Friday, August 01, 2008

Random Photos Part One

I want to make it clear that I am not reviving the whole reader photo thing right now. For those of you who have sent in your photos, I have them and am keeping them in a safe place while making little macaroni Christmas ornaments out of them. I figured I would take a little break until November and December and start that up again. However, if you just happened to be wandering through a bookstore yesterday and saw Paul Giamatti and convinced him to pose with you then it is actually news. Thus, you get your photo in the random photos. Of course, you should also let us know if he was buying porn or poetry, but the photo alone will do if any of that is not possible.

Hey, it's the other Lawrence brothers. In this case it is Andrew and Matthew.
Just in case you were wondering how you could possibly contribute to the world of horrific fashion mistakes, Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen are releasing a coffee table book. So buy a copy or two and let them keep living the high life. Now, in what is surely going to lead to a sibling rivalry, half the books have Ashley on the cover and Mary Kate on the back, while the other half of the books are reversed. Who will sell more copies?

One of my favorite US soccer players, Coby Jones. He was so fast. Too bad our team was always crap when he played.

Yeah, big deal. Lets see them do that with me up there.
Billy Idol - London
Have to admit that Alicia Silverstone looks great here. Still a television jinx of epic proportions but she looks good.
Speaking of looking good. I had about given up hope of Debi Mazar ever taking another great candid, but again I was wrong. Really nice.

Daniel Craig. Come on. Do you think I would leave the guy out if he was in town at a premiere.
I even gave him to you twice.
A rare sighting. Both of the brothers Masterson in the same photograph.
Meh. Just know that some of you are curious by nature, so thought I would throw them up there so you can see what they look like today. It's not like Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry aren't promoting the hell out of themselves everyday, but just in case you wanted to see them, or throw darts at them, here they are.

Don't throw darts at Gary Cole though. Didn't even realize when I posted it, but you have a Brady above and a Brady below. That hasn't happened since the original television show when Greg and Marcia got it on.

Fabian, Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydell - Morristown, NJ
Can you call an actress adorable, because Emma Stone looks just that.
Eva Longoria holding on to Kate Beckinsale for dear life so the photographer won't move on to someone else.
Is that a bad angle, or is Emile Hirsch getting himself a nice pair of man boobs. No worries Emile you get used to them, and can even find it strangely pleasurable.
Jill Hennessey - New York

I'm not sure why Jennifer Freeman (thanks lachick, I think you are right) even bothered getting dressed.
I swear it could be midnight in the middle of nowhere and if you ran into Jamie Foxx he would be wearing sunglasses.
One of the few couples in Hollywood I enjoy.
It's kind of odd to see Jon Bon Jovi surrounded by a bunch of guys larger than him. You always see him as larger than life on stage, but around football players, he looks so damn tiny. Not Tom Cruise tiny though.
Mariah Carey - Los Angeles

Luke Wilson remains in my top ten guys I would like to go drinking with.
Lindsay Lohan makes the lineup because she took off the damn leggings.
If you have always wanted to know what Leslie Bibb is like, this is a perfect example.
Jodie Sweetin is getting her own reality show, and for once, I think it is a good idea. I would actually be interested in following her around and showing us her life edited of course to put her into the best possible light in a series of staged maneuverings to make her life appear more interesting than it actually is.
Rent - New York

Quincy and Kidada. That is some love right there.
I love Maggie Q and don't understand why the rest of the world isn't with me on this one.
Michael Madsen back in Los Angeles. From what I understand he stayed off the booze at the after party last night.
No one even told me Mindy Kaling was going to be on Dave last night. Hopefully TiVo got it.
Whitney Heard should have that growth removed as soon as possible. They can be dangerous if left untreated.

I will let you come to your own conclusions about what Shanna Moakler was up to before this photo was taken.
In the oddest damn pairing of the day you have Sean Stewart and Lizzie Grubman.
I don't actually have any problems with Stephanie Pratt. The outfit, yes, but not her.
Both are gorgeous.


MontanaMarriott said...

OMG Salma's baby is tooo cute, she looks just like a Campbell Soup kid.
She looks a bit like her dad, or is he her dad?

Mooshki said...

"Still a television jinx of epic proportions..."

Uh-oh, you don't know something about "Bad Mother's Handbook" do you?

It kind of depresses me that I can tell Ashley & Mary-Kate apart on those covers.

I love Jim & Jenny too. Jim is back to likable now that he's with her.

So you've posted Owen & Luke this week - I double-dog-dare you to get a new pic of Andrew.

"Lindsay Lohan makes the lineup because she took off the damn leggings."
--That's what Samantha said!

Sigh, Leslie Bibb is so awesome.

I know this may get me stoned to death, but really you all should watch "My Boss's Daughter" for Michael Madsen. Only time in my life I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe even a bit.

Whitney H. is just happy to see you!

Kat said...

So glad to see Michael Madsen...he's always welcome.

Spiffy62004 said...

Is it just me or does Mariah Carey look like Leona Lewis in that picture?

Spiffy62004 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
trashtalker said...

Kate looks like she was caught off-guard by Eva trying to maul her. Or scale her. Whichever.

Baby Valentina does look kinda like her dad.

jax said...

i was hoping Mriah would stop dressing like a whore now that shes married.

Valentina you are yer ma are gorgeous indeed.

Steph Pratt looks like shit.

Ooh Shanna and Travis got into Prince Charles' stash.

lachickforever said...

