Thursday, June 05, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

Amarie - Los Angeles
So from L to R you have Alison Kelly, Laura Bennett, and Sweet Pea. I think those 14 kids Laura has have finally pushed her off the deep end.
I think it is the new girlfriend which is making Adrian Grenier keep the beard off, and if you notice, practically freshly shaved each day. Ahh what guys won't do for women when we first start dating. It's after that first few months that we start trying to go back to our old ways.
I just have always found myself strangely attracted to Erika Christensen.

While I am sure many of you are attracted to David Beckham and find nothing strange about it.
Catherine Deneuve at the funeral of Yves St. Laurent.
As you can see the people of France turned out in huge numbers for the funeral.
OK, so did I miss the boat on this one? Two days in a row Aimee Osborne has allowed herself to be photographed with Kate Sumner. Am I reading more into this then I should? I for one am stumped. I haven't heard anything. Nothing, nada, zilch.

I have always, always, always been a big fan of Ileana Douglas but this outfit is just not working at all.
In case you have wondered what Mrs. Ramsay looks like.
From all the e-mails I got the first time I posted Gilles Marini, I decided that it would be best if I put him in a second time this week.
Fern Mallis looks amazing. I know, I know, none of you know who she is, but hey I do and a little sucking up never hurts. Ever.
When not acting, Fairuza Balk has turned to serial killing to pass away the hours.

Lauren Hutton certainly wants to be noticed. I would say she succeeded.

Kelly Rowland in Sydney. While there she said that if there is a reunion of Destiny's Child it would be a secret until the last possible moment. To me that says maybe.
Katy Perry - New York
Forget about the one on the left. The one on the right is Andrea McArdle. The original Annie. 30th Anniversary. Can you believe it?
It doesn't appear as if time has made Kara Janx any sweeter.

I promise Molly that the next time, you will be back on top where you belong.

I think the reason Melina Kanakaredes doesn't make into the photos very often might have something to do with her name. You try and type it.
It has been too long since I sat down and watched all of Margaret Cho's stand up specials. Nothing like getting bombed out of my mind and watching Margaret for a few hours.
It's Malan Breton!! I didn't realize he was quite that tall or Nikki Blonsky quite that small.
I don't think Liv Tyler has had a bad day since the divorce. Wow she is happy lately.

I think Padma Lakshmi is gorgeous, but lately it just doesn't seem like she is looking like it.

The question I have is where did the baby come from?
Considering all the rumors about Michael Strahan, I think this is an interesting choice for Nicole Murphy.
N.E.R.D - Los Angeles
Metro Station - New York

Since every other blog hates Rachel Zoe, I thought I would go the other way. I mean everyone needs a friend right?
Our reader photo of the day. To make sure you all like her she decided to include Cameron Mathison.
Rocco DiSpirito looks really good. Love that suit.
Two of my favorite people. Ted Danson and Rosario Dawson. As Rosario is discovering though, if you ask Ted about the environment, you may as well put up a chair because you are going to be there awhile.

Vanessa Amorosi - Perth

This will be the one and only time Tila Tequila makes an appearance here. I just don't get the hype. She looks like a troll.
The Tron Guy on the other hand is welcome everyday.
A guy who never takes a bad photo. Tyson Beckford.
Last but certainly not least. Love Ted Allen.


DNfromMN said...

Ent, I hope you like Co$ if you want to be with Erika Christensen.

Laura Bennett's superman dress... wow. I thought all her designs were really classy.

I'm with ent on the Ileana Douglas love. She's not very pretty, but she's a great talent. I love Grace of My Heart.

Fairuza Balk should get a guest starring role on "Dexter".

Oh lovely reader, how did you keep your hands out of Cameron Mathison's pants? Honestly.

Kristen S. said...

Yeah for Tron Guy! Man, it's been a long time since I've seen him - maybe 8 or 9 years. What's he doing at that Bravo event?

I love that Malan is one of the most successful designers from PR and they booted him fairly early!

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I don't get the Rachel Zoe hate myself.I know MK rags on her all the time, but I don't know why. I must have missed that day. Can someone fill me in?

p.s. why does he call her chupabra?(or something to that effect)

Lil said...

Not know who Fern Mallis is?!? She only founded New York Fashion Week.

And of course I didn't get my knowledge from Google - why would I do that? :-D

Elle said...

