Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Photos Part One

You know I love when a reader sends in a photo from some far flung corner of the world. Love it, and so they get to go first. I think that Metallica making an appearance in Bucharest after an 8 year absence also is worthy. Thanks Gabriela.

Metallica - Bucharest

Cheech & Chong back together again. Finally, something for Grateful Dead fans to do for a few months.
Alan Cumming and his niece Eve. I see the resemblance, although I'm sure as soon as I say that, someone will probably tell me she was adopted or something.
A first time appearance for David Leon
Disturbed - West Palm Beach, FL
I know The Libertines have been in the music photos but I don't think Carl Barat has ever been in the photos alone.
It's all making sense. Now, I know why Christina Aguilera wears so much makeup.
Although Ben Affleck makes an appearance in every blind item, it has been awhile since he was in the photos.
It's almost like you expect Jon Hamm to do a double take.

James Franco wasn't supposed to be in this position, so I of course screwed up the joke I was going to use. He was supposed to be in the position after Pamela Anderson. Well he can get in line for that, but I was going to show you how James and Pam were both on Dave last night and no one even seemed to notice that James was there.
James Denton has been in the photos often, but I don't think his wife has.
I'm assuming those pieces of rope on Justine Bateman's shirt are there to lasso her breasts in case they make a run for it.
Another reason to love Idina Menzel. These two women won a lunch with Idina in a charity auction and she actually went to lunch with them and ate and everything.
John Oates, and yes, it's Klaus Meine. Did you ever hear the Scorpions cover of Kiss Is On My List? Me either, because it didn't happen but I bet it would be great.

If you are going to have Klaus you have to have Rudolf Schenker. You have to.
And another singer you have to listen to is Geoff Byrd.
Jason Lewis dancing through Japan
and looking as if he maybe put on a pound or two as well.

For all of you Yankee fans, Mariano Rivera.

For all of you old school fans, Mitzi Gaynor.
I just posted Mathew Goode and Hayley Atwell last week, but really just love the photo so thought I would post them again. Can't decide about the film, but they look good.
Katie Holmes is completely alone. Run Katie run.

So, DNfromMN wanted me to include this photo of Paula Patton in his review today. This is from the current issue of Esquire. I believe he said she would almost make a gay man straight. Almost.

And thanks to the many, many people who sent me the photo or the link to this photo of our favorite Princess. Yes, she's smiling, and she looks great.
Because this is random photos. How about French figure skater Phillipe Candelero in a speedo?
Apparently Pamela Anderson is still popular.
Nathan Sapsford and one of the most requested Australians, Jason Dundas.
Slipknot - West Palm Beach, FL

Seth Gilliam representing The Wire at a discussion of the show. Still can't believe how it got shafted in the Emmys.
So, here is an ignorant guy question. Russell Simmons and his date of the day are coming from dinner. Why on earth do women need a bag that large to go to dinner? Look at the weight of it. It's full. Does it have the pants she apparently took off at some point in the evening? How much stuff do you need to bring?
Tell me the last time you saw Rosie Perez looking this good.
I preferred Rosario Dawson in Italy with the bikini and the hose, but this will do.
Wendell Pierce also of The Wire.

One of my favorite band names The Ting Tings.
Stevie Wonder - Los Angeles
It is hard to believe that Steve Valentine hasn't been in the photos before. I'm sorry.
Chris Rock crashed The Pineapple Express press conference. Apparently he thought they had brought free samples. You will see what I mean next week when DNfromMN reviews it.


Mooshki said...

Oooh, thank you for the Steve Valentine. Scorpions and Oates? I'm having a high school flashback. Justine, you be lookin' damn fine, girl! Affleck!

Ernestine said...

Dude, I swear to GOD that a coworker of mine was singing "Private Eyes" this VERY morning. It's been in my head for about eight hours, and this does NOT help!!

Rebecca said...

So why does Christina Aguilera wear so much damn make-up?

Affleck looks good.

I thought that Paula lady was Halle Berry when I first looked at the pic. She is beautiful.

Abaddon said...

Ent. I will love you forever and ever. My photo makes top spot. Ahh, you made my year. Thanks. Metallica RULES!!!