I'm pretty sure that Jennifer Goodman person is actually Jennifer Freeman.

Kara said...

I think they look tweaky, not stoned. Just my opinion.

Mooshki said...

"Is it just me or does Mariah Carey look like Leona Lewis in that picture?"

Careful, she may hunt you down and kill you. She went off on a reporter who suggested that LL sounded like her.

nunaurbiz said...

ENT, when you go out drinking with Luke Wilson can I tag along? I'll even buy a few rounds!!!!!

Thanks for the Daniel Craig fotos, and I like the Carrey/McCarthy pairing too.

Ya know, you can never put too many Gerry Butler photos in ... I'm just sayin' ...

WineGirl X said...

When I first looked at the pic of Emile Hirsch, I thought it was Jack Black. not kidding.

selenakyle said...

All the Quincy/Peggy offspring are bee-yoo-tee-fulllll!

littleoleme said...

Gary Cole - best damn voice.

not a famous adrian said...

It always goes back to Emile Hirsch.
He must be our gay version of Ben Affleck. He seems to fit eery bicurious blind.

sheetrock said...

Billy Idol - Lookin' good and rockin it for sure.

Lizzie Grubman - Yick. Who the Hell is she and why am I seeing a picture of her? Scary.

selenakyle said...

Grubman is the publicist/agent/etc. who allegedly plowed into some open-air diners in the Hamptons a few years back.

sheetrock said...

Selenakyle - Thanks for the info. She's really fugly to look at let alone get run over by.

Marisa said...

Enty, we have something in common: Luke Wilson remains in MY top ten guys I would like to go drinking with. But I have to add "& etc." to the end...

Mariah looks like Miley Cyrus.

Salma is perfection.

Cute Little Redhead said...

It's so freaky but it's amazing how cute and sweet and attractive Mary Kate looks...and somehow how not so cute and sweet and attractive Ashley looks.

Ashley just looks unbalanced somehow. I can't put my finger on it. Mary Kate, on the other hand,
she looks normal.

Cute Little Redhead said...

OMG...back in the day Billy Idol was the total hotness to me.

Watching him sing White Wedding was a very sexy experience.

sandman said...

eva & kate, i want to see together, nekid, love kates humor & potty mouth.
jamie foxx is talented but very strange.
bon jovi & mariah are two products of the 80/90's that also seem to be stuck there & it doesn't hurt there careers for some reason.
luke would be a good drinking buddy as long as he's buying, probably gets expensive.
the jodi sweetin story will not end well.
whitney heard has a huge boner.

Jasmine said...

andrew, the younger lawerence brother, did not inherit the families good looks....
i like how they let ashley look messy in her book cover, and marykate look sleek, maybe it was opposite day at the photo op...
that pic of alcia def proves she is the kindness blind...
and i adore jim carrey and jenny together, i thought they would make a great match years ago, back when he was dating that uptight bitch..
and mariah, i have seen your closet on mtv cribs, girl you have better clothes than that, whats the matter? is nick out hawking them all on the corner, trying to squeeze all the money he can from you before you dump him?
p.s. is that skirt pleather? oh the horror/!

lachickforever said...

No prob, always here to help.

Woo hoo a shout out!

Thanks ENT :-)

Private said...

sheetrock: Lizzie Grubman is a skank and believe it or not, she looks good (for her) in that photo. She's usually much more disgusting.

She did back up into a crowd outside of a club in the Hamptons. She was convicted and spent time in the pokey for it.

Ms Cool said...

Oh boy. Can't thank you enough for including Daniel Craig. I was cut out of the picture, though. I was wearing the black dress.

kaxel said...

you are not alone with Maggie Q.

She is amazingly beautiful.

And is probably a decent actress too if she is ever given the chance.

Jerry said...

"One of my favorite US soccer players..."

I think that's the first time I've ever heard an American say those words.

Wes Fowler said...

The Masterson boys now officially give me the creeps. Danny looks a little psychotic in the eyes in the picture. (Did you know he converted the redhead on "That 70's Show" to Scieno-ism?) After reading and witnessing what Scientology does to people, I have more reservations about Scieno celebs (even Greta Van Scieno-Sustren!)

I used to feel sorry for Christopher for being born into it, but not anymore.

Miss X said...

Okay, I saw Christopher Knight, but who's the other Brady in the pics?

I too love Jim & Jenny together. Almost bought her book today...

It looks like the youngest Lawrence bro is going through an akward stage - I think he'll end up a hottie.

not a famous adrian said...

Miss X--Gary Cole played Mike Brady in the movie--I think that is what Enty is referring to.

Miss X said...

Thanks not a famous adrian!

IndigoBlue said...

I will never forget Gary Cole in "Fatal Vision". I was obsessed with both the book and the miniseries. But then again, I was obsessed with killers, period, so chalk that up to warped.

Michael Madsen actually looks really good there. Goes to show you how BAD boozing/drugs can make you look. Not that I know that he's completely sober/straight, but hell, he looks better than he has in a LONG time, so he's doing something right....

Billy Idol!! Was just talking about him last weekend! I was so hot for him back in the day....he still looks good, though....

You know, I might (MIGHT) have more respect for Mimi if she didn't think we all wanted to see her chi-chis, thighs and stomach 24/7. Memo to Mimi's people: WE DON'T.

I don't totally hate Adrian and Christopher. Can't put my finger on it, but just don't. They seem just as dysfunctional as most the couples I know....just sayin'