What are the rumors about Michael Straham? He's not a Johnny Gill fan too, is he?

Kara said...

He's allegedly gay, particularly according to divorce documents filed by his wife. (Strahan, that is).

People hate Rachel Zoe because they say she has a huge ego, thinks she's the most important person in fashion, and encourages fashion trends that include starvation.

Kara said...

Amazing! That's like the 30th time I've tried commenting on something and practically the first time it's come through. Yay! I can participate!

Reese said...

Reader makes Cameron Mathison look good, not the other way around.

Catherine Deneuve looks great. Nice to see such a turnout for the YSL funeral; he really was tremendous.

jax said...


I admit it i watch the tila show,its trash but i love it.

great shot of NERD.

hmm Nicole Murhpy is...exotic looking in a tran tastic way? being nice here.

plot said...

Rachel Zoe also recommended all kinds of legal and illegal drugs to her clients to stay thin. According to Nicole Richie, Zoe had a steady supply that she was willing to share.

nothingsacred said...

aww rip liv+royston

an acquaintance went to their wedding, i was hanging out with him the next night...he said it was awesome.
(Liv and Royston were there too at this concert, but I didn't dare talk to them lol they were all canoodly and cute)

IndigoBlue said...

I agree with you Ent, Padma has been looking haggard lately and she's usually ravishing....

Margaret Cho looks good, except the blue aerobics tights

Kathie Lee Gifford looks like me about half way through a long night of heavy boozing....isn't she supposed to be all perky or something?

Liv is looking very happy lately, good for her

What the hell happened to Fairuza Balk? She looks like she spent some quality time in the ladies' penetentiary or something

Who the hell dresses Kelly Rowland? She always looks like she's trying wayyyy too hard and just gets it all wrong

Susan Sarandan is embracing her inner fug and putting it on the outside these days

Love Ted on Top Chef, too! Although my real crush is on Tom Collichio (spelling?)

The first thing I thought when I saw Gordon Ramsey's wife was, "Wow, she looks like some school teacher!" But then I remembered seeing him interviewed on some talk show, and she was a school teacher before they got married...ha

I like that Adrian is becoming friends with soap these's a good thing

Tron Man needs to invest in a bigger suit of armor. I can see way to much of his spark plug, if ya know what I mean...

Jewels said...

Adrian should just keep that razor sharp: Me likey smooth faces. 'Cept for maybe the occasional soul-patch.

Fairuza plays crazy like noboby's business. Love her. What has she done lately?

Has Lauren had any work done at all? (so sorry if that's a stupid question, being that we're talking hollyweird and all), 'cause she looks fantastic. And isn't she close to 70 or something?

Kelly Rowland on the other hand? You forgot your pants dear. Seriously, she looks like a Rockette. Where's the rest of her line?

I find Nikki Blonsky sooooo cute. She's like 4'10" or something.

Ent, do you really, REALLY need me to explain to you where babies come from? ;)

Who IS that Nicole Murphy creature? She's positively breathtaking. He skin is flawless. I've always envied women who can pull off the short hair like this. I cut my hair short like that, and I look like a boy. A boy with big boobs...

Sue Ellen, a Chupacabra is a mythical animal (Mexican lore) that drains the blood of unsuspecting goats. If you believe the stories of her 'influencing' her clients to lose/keep weight off and how she's helped some of her clients maintain this weight loss, then I think Chupacabra is a perfect description of Zoe. She's sucked the life out of all the little sheep in her midst.

Another cute reader! Yay! Ent, you've got a good looking bunch of readers here.

Holly Molly, Ted D. looks good! He's styling man!

Tila Tequila, Speidi, the Hills, they just all need to disappear and make way for talented people. Too bad that ain't gonna happen.

adrian said...

Jewels--that is Eddie Murphy's ex if I am not mistaken.

Jewels said...

How the heck did I miss Margaret Cho in those electric blue tights mang? She's friggin' hilarious. Did you read that one blog post on her myspace where she describes how she had collagen injected in her chocha to enhance "G spot" sensitivity? LMAO!!
(That HAD to hurt!)

Total random fact about M.C.: Did you know she has her own line of Belly Dance belts?

califblondy said...

Did anybody see Top Chef last night? Padma was absolutely gorgeous in her beachwear. She wore a blue dress during the party/challenge that was awesome.

