Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Photos Part One

A lot of internal discussion about who should get the top spot today because there were lots of interesting combinations. But, in the end I went with someone who I really admire and who has been around seemingly forever, and still looks great and does a great job. Annie Leibovitz gets the top spot today.

This photo had a strong chance. I know they are filming a movie together, but it still a very interesting group of guys headed for a night out. Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr. and Guy Ritchie.

I've decided that Ashley Olsen is normal. It was a long time coming, but I think she has kind of shown that at least compared to Mary Kate, she is the normal one.

A very odd combination. Allegra Versace and Balthazar Getty.

Candace Bushnell signing her new book.

Carlos Santana - San Francisco

I get depressed just looking at this photo of Debra Messing. Not that I ever really get excited looking at her.

This almost made the top spot, but just can't handle Jennifer Lopez being on top. Just never expected to see this combination in a photo.

Guillaume Canet on the set of his new film.

After this they went to dinner and forgot to pay the bill.

When Hilary takes a bad photo she kind of looks like Haylie.

NBC is making some knockoff of Fashion Runway while they hold up production of the real thing.

Josh Groban - San Francisco

Jerry Lee Lewis. What might have been if not for the whole 13 year old cousin thing.

Just because I like to see Joe Pesci and wonder what Angie Everhart sees in him.

One of my favorites. John Varvatos.

Kate Miller-Heidke - Sydney

Lindsay Price looks really good here.

I like how Mariah is pretending to move Nick closer so that people think they hug a lot or something.

Another odd pairing. Matt Damon and Wycleaf Jean.

I do love Marcia Gay Harden.

Is that an Ascot? What would you call that around Matthew's neck? I like it. I'm just wondering.

A blast from the past. Neve Campbell.

Not Nicole Richie's best day ever.

I think this is the first time ever for Penn Badgely.

This is the best Parker Posey has looked in awhile. She looks amazing.

Again with the flowers. She takes them everywhere.

Wow. RuPaul what happened to you?

Salma Hayek looking incredible as always.


Stephanie Seymour. Have not seen her in forever.

The Top Chef tour is not as glamorous as the AI or DWTS tour.

They have to cook out of a truck.


Quintessential Southerner said...

jerry lee lewis looks like an alien in that photo.

rupaul. booze? drugs? can't afford the "cocktail"?

DNfromMN said...

Whoa, Santino's face is huge... he must have gained a lot of weight.

And I know Halloween is next week, but what's with the Morticia Addams look here? Salma, Debra, Parker. A nice black dress does not mean funeral.

bOOzelover said...

I can never tell the twins apart, but this one brushed her hair.

Allegra looks like she's loosing the battle.
Is Stephanie Seymore dressed up for Halloween?

That's Ru Paul? holy...

Hillary is another midget.

I think Debra Messing looks good in this photo.

Mariah still looks like a cow.

Quintessential Southerner said...

dnfrommn, i voted too. :) love early voting!!!

Ariel said...

Porry Jerry L. Lewis. Both of his sons died as childern in accidents. One in a swimming pool and one in a car crash.

Mooshki said...

Enty, if the voices tell you to kill Denise Richards, don't do it! They don't let you go on the internet from jail, and the girls there aren't very pretty.

Project Runway. :) And the knock-off will be nothing without Tim Gunn. Heidi's okay, but Tim is the bomb! And Santino is also the bomb for "Where's Andrae?"

Anorexia is some scary shit.

Prince has gotta be wearing 6" platforms in that pic, right?

I sure hope Haylie doesn't read the blog. :) Not that she hasn't heard it before...

Ms. said...

Salma Hayek looks like a corpse.

Jerry Lee Lewis - no sympathy for that bastard whatsoever. He was a total prick to everyone around him. Strangely enough, that hurt his career way more than being a incestuous pedophile.

califblondy said...

I saw a full length pic of Allegra from that night. Her arms and legs are horrible. She needs to get help before she's found in a closet.

Norah said...

Mary Kate is a fashion icon. I adore her style and she goes all out. She really is a fashion genius and has started so many trends its unbelievable.

Hilary Duff is so annoying.

Ugh, i find an ascot picture here of all places. I needed one for my fashion notebook i have to turn in. Fahh.

Penn Badgely is douche.

Hella yeahhhhhh RuPaul!

not a famous adrian said...

That shot of Allegra is very sad.
Not sure about Nick, but Mariah looks so happy.

lachickforever said...

Allegra looks like she is still starving herself. How does her mom continue to go out to parties and stuff like everything is normal?

RuPaul looks like he bought a House In Virginia....

Mooshki said...

The really horrifying pic is the one of Allegra standing next to Mark Anthony and J.Lo. She actually makes him look normal!

farmgirl said...

