Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Photos Part One

A warning. There is a photo of a cake which may or may not contain a photo of actual nipples. It could also be candies strategically placed to look like nipples. Just tell your boss they are prunes.

Some very random groupings of people today. Here is Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson and Neil Young. Umm, sure, I'll buy a ticket.

Mario Batali and Gwyneth we have seen before. Throw in a Bono sighting though and you have a random photo. See how easy this is. Hell this practically writes itself.
Yet one more. Lukas Haas, Ben Jelen, John Starks and Matthew Modine.
Another reason why it sucks to be Jennifer Tisdale. It is her birthday and the party was billed as "Ashley Tisdale helps celebrate her sister's birthday." Damn. Show the woman some love.
A woman who gets all the love she can presumably handle is Cate Blanchett.
I don't think that Elizabeth Hasselbeck has ever been in the photos. Snarked upon in a regular post? Sure. But not just in the photos.
A first timer today in Dylan Bruce.
As well as Van Hansis. Yep, that's his name. I'm sure he has heard them all before. Probably still has issues with his parents also. Probably thought it was cute.
In case you wanted to see what Prince Albert's girlfriend looks like. I didn't see him, so he must still be in the can. Quick, someone go make a phone call.
And to think Carmen Electra was actually paid for this.
Jamie Gomes. Happy 18th birthday. Here's some porn.

Guess what band Jerry Dixon is in. When you have to walk around with a big ass Warrant tattoo and a sleeveless shirt to show it off, you know he doesn't get the groupie action he used to.
Jakob Dylan - Manchester, NH
The looks like oral sex photo of the day. I'm guessing Spencer doesn't see this much very often. At least from girls.
Faker - Sydney
A little Pushing Up Daisies press event. I know all of you love the show.

Like you expected to see Pierce Brosnan and Gavin Rossdale hanging out.
Hello Miranda Kaha.
Apparently this is some bad ass new Italian bike so a bunch of Italian celebrities gathered around it grunting like a Tim Allen standup special.
It's Linda Papadopoulos. Never have seen her at any event, and then she shows up at the UK premiere of the new Thomas film.

The Pretenders - Manchester, NH

Apparently Solange Knowles thinks there might be a brawl at the Armani fashion show.
Steve Earle - Manchester, NH
Snoop Dogg - Amsterdam
It happened. Suri Cruise walking and not being physically touched by a parent. This is more rare than Pamela Anderson sleeping alone.


Mooshki said...

Isn't it nice when they group themselves together like that?

Snoop in Amsterdam. What more could you ask for?

West End Girl said...

I love Lee Pace, can we add him to the list of "Please repeat often"? Seriously, it's not right.

So is Spencer that way inclined? I just assumed it was just his face, kinda like Lance Bass....

I loathe Tom Cruise in ways that can't be explained. Bastard.

Snoop in Amsterdam is just genius, wonder he left any for the other tourists?

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

I think your concert pics are from Mansfield, MA -- i.e. Farm Aid on Sunday -- and not Manchester, NH.

not a famous adrian said...

Heh, Heh--Prince Albert in a can. Got it!

MontanaMarriott said...

I always forget how short Tom Cruise is then I see this pic and noticed that his daughter meets him halfway, talk about short lol

Cali Girl said...

nice heels, Tommy Girl!

Mooshki said...

Adrian, that's what I thought at first, then I wondered if that remark was tied to Enty's rant about public bathrooms? :)

DNfromMN said...

Pierce and Gavin, I'll take sloppy seconds from that.

I second the more Lee Pace. Also, Enty, any Simon Baker promoting The Mentalist would be welcomed.

I wouldn't mind watching Dylan Bruce take off the rest of his clothes.

Suri Cruise is the cutest damned kid.

Mooshki said...

Well of course she is - they engineered her that way.

Michaela said...

That's not Miranda Kerr.

bionic bunny! said...

now, see, i would have said " wonder if she DOES prince albert in the can", but then i'm pissed off about all the birthday cakes because i'm back on my damn diet and just pissy in general.

i haven't SEEN pushing up daisies yet, but i've got the first season sitting here waiting to be watched! after last year's strike, there's just too much t.v. happening this week (yes, i love television. i freely admit it. did i also mention i love cake?)

and enty, i missed the story.. what's up with the folks that live near the scio celeb center here in LA?
something about the SCIdiots getting pushy (NO, THEM?)????

Lisa said...

I 3rd more Lee Pace, he was wonderful in The Fall.

Question for you Enty; when you wrote " Jamie Gomes. Happy 18th birthday" why does the cake read "Happy Birthday Jessica"? Hmmmm?

Manda said...

god suri is going to outgrow tommy girl by the time she is 10:)

Jasmine said...

tom cruise looks really hot in this pic....
love love love the snoop in amsterdam pic, ha ha!

slappywhyte said...

Why is Gwynnie so bad again? That photo with Mario and Bono is great. They are 2 of my favs ... i bet if you can put up with her pretentiousness, she is ok ... she prob is snobby as shit tho

Slappy Whyte