Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Have to put this pair on the top. Charlize Theron just seems to get it all together in time for the Academy Awards. She looks incredible and Josh Brolin looks pretty damn good as well.
I have been laughing for the past 30 minutes looking at this photo of Marisa Tomei. Diane Lane looks great but I dare you to not even snicker when you look at Marisa.
Angelina Jolie does not look well here at all. The coat looks like it weighs more than she does.
She might be whacked out on something. I know she is behind sunglasses in the dead of night which should be one giveaway, but it feels as if she has a vacant stare and has no idea what is going on.
It was just going to be this one photo of Blake Lively at Fashion Week, but then
look at the man sitting there next to her. I think that is Morley Safer. Who knew he went to Fashion Week? I bet Blake has no idea who he is.
A Claire Danes smile gets her in the photos.
Long time no see to Dominic Monaghan.
Eva Mendes and the soon to be divorced and now turning into a mess, Kate Beckinsale.
So, if Freida Pinto has a secret husband does that mean I should not extend an invitation to my basement to her or are we just going to assume she isn't really married?
Gavin Rossdale & Sheryl Crow - Los Angeles
And Gavin before he performed with Sheryl.
From the new episode of Gavin & Stacey. This almost made it to the top.
I'm seriously just thinking of putting Halle Berry photos in here everyday.
Not so much for Heather Graham though.
So, after my earlier Project Runway Canada plug, Mexi was kind enough to find a link so all of you can watch it. Seriously, it is worth your time and they are only on the third episode I think so not much catching up to do. Here is the link.
This is from the US version's runway show.
As is this.
Who can forget Kara Janx and Jay McCarroll
Mr. Miley Cyrus.
Mr. Reese Witherspoon.
Kevin Bacon doing some press for his new movie.
I have seen Kate Bosworth looking better.
Katie Holmes on the way to the set of her new movie.
Random photo of the day. Kate Walsh and Balthazar Getty.
What could be better than a Kate Winslet photo?
How about Kate Winslet and Marion Cotillard.
Lisa Ling looks really happy here.
Maria Bello looks gorgeous.
I don't know if it's the light but Mariah doesn't look plastered in makeup for the first time in forever.
This is the first time I have seen a photo of Marla Maples with her daughter Tiffany Trump.
Seriously. What has happened to Alicia Keys? She looks like she lost about 30 pounds.
Probably one of the best baby photos in a long time.
Nadya Suleman's dad on Oprah. The episode is scheduled to air next week.
Rachel Bilson at Fashion Week. Although you can't see her ring finger I assure you there was not one on her finger. Don't you think that if you got engaged you would be wearing your engagement ring? The story is so fake. You would think they would at least go buy a fake one or something.
Scouting For Girls - London
I actually want Steve O to win DWTS, and I vow to watch the show as long as he remains on. Suffering through Denise to show my support for Steve O is something I know I will regret.
The Zooey
And The Zachary. Doesn't really have the same ring to it does it?


nancer said...

is that joni mitchell sitting next to blake lively? surely not. sure looks like her though.

Mooshki said...

Marisa has had that bad hair for the last few weeks. Doesn't she have anyone in her life willing to tell her how awful it is?

Why does everyone have to have that squared-off bangs look? Yes, it can be cute, but it's not exactly unique anymore.

It's fine with me if Halle is in the photos every day, as long as you throw in her baby-daddy with her from time to time!

That second Project Runway dress is great.

So Kevin Bacon is going to have a chance to get back some dough? Good. :)

But have you seen Kate Bosworth looking better any time in the last year or so? Probably not.

Ooh, Maria Bello is stunning. What a great color.

Holy cow, not only does Mariah look cute and natural, but it also looks like Nick is doing the leading!!! Who would've thunk it?

Kristen S. said...

Katie Holmes is filming a movie?!?!?

Rene said...

Wow Nicole's hair is too think to hide the hair extensions.

Marissa no girl no.

linnea said...

oh my gosh, i love that picture of harlow. its amazing.

that said, what is the deal with angie being whacked out on something? are we supposed to be aware of her doing drugs? that ref, was just kind of made in the passing and i didnt quite follow. i know she is considered to be that actress from teds blind, but really, they just seem so damn fake...

graham and beckinsale both look like a mess.

trashtalker said...

Diane is laughing at Marisa, too.

Morley to Blake: "Don't you know who I am!?"

Kate Beckinsale looks like a washed-up mannequin. What is up with that arm? And the bangs are hideous.

Kate Bosworth appears to have been recently dragged out of the ocean with giant barnacles stuck to her dress.

DNfromMN said...

I think we can go with ZQ for Zachary, he's my type but not with that hat on, ew.

I dare someone to find a bad picture of Kate Winslet. Beautiful woman.

