Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Photos Part One

The top spot today goes to two of the best directors ever. Martin Scorcese and Spike Lee.

We are always getting to look at photos of Julianne Moore, but never get to see Bart Freundlich. So, here he is.
Of course, I know some still love seeing Julianne and you throw in some Isabella Rosellini in her trucker's vest and you have yourself a party.
Barbara Walters, just because well, hell, I'm a nice guy and don't hold a grudge.
Christie Brinkley looks great. So do you think in all that money her ex spent on porn that he ever downloaded naked photos of her off the net?
Greg Kinnear and Lauren Graham got the top spot last time they were on, so this time they have to settle for being middle of the pack, but still first in our hearts. Cheesy? You bet it is.

Gina Gershon needs a new sugar daddy or at least one who will go ahead and spring for getting her hair done.
I don't know about you, but I don't want top be anywhere near David Blaine when he needs to pee.
You know, I could sit here for an hour and probably not come up with something as good as just letting the picture tell the story.
You know what? Happy for Cameron Diaz.
Apparently red carpets are now clothing optional.

Did everyone say they were tired of Mark Ruffalo or wanted more?
Is Kurt Angle the first wrestler in the photos?
Joel Grey looks frikkin amazing.
Jim Belushi on the other hand just looks grumpy.
Rachel Hunter and her new clothing line.

Dita von Teese and her new line of bras.
Including one especially made for Christina Aguilera.
I love Parker Posey but am not sure about this look. It is kind of like a poodle coming back from getting their hair done.
A random French dude because I scour the globe trying to find guys you have never seen. This is Phillipe Bas.

Wesley Snipes. It has been a long time since I have seen him on a red carpet.

Tina Fey and her Emmy's are in the bag. OK, she probably mailed them, but still, it is an interesting possibility.
So, do you think Robert Wagner had anything to do with the death of Natalie Wood?
Helen Mirren and Rufus Wainwright. Definitely random.


A Pimp Named DaveR said...

I heart Lauren Graham, and have ever since she was the girlfriend on "Caroline in the City".

Also, I think I'm the only straight guy who watched "Caroline in the City"....

cageykiwi said...

Gina Gershon looks like Richie Sambora on crack!
What's up with the Robert Wagner comment??

Sinjin said...

Bart Freundlich looks like the Geico Caveman. Julianne Moore sleeps with that?! I am grossed out and do NOT approve! She could do so much better.

cageykiwi said...

(Ps Long time reader - love the snark!!)

Sinjin said...

Bart Freundlich part 2: He does look somewhat do-able without the beard though.

lutefisk said...

a pimp named daver--my husband loved "Caroline in the City", and he is also a Dave R!

Rachel Hunter's collection is REALLY

Jazz Hands said...

A Pimp Named DaveR, I want to be friends.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Okay, Enty - the comment about Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner makes me ask as well... wassup widdat?
Got dirt?
I realize that even if you were to do it as a BI, it can't be revealed due to the potential for a lawsuit, but this inquiring mind has to know, got dirt?

MISCH said...


MontanaMarriott said...

Yes I always found it bizarre that a woman who had a phobia of the open sea would drown while being on a boat with her husband and creepy Christopher Walken.
Hmmm did she catch them in bed together?

If you know any Hollywood legends, SPILL IT Enty,pleeeeeaseee

mooshki said...

Please tell me Marty just whispered in Spike's ear "Don't worry, you'll get that Oscar eventually."

I can't remember where, but someone said David Blaine was a human pinata. Wow would I love to whack him with a stick.

Is it just me, or is "Blindness" the most over-hyped movie of the year?

"Apparently red carpets are now clothing optional."
It's about freakin' time!

I'll take another order of Ruffalo, to go please.

Now I miss "Alias."

Helen/Rufus = so much awesome.

deity2 said...

ok.....Gina Gershon looks like complete and utter SHIT...what happened?????
Love, Love, Love Greg Kinnear..probably one of my all time favorites..just somethin about him!
All of Rachel Hunter's clothes are AWFUL!
Gettin' tired of Dita, she seems to be everywhere; but for what?
Love both Julianne and Isabella, I am glad to see not everyone is pressured to go glam, but if it was a red carpet event, WTF / the ski vest?

deity2 said...

