Friday, June 06, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

Betty White starts us off today. This is the most amazing woman ever. I saw today that Golden Girls is being honored at the TV Land Awards this year which is well deserved. If you have not seen Betty White on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, you need to go to YouTube and just start watching. Incredibly funny.
Hockey players are always welcome here in the photos. This time it is Brendan Shanahan.
I watched Little Miss Sunshine again the other night so when I saw that Abigail Breslin was in the news today and already exploiting her fame for money like a good actress I just had to throw her in here.
The most common side effects of VIAGRA are headache, facial flushing, and upset stomach. I think Jimmy Fallon will read the label next time.

Breathtaking. Have I used that word lately? Well Iman is certainly that and more.
I always give Tom Cruise crap for wearing his My Three Sons type clothes to the park, and he deserves it. Gwen Stefani isn't exactly dressed for the park, but somehow it just seems natural on her and so it is right. The hair on the kid isn't even close to right though.
Debra Messing on the set of her new television show.
Chris Brown - New York

Kellie Pickler - Nashville
I'm guessing Kimora Lee Simmons is trying to be sexy with this look. I don't see the sexiness, but what I do see is lovely chocolate goodness that is going to waste because you know she isn't going to eat it.
The official press materials for Jessica Simpson now refer to her as, get this. Wait for it. A musician and singer with musician listed first. Playing the triangle like a Partridge doesn't count and it kind of sucks to actual musicians who can actually play an instrument that she is calling herself that.
Julia Roberts headed in to see Dave. Ten years ago when she would go on Dave there really was not better television. She was the perfect guest for that show.
Ja Rule & Ashanti - New York

Sometimes the Princess seems so lifelike. How do they do that?

I had no idea who Martha Higareda was until I looked her up. I just put her in here because there are not too many photos today, and hey, she is on a magazine cover and I love obscurity. Turns out though she was in a film with a friend of mine.
And look. She has a fan.
Lykke Li - London
By request here is Luke Bryan.

I have had them both separately. Not actually had mind you in the sense of having as in naked and sweating, but had as in I have had them both in the photos this week, but not together. It seems like it is actually kind of rare when they do take a photo together. Amy Poehler looks great as usual and Will Arnett always has that look like he knows something we don't, which is probably true.

The looks like a Herbal Essences commercial photo of the day.
The Jonas Brothers - London
Our lovely reader photo of the day.
They didn't walk the red carpet together, but the worst kept secret of celebrity coupledom did finally allow themselves to be photographed together. Abbie Cornish looks so different with the dark hair and Ryan looks like Ryan. Does Abbie look pregnant to anyone other than me?


Angela said...

Jessica Simpson IS a musician.

What? The skin flute doesn't count as an instrument?

Anonymous said...

Abbie Cornish looks like Charlize Theron's little sister.

Reader's cute. She looks like um.. (imdb hunting) Cynthia Stevenson but a lot younger.

Will and Amy's baby better come out of the womb talking like Will. (honestly that would be the funniest bit ever, doctor listening to Amy's belly and hearing Will's voice coming out).

Love Lykke Li, "Little Bit" is so infectious.

Brendan Shanahan... yum.

Kimora ... pardon while I purge my lunch. (and some yummy nerd-covered jelly beans, seriously tasty stuff)

Big Sur Expedition 2008! said...

I'm with you, Abbie does 'glow' a bit, doesn't she? And I like her much better a blond.

francesca fiore said...

Actually I think it's Ryan Phillipe that looks pregnant. So does Jimmy Fallon now that I think of it. Maybe he has morning sickness.

adrian said...

Our reader reminds me of Kathleen Turner in "Romancing the Stone".

Sara said...

I <3 Betty White.

I know Ryan Phillippe is a dog (and I hate how he says his last name), but he's so freaking adorable.

mazemerizing said...

Ugh. I am so over Julia Roberts. And I hate watching her on David Letterman. She's so arrogant and full of herself. "Oh, look at David fawn all over me. He thinks I'm so beautiful and funny. He's right, of course, but he doesn't have a chance in hell." Ugh. I miss watching Teri Garr on David Letterman.

stina said...

Aaw, how nice with a little swedishness (Lykke Li) on the swedish national holiday. :)

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

Maze if you miss Teri Garr on Letterman, then you are as old as me!

I am so ovah Debra Messing.

Angela, too freaking funny ......Jessica playing the skin flute. I havent heard that in many moons.

Reader photo is kewt, kewt.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Shit, Stina, I totally forgot what today is!! *LOL* Now I have to go to IKEA and by myself a jar of herring or something.

Re: Viagra - I went to see Iron Maiden last night - it was awesome - and in the arena, there was this neon Viagra ad flashing around the stands. I found it funny because of the general audience in the Calgary Saddledome last night.

And...why does that picture of Kimora Lee Simmons make me think of that "2 Girls 1 Cup" video?

adrian said...

