Friday, June 06, 2008

Shania Twain Makes Me Ill

Most of the time when a woman gets cheated on by a guy the whole world immediately feels for the woman and the guy is the scum of the earth. Shania Twain must be wondering what in her publicity hatched scheme is going wrong with her version of the wife betrayed. No one seems to care, and everyone seems to think that if is true, that Mutt should have probably done it years ago.

So, with the world not joining her misery and certainly seeing no spike in album sales, Shania speaks. Surprisingly she didn't speak to Kneepads, although they did quote everything she said on her website like it was engraved on stone tablets. As far as I know, Kneepads is the only magazine that printed it.

The long and short of it is that Shania knows that you know that she has been going through a rough time and that she would not be able to get through it without the e-mails and letters and words of encouragement from all her fans. I would guess that she hasn't read a damn thing from anyone except her manager, agent and publicist. It is such a crock.

She says that she is only going to speak in the future through her music which she wants to share with all of us. You can translate that to mean she wants you to pony up $20 to hear her warble about her pain and agony. Lucky for us. If you want to see the full extent of her words, and see the magic of airbrushing on her site, then click here.


~crazy peanut~ said...

IMO, the only good thing about ST was the fact that she lived far, far away, and was never heard from.

Bad Fish said...

I posted a translation of her statement on my blog, if anyone is interested. Too lazy to type it out here.


boobsu said...

I'm am usually up on this stuff, but why does everyone hate Shania? I never hear much about her.

Majik said...

I seriously think Shania is MV...she doesn't like to perform live, she's a decent singer but not spectacular--she was everywhere at once, then kinda disappeared to Switzerland, and her hubby is one of the best recording engineers in the biz...he could totally pull it off.


Judi said...


Sara said...

majik, I agree. I saw a clip of her "performing" on a Before-They-Were-Famous show. It has always stuck with me how mediocre her voice was.


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