Friday, June 06, 2008

Four For Friday

#1 - What foreign born actor who is a regular on a hit network drama and is filming a top popcorn flick right now uses a social networking site to hit on underage females?

#2 - Has anyone else noticed how this A list actor spends as much time apart from his C list girlfriend as possible. Sure they take photos together and they definitely do have a relationship, but it doesn't change the fact that he would rather spend time with his male significant other. (Not Jake G)

#3 - This walk on actress wanted to be on another episode of a hit cable drama. She took her case to the male stars of the show and asked for their help. She got another episode, but only after she took on three of the stars simultaneously. To their credit, a few of the stars said no and didn't take part.

#4 - This A list director and his B list female star took up right where they left off from their last set romance. I'm sure her boyfriend will be thrilled.


Anonymous said...

Im not 100% on my guesses yet, but why haven't the cops been called on #1? WHY

kris said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let #4 be Woody and Scarlett...hahahahahahah...

That would crack me up.

Mrs. Tiff said...
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Anonymous said...

badfish - because a rumor's only a rumor until they have proof.

#1 - network drama, foreign born. I'm blanking.

#2 - Hayden C / Rachel B? I'd barely give him a B-list rating.

#3 - Phoebe Price, lol. Wasn't she on Nip/Tuck?

#4 - way too vague.

Mrs. Tiff said...

Could #3 possibly be the lovely B. Spears she def. would be a walk on actress and she reprised her role in May 2008, after Neil Patrick Harris said he didn't want her back on the show...

#4 can't be Scarlett it would say fiance not boyfriend..

Unknown said...

1.) Someon from Greys Anatomy?

2.) Hayden Christansen makes sense to me

3.) Someone from Entourage?

4.) Steven Spielberg

ms_wonderland said...

Had to chortle at the (not Jake G). Must be Matthew MacConeghey.

Ohio Blondie said...

#4 Michael Bay and Megan Fox - Tranformers 2

kris said...

Spiffy, I can dream, can't I? (although good point)

CarolMR said...

I thought #1 might be Hugh Laurie, God forbid, but he's more than a regular, he's the star of his show.

CarolMR said...

I thought #1 might be Hugh Laurie, God forbid, but he's more than a regular, he's the star of his show.

Stephen said...

#3 Must be Rosie ODonnell on Nip/Tuck.

ali said...

#1 Goran Visnjic from ER
#3 can't be Britney. It says "cable drama". Otherwise I'd be on board with that guess!

Anonymous said...

second guesses
#1 - thought linus roache, but he's not filming any movies right now.

Matthew Rhys from Brothers and Sisters?

rebeccawoods: I like that Bay/Fox guess. Not sure I'd call her B-list, but if Ent's going with Hayden as A-list... it'd work.

3 can't be britney because HIMYM is a network comedy (blind is cable drama).

Mrs. Tiff said...

I thought about the "cable drama" after I posted my comment & just got back to my desk to take that one back...

kris- you can dream all you want & who knows maybe I'm the one wrong :)

kellygirl said...

#1 - the Australian dude on House?
(IDT it's Hugh- it would say "star")
Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck

#4 - Woody and ScarJo would be very funny

ali said...

#1 never mind - I wouldn't call ER a hit drama anymore

ms_wonderland said...

#4 - how about Pedro Almovodar and Penelope Cruz? She's supposed to be with Javier Bardem, but was last seen 'scouting locations' with the director in Lanzarote. Almovodar is A list in Europe.

kris said...

Rosie...HAHAHAHAHHAHA...i think I peed a little...

ms_wonderland said...

I thought about Jesse spencer (Chase) from House, but he's not filming anything else, and neither is the rest of the male cast.

Eve said...

#4 - pretty sure Almodovar's gay. I agree with the Michael Bay/Megan Fox guess. That was pretty obvs at the MTV awards.

Jazz Hands said...

Mostly questions, not guesses:

1) Would Goran Vistoolazytogoogleic count? Did he ever end up being cast in an action flick after James Bond was a no-go?

2) hayden seems to fit, but it's kind of a "Duh."

3) Gotta be a cable show that has lots of stars, if she took on three and there were still some left to pass. My first thought was Nip/Tuck, but that doesn't seem to fit.

4) Who is working with a director for a second time? Of course I thought of Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan, but they never quit seeing each other, yah?

jax said...

1- julian mcmahon
2- Hayden A lsit? meh ok him n Bils.
3- Phoebe Price
4- Bay/Fox

random guesses,no clue, too vague.

Unknown said...

I was thinking #3 could be entourage, but I have no idea who would be the walk on star, they have so many of them

KDF28 said...

