Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Photos Part One

To all my readers and friends in Canada, enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend. I hope that all of you get to spend time with your family, your friends, and those close to you. I'm actually getting impatient for Thanksgiving here because it is my favorite holiday. I actually thought about flying to Canada this weekend and just crashing a house of a stranger for some turkey. But, with my luck it would be probably be some student or something who couldn't go home because they had too much studying to do and they would be going out to dinner for some Chinese food and I could have that just as easily here. Well, in any event, make sure that whatever you don't finish on Sunday, go ahead and send it to me. Don't know if I can wait six more weeks for Turkey.
Ummm. They must be playing hockey in hell because Ben Affleck is holding his daughter and is out in public with her. I would have also accepted, "Look, up in the sky. It's a bird, it's a plane. No, it's a pig."
For those of you who have not seen Beck in awhile or didn't catch him on Letterman.
Calle 13 - New York
Corbin Bernsen is looking pretty damn good.
Is it me, or does Josh Brolin look a little different?

It's actually sad that Giselle can make it tough to decide which one is plastic and which one is real.
Duffy - London
Yeah. Despite the idiocy that is Dania Ramirez and Jay Hernandez I really want to see their new film Quarantine.
Too much Charlize Theron lately, but she is playing golf. Never seen it before so I had to include it.
Kevin Connelly is directing the music video in which Gisele is starring in. Somehow the two got separated from each other in the photos. Not on the set though. On the set they were like glue. And not Elmer's or all the paste you ate as a kid, but super glue. Like construction helmet to the beam super glue. Like be careful playing with it and then your beans or the emergency room is going to laugh. Oh yeah. They didn't know I could hear them but I could.

You can't actually buy Dep anymore can you? I mean where is Jason Wahler getting his tribute to the 80's hair gel from anyway?
Jonathon Schaech. Don't like the guy, but he looks decent here. He has a girlfriend who clings to him like Kim Kardashian to a rich guy, but he looks decent.
OK. Listen. I understand Joey King is in the film. But she is like what? 8. I don't think she should be seeing the film.
Is Joe Jonas wearing makeup? Is that why he is so upset at getting caught? The happy go lucky face isn't there when he isn't expecting it.
Been too long since we have seen Maggie. Of course the pose looks like she just got arrested and is being booked, but it is great to see her.

Mel C. - Manchester
Apparently Katie Price actually does ride horses and is not doing a Civil War reenactment.
Kinky - New York
At what point do you suppose Katie Chonacas decided that she just couldn't find the right pair of jeans and said f**k it, just wearing the shirt.
Probably my favorite photo of the day. Sting and Elle Macpherson.

You know. This doesn't even look like a good idea in the photo. Perhaps the baby should be on the boat side arm instead of hanging over the railing above the sea. Just a tip.
This is some French television dude named Stephane Bern. Apparently he has no friends.
Like it? It is by Picasso.
Has anyone ever seen Marin Hinkle at any event ever? I don't even think she does press for Two and A Half Men. And she picks Quarantine to be her first? Interesting.


Mooshki said...

Jeez, Violet looks so much like Jen in that picture!

I really hope Quarantine is good. I've been looking forward to it for a while.

Holy Gisele/Kevin gossip! And I should've guessed your younger years were straight out of American Pie, Enty.

I can't decide if I like Maggie's haircut or not. Her hair is less of a mess than usual, but this is a little too middle-aged-lady for my taste.

That's the best picture of Mel C. I've ever seen. Is it baby weight making her look pretty?

Insert "Katie Price will ride anything" joke here.

Insert "Salma and her built-in flotation devices" joke here.

jennamaria said...

so is marin the answer to the blind about stars of hit comedy who can't stand each other any more? I've never seen two and a half men so i don't know if she is a star in it or not. Anyone?

Ms. said...

Off topic... Fellow Canadians - don't forget to vote on Tuesday.

For those of you who are available on Tuesday to work the election, Election Canada is desperate for Poll Clerks in many ridings. Call them at 866-281-5088 to see if there are open positions in your area. It's a quick $200 and you are contributing to the democratic process. Two hour training session this weekend and a 12 hour day on Election Day... If they don't have enough people, it will affect some polling stations...

kimmypie1 said...