Parker Posey is so awesome.
Every time Party Girl is on I have to watch - can't look away . . .

Brenda22 said...

Oh my god Mooshki, that is scary. Alegra looks horrible. I'm amazed she is even able to walk and function, much less attend a party.
I agree, how is her mother able to have parties and hobnob with celebs when her daughter is CLEARLY dying?

Mooshki said...

Hey, I figured out why Nicole looks bad - you have to pull that cord to bring her to life!

AprilinParis said...

Guillaume Canet used to be so hot; why oh why has he been letting someone beat him with the ugly stick?

@ Mooshki: Please tell me that pic of Allegra is photoshopped. That. cannot. be. real.

Mooshki said...

I wish. Even if she recovers from the anorexia, she's destroyed her health, probably permanently. It's a nasty, nasty disease.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I've seen a few pictures of Allegra from this event, and sadly, they do no appear to be photoshopped. The one where she's next to j-lo is horrifying. It really is sad..there were pictures of her out earlier this year where she looked like she was getting her health back, but I guess she fell off the wagon. Just look at her eyes...she just looks so deeply unhappy.

In other, less serious news, I find Josh Groban absolutely adorable.

zandra said...

It actually looks like Allegra is dying, so sad.

Poor Nick Cannon he really looks like a lamb staked in the woods waiting for a wolf to eat him.

Matt and Wyclef work together on Matt's clean water for Africa charity, Wyclef is also good friends with Brad and Angelina too.

There was a rumor that Rupaul has AIDS a couple of years ago. Maybe he was pos at the time?

Cute Little Redhead said...

Prince, step away from the vicinity of JLo. She will suck the hot right out of you.

JLo is a wanna-be everything. She can't sing, dance, act or even pretend she's a real human being.
She is also the total anti-hot woman. It's all contrived with her.

Prince on the other hand...despite his recent foray into repressing his sexual still the hottest man around.

I saw him in concert many years ago and fell deeply in love. Plus
...who would ever watch Purple Rain for the acting???? It's all about that hot, hot music and Prince's gorgeous tiny bod.

Jerry said...

I wouldn't call JLo a wannabe "everything." Listen to Jenny From The Block and you'll know she's got comedy in her blood.

I love Annie Liebovitz' work but I'm still really uncomfortable with her decision to shoot Miley Cyrus shirtless. I mean, it's become obvious recently that Miley and Billy Joe Ray Bob Eugene wanted her to do it but she could have said no.

ea73 said...

I want to preface this by saying that I love Matt Damon...but, he's starting to look like he belongs in the bloated, "aging but not old" category. Maybe it's just the angle of the photo!

Cute Little Redhead said... crack me up!! LOL with the "Billy Joe Ray Bob Eugene"!!!! That's too funny.

I agree, btw. There was no reason for it to be shot that way. I love Annie too and know that if a "responsible parent" had said no
...she would have been glad to change it around.

That's the trouble in that family:
Finding a responsible parent.

Mooshki said...

Jerry, it just occurred to me that maybe Annie did the shoot as a commentary on the sexualization of young women? Okay, maybe I'm reaching, but I don't want to think less of her. :)

ea73, I think Matt is still working on losing the weight he gained for The Informant. Now that he's doing another Bourne flick, I expect he'll soon be back in great shape.

Jungle007 said...

How many people wanna bet that Guy, Jude and RDJ were heading out to either a strip club or a whore house??
RDJ: Let's go chase some tail, boys!!
Jude: Ahh Fuck man... we can just go back to my underground brothel... it's free for me cuz I own the place!!
Guy: Guysss... anysing yous say iz gonna be a-ok wiss me tonight... juss as long as the devil woman isssnt around...

Nick Cannon looks like he wants to be shot... poor kid.

Allegra definately breaks my heart

Dawn said...

Rupaul totally has AIDS, its not really a secret.

Did anyone see him on Project Runway when they had the Tranny Challenge? He was all made up but looked very sick then too.

Very sad. Rupaul is an icon.

Who can't tell the Olsens apart these days? Ashley is the normal, classy one with a head for business.

Mia said...

santino looks like gargamel from the smurfs...

allegra supposedly has been in and out of treatment for years...

matt damon and wyclef just got back from doing charity relief aid together, so its not a very unusual combo. i think damon is srtill losing weight from that stockbroker movie where he got all chubbed out...

Jerry said...

it just occurred to me that maybe Annie did the shoot as a commentary on the sexualization of young women?

I see Mooshki is an admirer of the comedy stylings of JLo..

star_grades said...

I love Kate Miller-Heidke, although I am surprised that Enty knows who she is. Most Australians wouldn't even know her.