Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm A Little Upset

I don;t usually take things personally. If I did take things personally, well, lets face it, I have been insulted a lot in my life so I would probably spend half my time crying or something like that. So, I just prefer to let things roll of my back. But, this one time I am a little upset at the way I was treated.

I think you will recall a few weeks ago when I took my mom out and we met those Canadian tourists and I snuck over to the Egyptian to use their restroom facilities and ran into Constance Marie. Well, long story short, People announced today that Constance is five months pregnant with a girl. The dad is some random yoga teacher. Guys says that when they don't want to get a real job. Don't really need one if your girlfriend was on a network show for like 8 years.

Anyway, as much as I had always wanted to meet Constance and the sight of a fat, sweaty, obviously intoxicated fat man hounding her for a photo, might have put her off just a touch, but don't you think as a courtesy as I blinded her with my flash that she should have just said, "hey, since you are a fan, I wanted you to know I'm pregnant."

I mean it isn't like she had a line of people coming up to her taking her photo. So, the one guy, although fat, sweaty and drunk who took a shine to her should get a little special treatment, and then I could go home and write it in my diary. The other thing is, I didn't see any baby bump, so apparently my baby bump skills are not good unless I am looking at a photo or someone actually tells me they are pregnant.

Anyway, congratulations Constance.


MontanaMarriott said...

AWWW sorry Enty, but don't worry THIS HOT LATINA still loves ya,

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I'm curious;

Who else thinks that Ent makes up these personal descriptions?
I DO believe he is male, but I'm not sure he is being honest about the fat, sweaty, lazy, smelly, etc...
When he writes those things about himself, he uses the same tone as when he's exaggerating or just telling a funny lie about the celebs he writes about.

Any opinions?

Judi said...

Probably 5 WEEKS.

bionic bunny! said...

i sorely wish i'd been able to make it to the cdan con here in LA, but as usual, i was either recovering from surgery, or about to go into surgery, as i recall.
nobody who went ever posted back here in the comments, and a lot of those who went, disappeared.
why, enty, why???

anyway, of course, he's us!
fat= obsessive about the gym. tanned, toned and sexy.
sweaty=perfect amount of cologne, the guy who walks by and all the girls turn and say "ooh!"
drunk= tee=totaller (sp?)
basement= penthouse (reaching there) or valley, maybe pasadena apt. or townhouse.
and i'll bet he's cute as a button, just with lousy photography skills.

just my humble opinion, anything to keep from watching the debate, because i can't look at either one of them, lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal
*fingers in ears*


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