Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brooke Needs To Start Charging Or It Ain't Going To Last

I know most of you probably won't read this week's issue of Rolling Stone, but instead will just be looking at the cover with the cast of The Hills on it. However, should you actually open it, there is an interview with a woman who calls herself Nici and is a madam in Los Angeles. She says that Charlie Sheen was calling her for hookers on a regular basis up until last year.

Last year huh? So, while he was living with Brooke Mueller and involved in his custody dispute he was calling up and ordering 4 and 5 girls at a time. "One day, according to Nici, the unthinkable happened: Charlie Sheen answered an ad. It was the Holy Grail of escorting, the Hollywood connection that can make or break a service. When Nici dropped four girls off at his penthouse, she found the actor in silk pajamas with 'C. MaSheen' embroidered over the pocket. Sheen gave her a $20,000 check for the girls, and she picked them up several hours later."

Ahhh, must be good to know that your future husband is a sex addict who seems to only marry hookers. Me thinks that Brooke should start charging Charlie by the hour so he feels like it is a relationship that can last. Hey, Denise Richards is not a great parent, and she can be hypocritical, but Charlie Sheen was walking and strutting around last year like he was angelic and Denise Richards was the devil. Well, Denise may in fact be Satan, but that doesn't change the fact that while Charlie was being noble and holding himself out to be the good guy he was spending $20,000 a night on hookers while allegedly not finding enough time in his day to spend with his youngest child.


Ask A Hooker said...

$25,000 dollar a night escort services really piss me off. No sexual experience with any type of woman is worth that...they just charge that so the asswads can feel like high rollers. Its more about stroking their ego. They're paying for the delusion that they're a big shot.

SHE SHE said...

I bet ol' Charlie is a "taker" and not a "giver" in bed. In the giver arena maybe an STD or some crabs? Just a guess.

Anonymous said...

Guess he might have to go back to one of those fancy rehabs that supposely will cure you LOL.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

"C. MaSheen," OMFG, I can't stop laughing.

ablake said...

ok so at first (since I don't watch the Hills) I was wondering which one of them was named Brooke. Then I read Ent's editorial. Then I had to stare at the cover to notice the Escort Service thing at the top.

This is too much like homework Ent:(

Charlie Sheen is nasty. Period. If anyone thinks he isn't, their IQ card should be removed. Denise is a user in just about every sense of the word. Thing is, he was addicted to his lifestyle waaaay before she came along, so she really can't cry victim.
He's a jackass and she's an idiot.

I mourn for their daughters, though.

MnGddess said...

I like how on the cover they made Whitney do a semi-squat. lol
I admit it. I watch this trainwreck of a show. I do switch away whenever troll face Spencer is on camera. He's dumb and boring as well as ugly as sin.

And the cover would have looked better if they cut off the ugly bitch on the left.

cheesegrater15 said...

Why is Audrina always looking up? Is it a physical deformity? Mental deformity? If she looks down, does she look straight ahead?

Amber said...

So.. I want to know the answer!! "OMG! Do they totally hate each other?" lol I also do not want to buy it.


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