Queen Beatnik said...

Thanks for the Mitzi Gaynor photo. Loved her in 'My Blue Heaven' and 'South Pacific'. What has she been up to for the last 45 years?

califblondy said...

Mitzi looks great.

not a famous adrian said...

Ting Tings--who doesn't love Shut Up & Let Me Go!!

the princess is very brave for going out with 2 kids all in pure white. I would be covered in stains within minutes.
Ben is holding a Starbucks cup--wonder what's in it?? I'm sure it will get linked to a blind out there!

jw12 said...

abaddon- Have you seen the Metallica documentary?

I am looking forward to PExpress and DNF's review.

Mariano Rivera is tearing it up this year. He hasn't blown a save yet. ( i hope i didn't just jinx him)

Justine looks hot and so does Rosie Perez.

I didn't know that John Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt were a couple.

Brenda22 said...

The baby she's holding weighs more than the princess. She looks like she's tinier than Posh.

Abaddon said...

The one where they said the shrink was the one who brought them back together? Yeah, seen that. It was a fabulous show. Thank God it rained, cooled everyone off. They only made us wait about an hour as opposed to the Rolling Stones(two hour plust wait in 40+ degrees.) I think they were honestly surprised by the welcome, Hetfield stopped the beginning of a song because of the chanting and said he couldn't believe it. I think concertgoers went all out and they performed to die, man. All the good oldies. Metallica in the rain, it was perfect. Sorry for the long post. I'm still getting over it. And still getting over getting top spot. Enti is a good god. :)

selenakyle said...

Wonder if Jason Lewis is "bad hair and bloat" out doing wacky press tour stops?

Marnie said...

Affleck's still got it. I would have a few of his kids before I left him.

DNfromMN said...

Jason Lewis looks like HELL! I just posted a hot new photoshoot of him over on ONTD last night and thought he'd looked significantly better than he's looked in a long time.

Scrolling through Getty Images, he was a little puffy back in May, but this is amazingly bad.

Paula Patton is just stunning. Girl crush. :)

jax said...

rosie looks amazing as does Justine.

Xtina is totally Dee Snyder like MK said.

WTF KAtie is now doing the california roll to tom's jeans??
again wtf?

James Franco is so damn sponge worthy its sick.

Lisa said...

Awww Alan Cumming! I ADORE him because he's got a smile like sunshine, his whole face lights up. Gay or not, I'd marry him.

Jewels said...

So THAT'S what Affleck looks like!

Isn't Justine Bateman 40 or something? She looks awesome!

Jax beat me to it!
I was going for "Oh look! Katie's wearing Tom's pants!" ;)

About the humongo bags, I like them. I carry EVERYTHING in them. And yes, I do need that much stuff. Especially with a kid...

Amber said...

I didn't even know Mad Men existed until a few days ago. It's incredible! I'm hoping to watch all of season 1 this week :) said...

WTH happened to Carl Barat? He's dropped a LOT of poundage and looks weird.

heather said...

omfg! katie holmes PEGGED her gd jeans!?! please tell me we're not bringing that back.....

Dave said...

Metallica jumped the shark when ice skaters started using their music. Good going guys.

jax said...

yoiu'd think with Posh a s a freind she'd hand Katie some decent R&R jeans.

CC said...

my lord those Paula Patton pics in Esquire are knee-weakening...

The Wire = Greatest TV show ever (not hyperbole, and thanks for puttin BUNK up, Enty...).

The Emmys = LAME

jokester said...

The Wire got shafted because Hollyweird only votes for whites and because the creators of THE WIRE have already exposed the cock sucking losers in Hollywood as the biased turds that they are. Thus, no noms for them!

Jasmine said...

i think there is a blind vice about christina a. somewhere....

sandman said...

who is the princess? she is cute.

is the james denton caption a clue to a previous bi? anyone?

Jerry said...

Tell me the last time you saw Rosie Perez looking this good.

Rosie Perez ALWAYS looks this good, even when she doesn't.

sara said...

I want Alan Cummings to be my uncle and take me shopping. That is all.