Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Photos Part One

When your best friend says, "hey, you need to start putting up more Colin Firth" then of course I oblige. Top spot good enough? He does look good here.

Just because it is Alan Cumming and he has not been in the photos for awhile. Not for a lack of trying on his part. I don't think Alan misses too many red carpets.

I don't know if it is a dance or what that Al Pacino is doing. He was honored with some award in Rome and as you can see he dressed up. Kind of. Well, not really. I think this is the same outfit he wears everyday. The one where he is wearing it on the beach with his kids kills me.
Wow. Alicia Silverstone looks better than I have seen her look in a long time.
Some odd pairings now. Jimmy Fallon and Jill Hennessy.
David Spade and Nicolette Sheridan. Wow. She does not look that great. When Spade looks better than you in a photo, it's time to make a call.
Just don't call Cher's doctor. Virginia Madsen on the other hand looks great.
First time for Christopher Mintz-Plasse? I think it is.
Daniel Craig at that press conference I wrote about earlier this week.
"Hi, I'm David. Nice to meet you Demi. By this time next week people will be thinking we are sleeping together here on the set."
Gael Garcia. Don't really have anything to say, just thought I would put him in here.
One of my favorites ever. Jane Campion.
Yeah, but what you didn't see is that Kirsten Dunst and Justin Long were hanging out together again. And by hanging out I mean groping each other.
Hey, every once in awhile I think it is ok to show Katherine Heigl. Just can't be a habit.
Hey. Who had the bright idea to invite Lily Allen to a party sponsored by a vodka company?
Your favorite, Monica Belluci.
I'm a fan of Mario even if he does like Gwyneth.
Always a fan of Maggie Gyllenhaal.
My favorite photo of the day. Mandy Moore and Peter Alexander.
I just post the photos. I will leave the comments up to you on this one.
Our monthly check in with Mickey Rourke. And he had a date, so that is good news.
I'm guessing booze is behind the back.
I had to do a double take to make sure it was in fact Paul Bettany.
Two Paul's in a row. Fells like I'm reading the Bible. This time Paul Rudd.
Uh oh. It's a quandary. One bouquet of flowers and two women. Eeeny Meeny, Miny Mo.
4 1/2 years in prison. It is just his bad luck that he wasn't sentenced in California or he would have already been released.
So, even though she isn't a Duchess anymore it really doesn't matter because they always say the former Duchess so it is kind of like you get to have the title without doing anything for it.
See the candy by Selena Gomez' elbow. I could eat that whole box.
Can you see what the bag says? Well I bet Al used to say it. Bad? Well, I will say that Star looks good here.
The tattoos just don't really go with Seann William Scott.
When you haven't had a hit record in a few years, then John Taylor is forced to pal around with Tom Arnold.
So, I can't figure out why Cassie even bothers to go to any event with Diddy. She always ends up sitting in a corner alone waiting to go home.
While Sean hangs around with the likes of Tracy Morgan.
One of my favorite groups. The Rasmus.
The Submarines - Manchester


Quintessential Southerner said...

star jones would look better if she had hair in her face, i.e. bangs or something.

enty, what kind of candy is that?

not a famous adrian said...

Wow--McLovin & Paul Rudd???!! More please.

Mooshki said...

Colin Firth. Sigh...

Okay, I'm back!

Al Pacino is trying to make his hips look slimmer - all the gals use that pose on the red carpet.

Alicia looks gorgeous. I love her.

Don't worry, there are a few of us here who still like Heigl no matter what anyone (or she) says.

Mandy Moore is looking great lately. Hopefully the rehab will stick!

"Good news" for who? Certainly not his date. Did you hear the stories about his relationship with Carré?

Paul, don't cover up the ginger with a hat, darnit! Mmm, how do I get myself in the middle of that Paul sandwich?!!!

Star deserves all the snark you can give her.

JOHN TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aw, Enty, you already had my undying love, you didn't need to bribe me! When is his Samantha Who ep airing?

Why would anyone ever go anywhere with Diddly?

I'm going to print out this post and tape it to my bedroom wall. So much great eye candy!!! Thanks!

MontanaMarriott said...

OOOOHHH BELLUCCI, Why isn't this gorgeous woman a bigger star in the states? Oh we already have a hot brunette, Angelina.

Pacino must save a ton of money on dry cleaning

Its a damn shame when Cher impersonators look better than the real thing. Cher looks terrible!

That TRL suit looks really small, Im just sayin......

Paul Bettany looks like Opie for a second

Love Selena Gomez, she's Chicana you know, lol

Is Star Jones auditioning for the part of the Black Catwoman????

Tom Arnold looks REALLY GAY, hmmm is he the answer to that BI, enty?

Cassie, like all kept women must sit down, be quiet and do her masters bidding, so if Diddy says, "let's go Hoe and wear something nice" Cassie is going

Diddy looks greasy, ewww, everytime I have seen him in NYC, he always rubs me the wrong way

Adrienne said...

"Two Paul's in a row. Fells like I'm reading the Bible."

Clever, clever.
I chortled.

Ace Tomato said...

Paul Rudd and Daniel Craig in one day. Wow. I'm aflutter here.

Cher looks embalmed. She's something else. Just something else. I don't know what . . .

Marisa said...

Paul Rudd I love you.

This would have been a perfect day if you'd also included Kevin McKidd

palealebrew10 said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Paul Rudd. John Krasinski is a close second.