Sorry.....also forgot to comment on Wesleys attire......guess he can't afford a new suit since he owes so much to the gov't!

Ariel said...

Yes I think Robert Wagner killed Natalee Woods, and I think Chris Walken knows everything about it.

Unknown said...

Props for the Geico Cav....oh, everyone else noticed that too. :)

libby said...

And Chris Walken has famously refused to talk about that night publicly.

I think RW had something to do with it, but Natalie's death was never properly investigated. We'll never know.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Robbie bumped off Natalie and Chris knows all. That's why he can play creepy characters with no problem. Just channels Robbie.

Rachel Hunter's line is shiteous!

Love Dita! The bras are cute!

Gina? WTF happened? She was a gorgeous gal, wtf???

I love Julianne Moore. Red head love girlfriend! *bumps knuckles*

Cameron looks happy but she always seems happy with a guy for like 3-4 years and then poof, it's over. What's the deal Cam? Settle down already. Get a prenup, it'll be ok.

CDAN Mod said...

ariel, i agree.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Do Christopher and Robert Wagner ever hang out together still?

k said...

Re. Robert Wagner - whether or not he had anything to do with her death, his story is BS.

Green Wave Gal said...

Spike Lee is wee. He's so short/thin. I was in an elevator with him and I'm only 5'4" and he seemed TINY!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that really Rachel Hunter's clothing line or is that a joke. It's truly awful. I sew like crap, and I could make that stuff. I wouldn't want to, but I could.

Anonymous said...

Does Isabella Rosselini have health issues? She always looks puffy and that vest doesn't help.

And I want to see Blindness so badly. Also would love to see the Kinnear/Graham movie, too.

I think I went blind after seeing that Carson pic. yikes.

Helen Mirren and Tina Fey are always welcome.

DetroitRocker said...

Oh yea Robert Wagner and Chris Walkens know something. Like someone was sleeping with someone and got caught, or it was a three-some that went baddddd. All I know was she must have wanted off that boat really bad.

I could believe that Chris and Robert had a thing going on, but she was no angel either. I say reopen the case and this time maybe there won't be so many cover-up???

bionic bunny! said...

parker posey-- def. a poodle look. she stole it from the dead one she's carrying as a bag.
i've always wanted to play with mark ruffalo's hair. anything else would make me a dirty old broad.

and this is so weird, but i had a really strange dream the other night, and somewhere in there, jim belushi showed up and helped my friend and i with a pool heater, and splashed around with her kid. he seemed like a really nice guy.
and no, i have no idea why!
why can't i get somebody like greg kinnear???

Monalicious said...

Love, love, love the Kurt Angle pic!!! One of my favorite wrestlers. And with the prettiest blue eyes........

bionic bunny! said...

DAMN! i meant to say, to show up in a dream as a swim buddy!
and i know exactly which of you are going to pick on me for that!! :)

Ms Cool said...

Little annoyed that we got a random French guy and not Daniel Craig. I know I wasn't the only voter on him... *sigh* I do like Mark Ruffalo, though. Hot but not smokin' hot.

Ms Cool said...

...voter FOR him not on him. Freudian slip. Sorry.

mooshki said...

The Freudian slips are awesome.

Zuzu Petals said...

Years ago I worked for a guy who was good friends with Natalie's sister, Lana. It was no secret that Lana was convinced that Robert killed her sister. At the time, there were rumors that Natalie and Christopher were having the affair and Robert found out about it. Who knows for sure? All I know is Lana was convinced Robert had something to do with her sister's death.

Little Baby Jade said...

Robert Wagner either killed her or knows that Christopher did.

Molly said...

no way was wagner involved in natalie wood's death, but then, spike lee isn't one of the greatest directors either.

Julie said...

I love Caroline in the City. it was my favorite show for the longest time.
and I also like Parker Posey's dress. I don't know why.
oh, and her show shouldn't have been cancelled. it was a good kind of cheesey.

Little Blue Pill said...

Natalie Wood..I probably shouldn't say this but a relative of mine was in rehab and in AA with her, knew her pretty well and wasn't personally (or professionally) surprised to hear she drowned while she was drunk off her ass. Saddened but not surprised.

Wil said...

