Monday, September 22, 2008

The Emmy Awards - Part One

The Arrivals:

Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon

Tina Fey

Sandra Oh

Mariska Hargitay

Mary-Louise Parker

Mary Tyler Moore

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Nicollette Sheridan

Kathy Griffin

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick

Kate Walsh

Lisa Edelstein

Marcia Cross

Jenna Fischer

Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Connelly, Kevin Dillion, Adrian Grenier

Julia Louis Dreyfus

Jennifer Love Hewitt

America Ferrera

Felicity Huffman

Heidi Klum

Hayden Panettiere

Jon Cryer

Cloris Leachman

Ben Harper and Laura Dern

Jeff Probst

Cynthia Nixon

Catherine Keener

Holly Hunter

Candice Bergen

Debra Messing

David Boreanaz and Jaime Bergman

Evangeline Lilly

Tony and Eva Longoria Parker


Emobacca said...

Do we have a report from our spy this year?

califblondy said...

What a horrible show last night! Ugh. Definitely cringe-worthy. Too bad the football game got out of hand, or else I wouldn't have even flipped over.

Did anybody catch Bill Maher's comment about Kevin Spacey?

I thought Brooke Shields and Christine Applegate were two of the best dressed.

Was there a little push and pull last night on stage between Nicolette and Felicity?

mooshki said...

Christina Applegate was definitely the star of the show for me.

What the hell is up with Susan's breasts?

I just want to squish NPH up and carry him around in my pocket.

I liked J.Love's look.

That color is so great for Cynthia.

I want to be Catherine Keener when I grow up. Or Candice Bergen.

Are David and Jaime at prom?

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Tina Fey killed it last night. She looked great and cleaned up the joint on awards. I love her and Amy presenting. They are just too cute together.

Susan Sarandon's dress looks like shit. It's just off. I love her but burn that sucker.

Sandra Oh-love her. Love the top of her dress but the bottom, not so much. She should have won last night.

Damn that shit is bright Mariska.

I don't like the color of Mary-Louise Parker's dress. It kinda makes her look sickly. The color reminds me of that yucky blue color that was popular in the early 70's. I saw that color in my mom's closet and have always hated it. I love her and I LOVE Weeds. Hell, I love weed. LOL

MTM-Icon. Can't hate on her. I hope I look that good when I'm a thousand years old.

Neil! *Swoon!* It's criminal that he's gay. With that being said, I would totally be his fag hag in a second.

Nicollette Sheridan looks good. I like the color of the dress.

Kathy Griffin-WTF were you thinking? Tore up from the floor up.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick-they are too cute together. I choose to believe that they are a loving couple with a great marriage. However, the live in LA so you know it's gotta be bullshit. I'll stay with denial.

Kate Walsh-I love her too! I know a lot of folks don't but I think she's so pretty. I love her hair but not feeling the dress.

Lisa Edelstein- I had to take a second look cause I didn't realize it was Cutty from House. She looks really cute but the dress, meh, not really dressy enough for the Emmys. Not diggin the pattern either. Maybe if it covered the whole dress? Meh.

Marcia Cross-Her skin practically matches the dress. She has great skin. Good rep for red heads. I'm not feeling that tutu shit at the bottom of her dress. I'm expecting her to bust out in the Nutcracker any second. Love the top of it.

Jenna Fischer-cute girl! That dress gives me flashbacks to my mom's closet circa 70's. Not as bad as MLP's dress but still. Wonder how it would look if she had put her hair up....

Entourage boys-Yummy across the board. I have a weird fascination with Turtle. I'd love to get high w/him.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus-Love her. Talented and looks great. Her dress looked better on tv. She always looks great. Hate her.

JLH-Just don't care for it. All of it.

America-She looks great. Top to bottom.

Felicity Huffman-Looks great. Top to bottom. Love the train.

Heidi Klum-If I could snatch that thing off on her shoulder, I'd love it. Of course she looks good, she's friggin Heidi Klum.

Hayden-Normally looks great. She looks plain and least in this pic.

Jon Cryer- Ducky has aged well.

Cloris Leachman-Love her. Icon. Can't hate on her.

Ben Harper and Laura Dern-Don't really care much. That dress looks off. Pretty color but not so much for her. Meh.

Jeff Probst-Glad he won last night and not Seacrest. He has that casual thing going on but should have worn a tie. It's the Emmys. I can't look at him now without visualizing that large shlong of his. LOL

Cynthia Nixon-She looks great. Odd that she looks great as a red head but is a natural blonde. Go figure.

