Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Three Transvestites, A Soccer Player And A Pizza Place

Listen. I don't judge. OK, I do judge. But, if you want to be gay, straight, bi, or just mix and match, I am not going to judge you for that. Therefore, I'm not going to judge international soccer star Ronaldo for hiring what he thought were three female prostitutes he picked up at a club for some group sex. Whatever makes you happy and gets you standing at attention is fine. As long as it isn't illegal or involve staring at Denise Richards, I am all for it.

So, the story goes that when Ronaldo got back to his hotel room, he discovered the three ladies were actually transvestites and tried to pay them off to leave. Two of the three took the money, but the third tried to extort Ronaldo who wouldn't pay, and so the story leaked.

Again, whether Ronaldo knew they were transvestites or not is something I won't judge him for. Maybe he is the kind of guy that enjoys pretending he is with a woman while he has a bunch of d**ks swinging in his face. Again, I'm not going to judge about what he prefers sexually.

What am I going to judge him about is this. Look at the photos of these three people. This is a guy who makes millions and millions of dollars. Whether or not you like guys dressed as chicks, or guys dressed as guys, or girls dressed as Madonna, if you have the money there is no way you should ever pick up anything that looks like this. And this wasn't even free. He was paying these skanks. I don't care what you are into. Unless you enjoy being with the fugliest people on earth, there is no way you should touch any of these three. Oh, and that club must have been pitch black.


Spring Luvr said...

As long as it isn't illegal......isn't prostition illegal?

Come on Ent, ugly "chicks" need love too.

Ellen said...


This is too unbelievably funny.

ms_wonderland said...

Prostition is legal in Brazil, where all this happened. Ronaldo was there (his home country) recovering from an injury. Couldn't be much of an injury if he was up for a foursome.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is weird. On one hand, I wonder why he didnt realize they were guys, on the other hand, well, he DID try to pay them to go away.

Ask A Hooker said...

I think what EL doesn't realize is that men who pay for sex, are often impulsive...hell, half of my business comes from impulse buyers. That you don't understand that makes me wonder if you're an actual man. Some men, will settle for anything when they're horny, and if giving them cash to get naked faster and leave earlier is what works, they'll do it.

This story is definately a must-blog item. Check for updates later!


Sinjin said...

A man and a duck walk into a bar...

(Hilarious title by the way)

jax said...

and some men want ugly. i read a bio by a prostitute and she was not attractive. she had said a lot of her clientelle were married guys with trophy wives and they wanted something different.
i think men like variety in whatever they are doing.

wasn't there always gay rumours about Ronaldo?

Unknown said...

the blue dress and black dress are the same person actually. But yeah, um, I could spot that as a male from a mile away, I mean, look at those man hands!

I agree with you on the swinging/bi/straight/gay thing, and not judging people for it. What I don't agree with, is when married or attached people are duplicitous, and do all bodily fluid swapping behind their partner's back.

La RoRoe said...

Not every female in Brazil looks like Giselle. She is actually quite unlike most Brasilians in the looks department. Most of the women are "native" in their appearance an not considered terribly attractive by our American standards.

Matter of fact, the standards of beauty in Brazil are far different than the standards in America.

Just sayin.

kutabeach said...

Look at the name of the club: "Papillon"

Means "butterfly".

My guess is that a club named "Papillon" is a tranny club, not a normal club.

Ronaldo knew what he was getting, and the "girls" tried to extort him.

Spring Luvr said...

In my experience - which admittedly isn't in the thousands - ugly girls seem to be free-er in bed and O more easily. Really.

keks said...

Prostitution is NOT legal in Brazil.

and they were not all tranvestites. one was a female hooker. in the first and second pictures are the same person.

and the story is really this: he picked up the female prostitute on the street after leaving a night club. she asked if she could call two other friends to join them, he said yes. she brought the two trannies and he offered money so they would leave and so on.

Papillon is the name of the HOTEL, not the club.

I hate this guy, but the record has to be set straight.

plus, even if it's true, do you REALLY think that, no matter how much money he has, he deserves something better than those? I don't.

(and brazilian women are, in general, GORGEOUS. far better than the no-hips, no-asses, thin-stick "beauties" we see in hollywood.

mooshki said...

Isn't the girl in the bottom right photo Dominique from America's Next Top Model?

Unknown said...

Erica, thank you for telling the real story. Well, your story sounds believable, at least to me it does. I'm curious: how do you know what happened? Care to enlighten me. And for telling the truth:

"(and brazilian women are, in general, GORGEOUS. far better than the no-hips, no-asses, thin-stick "beauties" we see in hollywood."


"Native"...huh? La Roroe, you have insulted an entire population of people. You are an a** clown.

keks said...

Nate, I am brazilian and that's the story told by himself and one the female prostitute.

Since you mentioned the "native" the was posted before, native brazilians are the indians. dark straight hair and skin and japanese-esque eyes.
there are very little left. so we are actually a mix of the natives, black, european, middle-eastern...

I, myself, am a mix of italian, spanish and dutch. I am redhaired, so I have very fair skin and freckles. and a voluptuous hourglass shaped body that I got from the italian and spanish inheritage. so, no native look here.

Sydney in Wonderland said...

I was thinking about the gay rumors too. Maybe dude planned the whole thing so it would look like he was run-run-running away from the dick, but was horny enough to bring three women to his room. Prostitution, the public can get over. So, turn it in your favor.

MontanaMarriott said...

As a person who travels to Rio every year for Caranaval and New Year's eve, it is common knowledge that prostitution is legal in Brasil.

As for the Giselle comment, Giselle was born in Brasil from German descent, thus the last name Bundchen. Brasil was a hot spot for Nazi war criminals after WWII, therefore it is not common to find several German surnames throughout the country. However that does not take away from the fact that Brasilian women as in all countries come in all shapes and sizes, so that remark about them being unbeautiful is without merit.

Amber said...

The fact that they are so fug kind of proves that he knew what he was getting himself into doesn't it? Come on now! If you saw these 'ladies' at a club, you could probably guess that they have something swingin' between their legs okayy Even if you have had 8 drinks!


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