The first person that came to mind for #3 was Mary Kate Olsen.

Unknown said...

Clint Eastwood, Angie Jolie, and her Daddy issues. I kid, I kid.

PotPourri said...

Mary Kate was in a 6-episode Arc. Please don't put her as that desperate. This is more in line Entourage or something like that.

#4 is definitely Woody Allen and Scarlett Johanssen. That is why Allen casts her in his movies.

#1 is foreign born, so that rules out of lot of people. House has some, most likely, Hugh himself. But that doesn't feel right, does it?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, we need a list of all the tv shows running these days. Only dramas I can think of (and I've run through the main cast of all of these on IMDb, and none of them are filming a top popcorn flick right now except one)
Bros. and Sisters
Desperate Housewives
Ghost Whisperer
Law and Order
Grey's Anatomy
House (Hugh Laurie did the voice for a creature in Monsters vs. Aliens, not sure that would be "filming" since he's a voice in a cartoon.)

For #1 - it'd have to be someone youngish and hot, otherwise underage girls would be way too grossed out and it'd get passed along to too many people.

jw12 said...


criminal minds
w/o a trace

jin said...

#3 is either Blohan (ugly betty) or Herpes Hilton (that stupid earl show).


jw12 said...

also numbers

bookstalker said...

#1 The only one I can think of is Naveen Andrews & he seems to like the older ladies

#2 Jim Carrey?

jw12 said...

hmmm..Anthony LaPaglia born in South Aust. from w/o a Trace has the following listed on imdb:

Balibo (2008) (in production) .... Roger East
Mineville (2009) (pre-production)
$9.99 (2008) (post-production) .... Jim Peck

I don't know if any of these are popcorn flicks

Unknown said...

as contemptable as it may be, just "hitting on" minors is not a crime.

that'd be like saying if someone flirts with you and they turn out to be underage, you should go to jail.

damn "dateline" has everyone on the prowl for pedophiles.

can we stop acting like children are so damn precious? most are assholes. (they have to don't just magicially turn into one at 18).

children are overrated. end of story.

Unknown said...

as contemptable as it may be, just "hitting on" minors is not a crime.

that'd be like saying if someone flirts with you and they turn out to be underage, you should go to jail.

damn "dateline" has everyone on the prowl for pedophiles.

can we stop acting like children are so damn precious? most are assholes. (they have to don't just magicially turn into one at 18).

children are overrated. end of story.

delsolfun said...

How about Rescue Me for #3. It is a cable drama on FX.

lutefisk said...

I go with Stephen's guess.

digawina said...

Don't know about the others, but for #3 the first thing that came to my mind was Entourage (large male cast) and Leighton Meester (sp?). I know she played the virginal pop star in season one and remember readin recently that she had just filmed a new episode and thought she was reprising that role.

littlemanwhatnow said...

what about the boys from the wire for 3?

4 michael bay....well we know robet r and rose mcgowen don't count

julianmcmanhon for 1 def,

Anonymous said...

littleman - nip/tuck is a cable show, not network (for #1)

I think I figured it out, but I'm surprised Ent didn't say something about this. There's some iffy things:
Amaury Nolasco
a) Born in Puerto Rico, kind of "foreign"
b) Prison Break was a hit season 1 & 2, not so much season 3 & 4.
c) filming Armored (2009) right now, a $25mil film / with "Max Payne" (based on videogame) in post-production.

None of the CSI folks matched nor Without a Trace, Cold Case, Numb3rs, etc.

Kiefer Sutherland "24" born in London, voice for Monsters v Aliens (like Hugh Laurie).

I'm stumped, unless it's Amaury. But I think Ent likes him too much to not comment on it.

Unknown said...

I'm on board with the Woody/Scarlet guess. He is rumored to be obsessed with her and Soon Yi is too old for him now.

Unknown said...

Number three could be on the sopranos there pretty much all male cast so plenty to go at whoever she was

Anonymous said...

You're right Happy Camper, predatory behavior is soooo not wrong, not at all. *rolls eyes*

The thing about myspace is, the age is right up there for everyone to see. Whoever is doing the flirting knows exactly what they're doing, unless the minor lies about her age, which is not that other person's fault. Its a lot different if someone in real life approached you and you just happened to guess their age wrong.

And as I understand, inappropriate web contact with a minor, IS illegal. At least in the state of WA it is. I would HOPE that would be a national law.

So I guess it'd come down to your definition of flirting. If their conversations are of a sexual nature whatsoever, with a known minor, then its a crime, sorry! If its just "Oh you're my favorite actor and you're so cute" and he says "Thank you very much I appreciate the compliment." then there's no issue here.

surfer said...

