Friday, June 06, 2008

Tatum O'Neal Day 5

I don't know how I can do it. I don't know how the French blogger did it. Each day blogging about Tatum O'Neal. You would think it would be easy to write about someone every day. I mean there are people who write about one person for years on end like the President of a country. So, what is so hard about it? Well, Tatum isn't very newsworthy on a regular basis. You kind of have to dig.

So, in order to keep the streak alive I made phone calls and asked around and found out that Tatum doesn't like pepperoni on her pizza. Is she a vegetarian? I could work with that. The person didn't know if she was a vegetarian, just that she was allergic or something when it came to pepperoni. This must have been really difficult for her at the local crack house when ordering pizza.

"Make mine without pepperoni" comes the cry from the rear of the house.
"Who was that?"
"You know, the chick that always brings her gold statue here with her."

Pepperoni wasn't going to be enough. The French were going to win and then I saw this little tidbit I had never seen before. Oh, I knew about the dad and Melanie thing, but this one I had never seen before. When Tatum was 12, Melanie Griffith, then 17, decided that Tatum needed some education on sex and all the different kinds of sex to be had. Instead of going to the library, Melanie took Tatum to an orgy where she made Tatum watch Melanie get it on with a variety of people as well as having Tatum watch others.

To make this little field trip even more special was the fact that people were smoking opium like cigarettes. The record is quiet on whether Tatum just watched or did more at this orgy, but it sure does explain a bunch about how she became what she did. I think she has actually done pretty well for herself all things considered.

Good luck Tatum.


DNfromMN said...

were these from Tatum's autobiography or what?

Until the posts a few days ago, I wasn't aware of the daddy/melanie/tatum 3some situation.

kris said...

me either...ent's right; she has done pretty well all things considered

jlb said...

I agree. Jebus what an introduction to adulthood. I wonder what Melanie feels/thinks about all this now - or if she does at all.

Tubesteak said...

Any talk of pepperoni pizza must include this:

adrian said...

Didn't she also want to sleep with Michael Jackson as a teen?

Rebecca said...

Melanie Griffith is a sick puppy. She needs some serious help. Ryan O'Neal in the threesome, too? Tatum, I feel for you.

jax said...

ugh Mel griffith is a dirty skank and always will be. i wouild be ashamed to that my mother.
what was antonio thinking?

Willow said...

Damn! Well .. now I sure don't blame Tatum for wanting to get high all the time! How completely F'd up! Wow .. I need to go have a shower - that tidbit has totally made me feel terribly gross and dirty.

Yikes! Good Luck Tatum - indeed! : /

Sis said...

If true Melanie is a piece of you-know-what....she probably does not even remember.

Yep, Good Luck Tatum!


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