Monica Belluci--yeah, I give up. I'm throwin' in the towel. No way to compete.

Is it just me or does Lily Allen look kind of embarrassed to be photographed at the vodka party-like, "Yeah, ok, you guys caught me-heh heh..I'm just gonna go get myself um, a cocktail. Ok, you know what guys, there ARE more screw-ups here-photograph them!"

bmini said...

Fiiirrrthhhh!!!!! this is possibly the best random photos ever...

califblondy said...

For Al and Star, wouldn't the bag say "My Hag Cares"?

Julie said...

now i have to find the picture of me with Blake Hazard (from the submarines).......
She opened for Evan Dando (with John, but before the submarines), back in '02.

You know who her great grandfather is? Bet you'd never guess! F. Scott Fitzgerald. isn't that kinda cool?

I pretty much adore her. Shes one of my favorite people I've hung out with in the world.

jax said...

Oh Mr. Darcy!

Paul Rudd is my fantasy bff.

PK said...

Daniel Craig is looking ewww in that picture!

Kiki & Justin Long = gross


those panties should say "herp"

Paul Bettany YUMMM

Selena Gomez looks 10

poor Cassie wishes Duddy wasn't a homo

DNfromMN said...

Paul Rudd is always welcome.

Daniel Craig looks like a very old man in that photo.

The front-man in that Rasmus picture looks quite frightening. I'm not sure if it's the troll-doll hair or his protuberant shiny round forehead.

Seann Scott why did I never meet you growing up?

And yay for Monica Belluci.

Squeezebox said...

I just can't get the Daniel Craig lust. He's just another over-the-hill Bond. Why can't they get a young, hot guy to play the role? Middle-aged men with receding hair are a dime a dozen.

Amber said...

Paul Bettany is a good looking guy, I love me some gingers.

and Monica Bellucci looking hot as usual! said...

I've always suspected Cher might suffer bouts of depression or something. She doesn't look bad, just sad.

Maren said...

So I'm guessing the Daniel Craig reference was about the director of the new Bond film - Marc Forster?

Here's the blind from Tuesday:
Talk about embarrassing. Wow. I can't decide who was the more embarrassed. This married A list director enjoys perusing escort sites and calling one to come over to his hotel room, especially when he is on the road. In this instance though he was in town, but was put up in a hotel because he had been doing press earlier in the day. Before heading home to the missus, he decided to call up his favorite agency and they sent someone over. Well imagine the shock on the face of both our director and the escort when it turned out to be the cousin of the wife's director. They had just seen each other at a family gathering two days prior. There were a lot of umms, but both decided it would be just a little too strange to do anything. Most guys would have gone home to the wife, but not our director. He called up the agency and got someone else.

Ms Cool said...

I must admit that Daniel Craig does not always photograph well. He is almost always smoking hot and if you watch him in action in Casino Royale, perhaps you'll get it.

So thank you for Daniel (even a bad picture of Daniel) and for Colin Firth who only does it for me as Mr. Darcy. Looks great in the photo, though.

Ms Cool said...

Is the Gwyneth reference the answer to the earlier blind?

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

I dont get why everyone is all gaga over Daniel Craig. Bleh and Meh.

Whats the dealio with the tat's on Seann William Scott?

Why Oh Why is there a pic of The Queen??

What is that BirdNest on top of Heigl's big ole head?

Actually, Cher looks great. Isnt she 70?

Why are some peeps' names underlined in the random photos, and others are not?

Have I asked enough questions??

nunaurbiz said...

Thank you, sweet Enty, for putting Colin on top. Oh, no, now I'm reminding myself of ANOTHER fantasy with Mr. Darcy..........!



james said...

nice catch Maren

DNfromMN said...

I don't think that Marc Forster is married, and I'm almost positive he's gay (though I have no sources to prove or disprove either).

bortstorch said...

Seann William Scott, you don't see him for ages and then suddenly, twice in one week. Keep up the good work.

Marie said...

Paul Rudd every day!

Lian said...

Figures it takes Colin Firth to get me to stop lurking.

Many thanks to your best friend ;)

Harriet Hellfire said...

That Paul Rudd, he's so hot right now.

notachance said...

Why does Katherine Heigl look like she has one of those sticks for the blind?

Moonmaid said...

I didn't even bother looking at the other photos when I saw Colin Firth.

If there is such a thing as a perfect man, he is it! Funny, handsome, sexy, smart and devoted to his wife. Anything else you need?

Christine said...

YAYYYY for John Taylor...Love, love, love him!!!!

He's a total hottie and a really nice guy too.

Duran Duran actually does have a new album that just came out called Red Carpet Massacre and it is really, really good (although, for some reason, their record company chose to release as a single the one blah song on the album). You should check the rest of the album out. They are also touring again this December.

Crystal said...

Lauri and the band's looking great...don't see enough of them.

Sara said...

Nicolette and David = Answer to the blind the other day about the actress who is going to pretend to be a lesbian, making out with the c-list actor with his own issues.

RagDoll said...

notachance, Bwa ha ha! I thought the EXACT same thing...There are other pictures from the series that show that the object Heigl is holding is in fact, a dog-leash pulled tight by the little furball on the other end. He's out-of-frame in this shot...

gillian said...

lol at the comments!

Cassie's face just annoys me. She always sits there with that bland smile. Plus the diddling diddy thing? Eugh.

Ent, you're not alone. I could polish off them jelly beans in no time too :_)