By George - I think I've got it!

How about Michael Vartan for # 1? He was born in France and was on Big Shots (ABC)? And like dn said, this person is probably youngish and hot.

elissa12 said...

I think #3 is Leighton Meester - she's doing another guest spot on the new season of Entourage..

yellow said...

Almodovar is A list over Europe, true, and openly gay all over the world. He doesn't need a beard, the only circumstance he would be procuring Penelope's services.

#1 Hugh Laurie - House, b. UK, currently involved in Monsters vs. Aliens.

Teresa said...

I was also thinking Rosie for #3, but then I read threesome and thought, ugh. However, Portia di Rossi is also on that show as a guest star, and I don't think she's a dyed in the wool lesbian like Rosie.

Impertinent Vixen said...

cinnarose, Portia DiRossi is very much with Ellen DeGeneres, so I think she is whatever kind of lesbian that makes her.

I have no guesses.

gossip said...

I immediately thought of Dominic Monaghan for #1 but only problem is his character has been written out of Lost.

RandomRamblings said...

1. Hugh Laurie from House

2. Matthew McConaughey. He has loads of male friends. Any of them could be the guy.

3. Katee Sackoff on Nip/Tuck

4. Hayden P/Milo V.

Is NOT Megan Fox. Megan Fox is engaged to Brian Austin Green and it clearly says boyfriend, not fiance.

Moonmaid said...

Entourage was the first thing that came to my mind too for #3, hit drama with male lead stars.

CEP said...

4. woody allen and evan rachel woods... thrilled boyf would be marilyn manson

Unknown said...

ooh I hope #3 is Not Anna Faris/ Entourage!

Dead Angel said...

Megan Fox may be Brian Austin Green's "finacee" but she was caught rearranging herself after giving a blow job to Josh Duhamel as they arrived at the Golden Globes this year. Many people saw that as the limo door was opened. She knows how to play the starlet game, and is not faithful to Brian. So Fox and Bay are an excellent guess, she does what she has to do.

Anonymous said...

number two is totally jim carrey. he doesn't seem to dote on jennie mcarthy very much. and he seems like a friend of dorothy. or just a little of everything. and he can still open movies, so he's a list.

Serena said...

The problem with #3 being Entourage is that Entourage is a comedy, not a drama.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

1) I like the Michael Vartan guess, personally. I think it's a clever one, since the person in question might not be FOREIGN, per se. It could be someone who was born on an army base or something. I just don't think this is Hugh. I don't WANT to think this is Hugh, since I love him, and my love for him would be tainted if I knew he happened to be into surfing the 'net for young poon. Grody.

2) I honestly can't think of an A-list actor with a C-list girlfriend. I guess Damon and his wife count, but she's not famous, so it seems kind of moot to assign some sort of designation to her. This category is too wide.

I don't think is McCarthy and Carrey; they look deeply in love and I don't think he's gay. And I don't think she's C-List, either. And, to be quite honest, she seems much brighter than her persona -- I don't think she'd put up with being someone's beard for more than two years.

3) How about someone on Weeds, or the Tudors, or something like that? Mary-Kate Olsen? She's a whore, right? Something on Showtime? I do like the Leighton Meester guess, but I also think that she's been WAAAY too popular in these blinds lately. It's kind of like Affleck. I just get so tired of seeing his name in this blog.

4) Ugh. What a fucked-up country we live in if Michael BAY is an A-List director! I guess we have to consider directors who have directed actresses more than once, and I guess that overrated guttersnipe Megan Fox and dopey MB count.

Oh, please. You think an engagement to David Silver would keep this chick from blowing her director? She's already admitted to being a hardcore nympho in print.

ScarJo is also a gigantic slut and Woody is a gigantic perv, but I just don't think this is them. My theory is that Scarlett totally knows Woody wants to fuck her and is using him for parts. Why WOULD she put out? For some inexplicable reason, she gets cast in other large movies, too. I can't wait until she gets really fat and she becomes totally useless in Hollywood, because you know it's going to happen. Short girls with huge tits usually end up plump. Ha Ha. That talentless ho deserves it.

Anyway, I think Woody's already moved on to Evan Rachel Wood, anyhow. I honestly don't understand the fervor that surrounds his movies. To me, they're simply nervous and overly-verbose. But hey, that's just me.

Bubulle said...