So is Joe Jonas the gay one and that is the boyfriend that supposedly goes everywhere with them?

DNfromMN said...

Joe Jonas is probably upset because he was photographed flirting with a guy who is obviously gay.

Sis said...

Josh Brolin looks like a pervy guy your parents would tell you to stay away from.

Mooshki said...

Holy boobies! The ONTD folks pointed out that the mannequin on the right is stacked! And to look at her feet, apparently double-jointed. She'd give Kim Cattrall a run for her money.

MontanaMarriott said...

John Brolin looks Latin, I can't place what he has done, the lips, hair, something is different.

Gisselle Bundchen, I heard that she is another one of those whose family comes from German Nazi blood who ran away to Brazil to escape being tried as war criminals

Hey Enty, whats up with your hatred for my fellow Latino's Dania and Jay?

And that appears tot he be the BF of Joe Jonas. Gee sooo who's the man in that relationship????

Elle and Sting look a little too close for comfort

Yeah Salma that was a really dumb move also it looks like she's got a little fatty on her hands. I love chubby babies

Harriet Hellfire said...

You can come to my house for Canadian TG! Not a big event, we're just going eat turkey sandwiches and lay on the couch watching South Park all day long.

not a famous adrian said...

So Joe Jonas and his friend are at a crepe place--is he the boybander that is coming out?

jax said...

enty i'll save you some turkey, or get on a plane and get it yourself!
mm pumpkin pie.

agree on the Jonas bro with you

a nanny mouse said...

Josh Brolin is looking very Ethan Hawke to me
my daughter has the Jonas' all over her walls. maybe if she saw more pics like this I wouldn't want to puke whenever I walked in there

Molly said...

happy thanksgiving to all you canucks.

man baby violet looks like mama. so cute.

katie chonacas looks like ashley simpson in that pic.

love duffy!! thanks for the pic enty.

maggie doesn't look good.

operaghost said...

Re: Josh Brolin -- I don't know what Enty is seeing different because I'm not completely up on what he looks like normally, but ... OMG! The teeth!!!! Eewwwwwwwwwwww~!~!!!!!

Lex said...

so giselle and kevin connolley had s-e-x??

bionic bunny! said...

i don't know who katie chonacas is, but i'm having the same damn dilemma! i've got a couple of nice tops for the "formal" cruise nights and am beginning to wonder if the knee scars would be enough to distract people from noticing i have no bottoms?

eileen said...

nanny mouse, i thought the same thing...josh looks just like ethan hawke. right down to his yellow country teeth!

ea73 said...

Someone told me that Maggie Gyllenhaal is the beard for Peter Sarsgaard, and that P.S. is actually Jake Gyllenhaal's boyfriend. Has anyone else heard this?

selenakyle said...

Brolin's brow/forehead area looks Neanderthal or something. And maybe the lips are bigger.

And I'm a straight, married woman but whoever this Marin chick is, she is drop-dead gorgeous.

life is but a dream said...

i feel the need to defend salma here... she is obviously using her right hand to brace herself (and her baby) to the boat... if she (God forbid) slipped then she would be able to grab onto something... the same could not be said if she were holding the baby in her right hand.

i'm just sayin'.

Uber*nought said...

Joe Jonas is probably upset because he was photographed flirting with a guy who is obviously gay.

So, if Joe Jonas is gay and that is his (rather attractive) young boyfriend (but how do you get that he is "obviously" anything, apart from being cute) and not a random friend, then he and his friend get dissed on here and accused of wearing makeup? He has dark features so he has to be wearing makeup?

The respect some of you folks have for other young people is just awesome.

Mooshki said...

Selana, Marin is beautiful, but she plays an uptight bitch on 2 1/2 men, so I forget that about her. :)

Mooshki said...

Oh, and Uber*nought, celebrities aren't real people. ;)

sillyme said...

I remember Marin Hinkle from Once and Again and she's had A LOT of work done.

Julie said...

Corbin Bernsen is EVERYWHERE This weekend. seriously. I've seen 2 or 3 movies with him this weekend. WHY? random.