't that our guess for stunt chick??

that was hialrious "i give you landing strip"

jax said...

sorry...El are we supposed to plug muzak ourselves this week? in your haste to get to FULLFRONTAL FRIDAY you forgot to add

if so i'm going to pimp some locals.

the song ooh Ooh is the
you'll see. if you like Sublime, Jack Johnson you'll like Daniel.

Also Sam Roberts...GREAT artist. channels Paul McCartney in his later years but a great showman.

DNfromMN said...

jax, America has been my guess for WD forever. You'll notice that she was in the video briefly (the "extras don't talk" girl) and she had short hair, compared to her website ( And WD had given her hair to locks of love.

Ent just outed his person. And I'm wondering if Jill-Michele Melean is one of Ent's spies, because he likes to put her in random photos a lot.

It was a cute video, though.

d said...

Didn't Ent say he was gonna "out" WD anyway, when he first introduced her? I like the artist though. Reminds me of Nelly Furtado a little bit. And America is absolutely STUNNING.


PS: For all you art-rocking West Coasters who incidentally read this blog: Austin's Death is not a joyride. embark on their first tour this June, and will be hitting up both LA and Bakersfield. More details coming soon, check the website below to see if they'll be in your town. Come out, and share goats, maybe even Lamb. But not Sheep. Never sheep.

jagerlilly said...

What a scream! I love "Polly"!!! Suzanne is brilliant and I really liked the song. Awesome.

cinnarose said...

The ending is what made this worth watching, since I'm not much for pop music.

Are we supposed to believe the fat guy jumping into the pool towards the beginning is Ent? ;)

d said...

Cinna: he's not bald enough.

Nosey Parker said...

Thanks Ent!!!

Great song and funny video =]

I can't find any info on when Fay's Empowered CD will be released.

Please post it when you find out.