1/ I don't know

2/ N°2 can't be Matthew Mac Conaughey is not A list according to Ent : "C List Stars--- May have once been A/B; Can put in excellent performances, but lack the consistency; either due to performance or poor choice of project. May court tabloid coverage, may need to put some clothes on!!! Matthew McConaughey, Denise Richards, Pam Anderson, need I go on?"

I would have guessed Leonardo DiCaprio but I think is single.

3/ Don't know

4/ Megan Fox is a good guess.

brainypirate said...

OT -- wasn't there a blind about someone everyone thinks is gay having a kid with his girlfriend? I can't find the original post, but I guess it's safe to say it's Diesel?

Sue's recipes said...

Yes, I remember now. We all thought it was Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth, but it turns out to be Vin Diesel and his model g.f. Who'd a thunk it?

poster_child said...

Dominic Monaghan, from Lost. Filming X-Men. Born in Berlin.

What about Orlando Bloom/Miranda Kerr? I've always thought he is gay.

Otherwise I'd go with McConaughey/Aviles. But I'd hardly call her C-list. She's a model, right?

Don't kill me...but what about Depp and Paradis? I've loved him since Jump Street so I don't want to believe that it's him. But it's a new name and sure would surprise all of us fans!

Rebecca Gayheart on Nip/Tuck. She appeared in 3 episodes over the span of 3 years and her career is kind of in the toilet.

How about Bryan Singer & Kate Bosworth?

childeroland said...

Isn't Singer gay?

poster_child said...

Yes, my bad. Singer is openly gay. I have a hard time keeping everyone, er, straight.

meltish said...

#1. Ed Westwick? Gossip Girl, Filming S. Darko?

Dassala said...

TOTALLY agree with nachos. My first thought. Especially since Westwick is suspected of sleeping with 14 year-old Taylor Momsen. It's him. As sad as that makes me.

Unknown said...

After Enty's comments on an earlier Random Photos the guy with the beard is Adrian Greiner although can't see he is quite A-list.

westward ho said...

"damn "dateline" has everyone on the prowl for pedophiles.

can we stop acting like children are so damn precious? most are assholes. (they have to don't just magicially turn into one at 18).

children are overrated. end of story."

oh, yes -- damn that dateline for trapping grown men who are deliberately trolling for underage booty! shame on them for ruining such an innocent pastime!

fyi: children ARE precious. they're our most precious resource. and yeah, a lot of children are total twits -- because they're CHILDREN. they act their ages: immature and unreasonable. that's WHY they need protection.

flirting with someone who just happens to be underage is a whole helluva lot different than using myspace or facebook to tap into a teenage playground.

Whitney Tanner said...

#1. Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl is set to co-star in the Donnie Darko Sequel and 100 Feet with Famke J.

#4 Has to be Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowen. Why wouldn't they count?

Whitney Tanner said...

#1. Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl is set to co-star in the Donnie Darko Sequel and 100 Feet with Famke J.

#4 Has to be Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowen. Why wouldn't they count?

Linnea said...

Couldnt number 1 be Rodrigo Santoro???

This guy is a regular on Lost, and he is currently filming "I love you Phillip Morris" with Jim Carrey!

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure I know #1. Is it Kevin Durand who played Keamy on LOST? He's filming the new X-men movie and he had a wide open myspace with many young girls on it...

Unknown said...

2. Hayden Christianson (sp?) and Rachel Bilson

Once the Jumper promo tour was done, they've sunk below the waters. He's with the boyfriend and she's with the "assistant".

toofunny said...

for #3...Leighton Meester from Gossip girl...she was in 2 episodes of Entourage...a cast more than 3 males...and this was before she was known from Gossip Girl...i wonder who delined???

Kanonymous said...

Do you guys even read the blind items before you make your guesses?? You’re guesses are so obviously wrong it’s ridiculous!

#2 NOT Rachel and Hayden—Rachel is not C-List and Hayden is not A-list (I would not put Hayden on a higher list than Rachel).
#3 NOT Brittney Spears—she’s a singer, not an actress and the BI clearly calls the show a DRAMA not a comedy. It’s also NOT Rosie O’Donnell—the BI says she slept with some of the male stars and Rosie only sleeps with females.
#4 NOT Woody and Scarlett—Scarlett is A-list and she has a fiancĂ©, not a boyfriend. It’s NOT Hayden and Milo—Milo is not A-list or a director. It’s NOT Michael Ba and Megan Fox—he is not A-list. It’s NOT Rose McGowan and Rodriquez—they are already openly a couple (they’re engaged!) so obviously she doesn’t have a boyfriend and obviously this would not be a blind item.

hayser said...

Kevin Durand wasn't a regular on Lost. He was a guest star.


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