Catherine Keener-I like to see dresses and just a more polished look at award shows. She looks like she just rolled out of the house at the last min.

Holly Hunter-Love her. I like the dress but not sure what is going on in the middle there. She's still great anyway.

Candice Bergen-Wish I could see her outfit. She looks great in the face and hair dept. I want the number of her plastic surgeon. Face looks good but he forgot to straighten out her neck to match. Maybe it's how she is holding her head/angle. She's still bad ass.

Debra Messing-Not a big fan but she looks good. Dress is off beat but I still like it.

Jaime Bergman looks like she belongs in Greece. Still looks pretty.

Evangeline Lilly-looks great. Love the dress.

Eva looks good but I prefer her in gowns. Cute dress though.

selenakyle said...

Some of the gowns were unbelievably gorgeous, but Marcia Cross looked like washed-out old dishwater in that butt-fugly color.

GET SOME SUN for fuck's sake, people. Damn.

Chances are none of y'all are gonna be TV stars when you're 60 or 70, might as well get some color now and--oh my gosh--actually have a wrinkle or two when you're older, heaven forbid.

Brenda22 said...


I totally caught that. I was shocked he actually said it but it made George Pinaccio (sp?) crack up.

Molly said...

brenda or califblondy or anyone -

i didn't watch. what was said?

Brenda22 said...

George says something like "oh there's Brook Shields being kissed by Kevin Spacey"
and Bill Maher says "well I'd say that's a pretty safe kiss"

Molly said... that's bad. thanks, brenda.

i really do feel bad that bm would say something like that. kevin spacey is harmless.

califblondy said...

Ya, I thought George Penachio was going to pee his pants laughing when Bill Maher said that about Kevin.

Was that red carpet show a local thing for SoCal? I know George is on local (Los Angeles) news. He needed to do the interviews alone, his co-host partner (don't know her) was worse than Lisa Rinna.

Eeny Beeny Meeny said...

So how much longer is Eva L-P going to keep the "just fat, not pregnant" ruse going? The big bow and sparkly stuff were obvs an attempt to distract from her thickening middle.

Apparently Eva's never been overweight, or she'd know it doesn't all collect in one place!

kimmypie1 said...

selenakyle I think Marcia does not sun because of her high risk for skin cancer, not because of wrinkles.

Fair skinned people, especially those with red hair/and or freckles are at high risk for skin cancer.

Molly said...

kimmypie, you're right and for all we know she's had some moles removed.

Molly said...

that should read 'cancerous moles'.

Brenda22 said...

@ Califblondy
yes, I think she's on the CW/KTLA in the mornings. She does the traffic report. I thought it was weird that they had her do the Emmy's. I agree, She was so annoying gushing over everyone.

bionic bunny! said...


sorry. everybody else can wax eloquent about everybody else. we have loved jeff since season one of survivor, and i think he was dressed fine for who he is.

hey, mooshki, you're my buffer-- what blah said about jeff, true?

shakey said...

I'm rather shocked Ent posted a pic of Eva L-P.

When women reach a certain age, they should take into consideration their style of dress. If boobs are large-ish, they will sag without support. That dress on Susan Sarandon looks like an expensive Christmas nightgown.

selenakyle said...

Yeah, I know. I have fair skin and freckles too, lived at a beach my whole life AND currently have a scary-looking thing on my arm.

I agree Marcia is a good role-model for fair redheads, and is strikingly beautiful.

But that gown COLOR was still hideous and only emphasized her ghostly pallor.

kimmypie1 said...

selena, I encourage you to go get checked. I had malignant melanoma (at 28 years old) and because I got it checked, it was only stage 1 and it saved my life. Please please go get it checked. Early detection is key!!

selenakyle said...

Hey kimmypie1--

Whew, thanks! I was hesitant to come back here and read your post because I thought you were gonna flame me for making fun of whitey-white skin.

But I do thank you sincerely. I asked my parents (in their early 70's) and they said they've had similar spots that their doc just calls "barnacles" (we live on the ocean and everyone here is crusty...).

But the look and texture of this spot changed recently (I work, live and play outdoors) and it's scaring me a little bit.

Congrats on your quick diagnosis and speedy recovery.

I'm 44 yrs old. 'Bout time for something to start giving me a hassle, I suppose.

slappywhyte said...

goddam, Julia Louis Dreyfus is always hott to me ... she's great


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