I'd like to buy everyone a round of glog to help celebrate the Swedish National Holiday.

Marisa said...


I doubt our reader in the photo would go for Michael Douglas. Even at that age, you couldn't help picturing his old balls, could you

califblondy said...

Why doesn't Jessica throw in shoe designer? I buy her shoes, but never a CD or see a movie.

Hey, whose old enough to remember Angie Dickinson and Johnny Carson? Okay, maybe just me. But, those two were always so good together.

Speaking of cute, beautiful reader!

~crazy peanut~ said...

Abbie & Ryan look like they need to step away from the bong.

mazemerizing said...

SisterMary: Oh, yeah, guess that did show my age a bit, didn't it? And sad to say, Califblondy, I remember Angie Dickinson on Johnny Carson too!

Glad there's a few of us on this blog. One of us. One of us.

adrian said...

Bleh!!! Michael Douglas's old shriveled up balls-- I just got a flash of Cisco Adler, but worse! I'm blind!

jax said...

mm balls in the afternoon lovely ladies.

abbie has that glow/gonna puke look.

reader- cute of course.

am i alone in my hate for Jonas Bros?

jessica looks beautiful.

when is Gwen gonna pop??

Brendan Shanahan, ill take one in every size please.

i love betty white,she is a dirty old lady! my hero.

Marisa said...

adrian - well, if you had one choice, would it be super-sized or shrivled? It's a tough one...

adrian said...

Depends who they are attached to-- I have yet to see what is hanging from Johnny Depp.

califblondy said...

Mazemerizing, I'm sure we were both still in diapers at the time and our Moms forced up to stay up late watching Johnny Carson while they drank and smoked Winstons, right?

Okay, maybe just me. ;)

surfer said...

I remember, califblondy! And don't you think it's kind of telling some of Ent's references today - My Three Sons and a Partridge?

What is underneath the chin of the Herbal Essences chick? It looks white and gooey.

I think Jessica looks pretty good in this picture.

And Ent, you know about Viagra's side effects because...research???

Very cute reader photo.

plot said...

At least Ryan is actually smiling a little in that pic with Abby. I can't remember one photo with Reese where Ryan didn't look annoyed or douchy.

Oh god, sara, you hit the nail on the head with his stupid last name: Phil-ip-PAY.

Caroline said...

I stood next to Brendan Shanahan in a Kroger's in Birmingham, MI as he looked for Vitamin E. He's even better looking in real life!

Did anyone see Julia Roberts on Dave last night? She came across as a total bitch. She was there to promote her latest movie, a drama, and Dave was commenting to her that as he ages, he has a hard time seeing kids go through emotional trauma. Julia just sat there and looked at him while he tried to elaborate. Then she finally said something like, "Your friends should try and support you." Yea Julia, it's all about you. All the time. Ugh.

RagDoll said...

A-DOR-ABLE reader!!!!!

Guys, I think the whole 2x pics of Martha Higareda is a BI clue, it's either the 2 Blinds about the drunk A-List actor who had a burrito in his pocket the one time, and passed out cold at the TIFF in the other Blind Item.

Then, we have the BI about the actor who is almost legally blind, and never goes anyplace alone.

Martha Higareda's latest movie was "Street Kings" with Forest Whitaker and Keanu Reeves.

Hmm. Which BI do the Martha Pics reveal??

RagDoll said...

Forgot to add:

Enty says "she was in a film with a friend of mine" so I immediately IMBD'd Martha, and found out about Street kings. So, is that the movie Enty's friend worked on? With Keanu and Forest? Thus passing on the stories to Ent? said...

Damn, our lovely reader is stacked! Get on with your boobage! ;-)

Lisa said...

We finally get a hockey player pic and it's not the new Champions The Detroit Redwings? Although, Shanahan used to be a Redwing, and don't get me wrong, he's great!

Jerry said...

"I'm Betty White, bitch!"

Harriet Hellfire said...

*LOL* I can't really watch video on my computer because it is a piece of junk that is beyond repair, but is he talking about tyhe Betty White clip where she has that briefcase, and when the host asks if it has the Oscar winners in it she says "No, this is full of cocaine"?

plot said...

I could see Forest Whitaker fitting the blind BI. His eyes look like they don't focus well.

Which leaves Keanu with the burrito.

Jerry said...

is he talking about tyhe Betty White clip where she has that briefcase, and when the host asks if it has the Oscar winners in it she says "No, this is full of cocaine"?

That's the one.

Mooshki said...

Betty White is a fuckin' goddess. Excuse me, I have to go watch "Lake Placid" now.

"If I had a dick, this is where I'd tell you to suck it!"

Judi said...

Phillippe's dating McPhee? I know. Just bored to h*ll with all of them. Reader, you're gorgeous! We have a super good-lookin' crowd here, don't we?!


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