ITA with the Chef Tom comment. The man is sooooo hot.

Oh ya, Cameron was an absolute dream and very nice to everyone. ;)

vomette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moonmaid said...

Please don't ever say anything nice about Rocco DiSpirito again. He is a total egotistical prick who is incredibly nasty to the poor slaves who work for him.

Ask any chef or kitchen worker in NYC and they will tell you the same. First class douchebag who got lucky in the celebrity department.

Gordon Ramsay, on the other hand, despite his foul mouth is a really good chef and supposedly teaches his people a lot. He plays up the bad guy aspect for his show.

bippy said...

are you trying to tell us that fern mallis is a cdan reader, enty?

and does this mean that we might be getting some fashion world gossip in the future?


mazemerizing said...

Ent, pleasantly surprised you're a Project Runway and Top Chef fan. Loved Malan on P.R. and Ted and Tom are the best. Although no one beats Tim Gunn. So, talking about my affection for three gay guys doesn't make me a fag hag, does it????

Even though Melina Klkjaoieurajk's (whatever) CSI-NY's character wearing such low revealing tops is no doubt a ridiculous network-inspired costume choice, her decolletage is more appropriate here for a restaurant opening.

patti_cake said...

Am I the only one that's noticing a HUGE change in Amy Ozz's appearance? Wasn't she REALLY skinny? I remember she was on the show once, very briefly, and she was quite small. I think Kelly is smaller than Amy right now. I noticed it more in the first pic you posted. Nothing wrong with a little healthy weight. Just noticed a big change.

jax said...

califblondy- i knew it was you!
hot momma!

plot said...

Tom Colichio is gay?!

Aw shit! Every single time, I crush on some TV star, and he's gaygaygay!

Seriously, I fantasize about being Tim Gunn's beard - reading the NYTimes and art mags over fresh coffee in the mornings in our matching bathrobes. Heaven!

adrian said...

Oh-- Califblondy--you really are blond--I bet you are even from California!

califblondy said...

Well, I'm really from CA. One outta two ain't bad.

Hell nah, my Chef Tom ain't gay. He's got a wife and kid.

Okay, I know so does Tom Cruise, but Tom is diff.

The Bravo Gay hotties are from Project Runway and Queer Eye.

Ashli in NY said...

I love fairuza balk. period

Jay Maynard said...

Uhm, TRON costume was unleashed on the world 4 years ago...

...and as for what I was doing there: you'll just have to watch the Bravo A-List Awards show next Thursday night. :-)

liveunderarock said...

Yeah Tron ! I hope to see you here more often.

Califblondy, Your adorable face has California girl written all over it. Now I'll humming Beach Boy tunes all day and wishing I was at the beach. :)

I agree with bibby. I love the fashion gossip. I would probably be Victoria Beckham if I had the will power to eat that little and the determination to pose that fiercely.

Speaking of Beckhams, David can wait my table anytime. I'm a good tipper.

Ent getting a stylist or just needing a little chupacabra lipo? ;)

indigoblue, I was thinking the same thing. Kathie Lee definitely has that bloated drunk look. I wonder if it is just too much collagen and restylane for the new job? Maybe Frank has finally driven her to drink.

libby said...

I saw Margaret Cho here at the airport in Indianapolis....and she was totally "checking me out"....kept eyeing me, looking back.

It was about 6AM, we were the only ones going through security at the time, probably at least 5 years ago.

I felt bad, because I'm a fan, WAS TOTALLY FLATTERED, and would have LOVED to have chatted, but I'm not gay or even was a bit of a quandary.

(I am often mistaken as a lesbian, because I am not the dolled-up type and I have the appearance of the "no bullshit Feminist" [which I am, I am!])

someone said...

Nicole Murphy has one of the best female physiques ever. She was on a cover of Fitness Rx about 2 yrs ago, and I cannot believe she looks so good after 4 kids. No lipo/ tummy tuck. Her body is perfect.

Mooshki said...

Ha, Gordon looks whipped (and like a Hobbit). I love it! Seriously though, they look like a very happy couple.

It's sad how desperate Lauren Hutton is to still be thought of as sexy. Doesn't she know that the best part of getting old is not having to worry about that sh*t anymore?

Rachel Zoe with a friend just seems like an impossible concept to me.

Damn, Rosario is gorgeous!