Yes, EL, I do believe Wagner had something to do with Natalie's death. I just can't decide it that was mere culpability for letting his drunken wife get off the boat - or if he did something to her before she ended up off the boat. Either way .. I have always had a vibe about that guy and I wouldn't trust him as far I could throw him.

Little Blue Pill said...

It is common knowledge that she was drunk, right? If not..oops.

Little Blue Pill said...

What do you mean let her get off the boat? It was at an ungodly hour, drunk people do what they want to do even tho they have no idea what in frickin hell they're doing and there's alot of people and other boats in Catalina, not exactly the best place to do a murder.

Face it, it was an accident and probably a long time coming before she did herself in. If it didn't happen there it might have been falling down stairs at home or drowning in the jacuzzi. Sorry but sometimes its easier especially for relatives to believe in conspiracy than accepting that (1) the person had problems (2) the person was unable to overcome them for whatever reasons (3) they [the relatives] couldn't help them (4) the relatives and friends most likely added to her problems. A murder theory helps lessen the feelings of personal ineffectiveness, personal responsibility, being naive about how the person really felt, being occupied with our own life..all the reasons, valid and not, why we feel guilty about not being there for someone.

Molly said...

yea, i think it is common knowledge that she was drunk. they were all drunk. why can't an accident ever just be an accident? not murder, not suicide, just an accident.

Anonymous said...

I thought they threw Fed. Tax evaders in prison? Or is is the 'hollywood' touch again?

Spike Lee is over-rated. His casting is just as color heavy as those he attacks, he just pretends to be culturally sensitve.

Like the colors of Dita's new line, but I really don't like what the model on the left is wearing. It looks like it would be terribly uncomfortable for more than the few seconds to try it on.

Rachel can't design worth shit. She puts larger breasts in crappy looking short dresses, and the long dresses on chicks with no boobs. Should be reversed as the dresses would hang more naturally.

What exactly does Cameron have her nails dug into on that dude? It's way to far from his crotch unless he's Stretch Armstrong. Does it take pinching a dude's hip to make her happy, or does she have hold of his wallet?

Bart Freundlich looks like he could be in Jesus Superstar: a Revival! Held in a tent in the deep south and all! (I'm southern, I can talk trash about my own culture and it's penchant for nutty religious expression.)

Enty, on the poodle and Parker Posey - are we sure that isn't the skinned poodle she's carrying? WTF is that bag covered in?

I've heard the rumors of Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood before. Please, please spill the beans if you have them!

Jerry said...

Joel Grey looks frikkin amazing.

Joel Grey looks like the uncle who's a little too eager to tuck me in at night.

I think I'm the only straight guy who watched "Caroline in the City"....

No, you're not. {Of course, we could be saying that just to get lucky with some hot CDaN girls.}

Jungle007 said...

Rachel Hunter can't design for shit!! Those dresses are horrendous... The material is tacky and lame and the cuts could have been done by a seven year old. And my mom has that long dress in her closet, circa 1985. Terrible. Even the models look embarassed.

Parker Posey's dress is also hideous. And judging by her face, she knows it.

I agree with those saying natalie woods' death was more likely accidental. I wouldn't be surprised to hear a drunk person fell off a boat or went for a swim and didn't re-surface... But i wasn't there so i really wouldn't know for sure.

Hope Cameron's really happy with this guy... I just want the girl to get married already!!! I don't even know why i care, i just think it's high time she found a guy who isn't a shit4brains.

GoGoLola said...

Enty ~ thank you, thank you, thank you for the Rufus!!! I loves me some Rufus!!!

Alice D Millionaire said...

I agree with molly and LBP...I think they were all probably on something and there was an accident.

I saw Robert Wagner being interviewed (within the last 5 years)about Natalie, her work, their relationship, and the night of her death. I know he is an actor but he seemed genuine.

We will never really know for sure but I think at most there was negligence due to the impaired state of mind of all three.

Unknown said...

Actually- to your point Ent regarding RW and NW- no i don't - he came to my school soon after her death (drama class) and talked about it at length and stated she was murdered- scary stuff for a bunch of kids to hear but he seemed pretty freaked out about it too- he also seemed like a decent guy to come to talk to us and be so upfront


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