I hate myself for finding Justin Gaston attractive.

Heidi's shiny pink suit is an eyesore.

Marissa looks so tiny compared to Diane Lane (who looks so lovely!)

Ms Cool said...

Daniel Craig? Please?!

NYC2008 said...

DOWNLOAD PROJECT RUNWAY CANADA AT YOUR OWN RISK. I received a weird spyware alert, and my computer shut down. I had to go into safe mode to retrieve my work.

Charles said...

On the other side of Morley in that Fashion Week picture is Anna Wintour. I assume he's profiling her for 60 Minutes or something.

He's also probably better dressed than half the models and 2/3 the spectators.

cageykiwi said...

Is Charlize pregnant? Look at the curve of her tummy at the top of her purse. SCOOP!!! (I can't believe noone has mentioned this - first thing I noticed.)

ambernyc said...

Holy shit. What happened to Kate Beckinsale? She looks like Donatella Versace in a brunette wig. Not hot.

I wish I could pull off such a cute outfit a la the Zooey. I would look like a retard whereas she looks perfectly put together and gorgeous.

ms_wonderland said...

Thanks for the Dom pic enty. Grow your hair!

Kate Winslet is giving Marion Cotillard the evil eye - last year's Oscar must grate.

princessj1987 said...

Charlize Theron looks preggers is that pic.

Marisa Tomei. WTF???

Angie's always been on something.

Claire Danes actually looks, dare I say, pretty when she smiles.

Kate Beckinsale. Wow. Just wow.

Freida Pinto is so beautiful.

Halle is just too amazing.

I like that second dress from the Project Runway collection.

Who the hell keeps hiring Katie Holmes??

I wish Kate Walsh would come out the closet already.

Love Kate Winslet.

Alicia. I hope you are not on the stuff.

Baby Harlow always looks so happy.

Majik said...

Slap a top hat on Tomei and I swear she's the Mad Hatter...

Celebs who are likely to be blinded by dozens of paparazzi would probably wear big, dark sunglasses at night...I agree the coat is a mistake, but I think Angelina looks okay.

Is it me or is Claire Danes oddly proportioned? I mean, really oddly....super long neck, broad shoulders, manish arms, wee bust, curvy hips, long torso/short's just weird. She definitely needs a bust job cuz those lemons don't fit her frame at all. Otherwise, she's lovely and a pretty decent actress...don't know much about the personality.

And now to a former co-star in Kate Beckinsdale (Brokedown Palace, great movie btw)....what is going on with her? Why is she such a mess? I thought she was the one that was screwing around on the hubby...?

I have found Halle Berry's imperfection....she has weird fleshy bits under her arms. So there...she's not perfect!!

Heather Graham looks like she needs to pee.

KatE Cruise always looks like she's sucking on something a little sour....

I swear I thought that was Kathy Griffin with a new haircut and not Kate Walsh.

Why, in all the recent pics I've seen, is Alicia Keys LEERING at the camera? She looks good, but I'm getting a serious lesbian vibe.

Harlowe's adorable, but isn't she a little small? She's a year old now, but she looks like she's four months or so....I know her parents aren't giants, but I think she's a "little person".

Go Brood Sow's poppa!

What's in it for Bilson? Why stay in a sham relationship? Is she gay, is she asexual, what? What benefit is there?

The Zooey looks like Eliza Dushku in that pic.

How about The Quinto? Lo Quinto? I like ZQ...hat on, hat off, whatev. He's the most adorable thing I've seen in forever and I'd like to keep him as a pet.

princessj1987 said...

Alicia is sooo a lesbian. I had that feeling when she first became famous.

Mika said...

Yeah, Alicia is just tom boy-ish or Lesbian.

I think Harlow looks just like Nicole Richie. Cute.

Angelina is on whatever Katie Holmes is on. They both have that same look about them.

Momster said...

I thought that looked like Joni Mitchell, too, in the first photo.

It breaks my heart to see Kate Beckinsale looking the way she has lately. Something is really "off" about her.

Maybe Dom Monaghan is the answer to the blind about the the thinning hair? Doubt it, but he's British and it looks awful short there.

Marla Maples and her daughter look like they just came from the beach, wearing wraps over swimsuits. Marla especially looks tacky.

Bosworth looks like she's about to flip someone the bird.

Mika said...

I forgot to add...Josh Brolin is HOT! lol

Momster said...

And I forgot to add that I love Kevin Bacon, heh.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Nancer - I think it's Joni, too.

libby said...

What's better than a Kate Winslet photo? A photo of her accepting her Oscar with the standing ovatiob she deserves.

I'm a big fan.

AnonMom said...

Harlow is just adorable and cherubic. Nicole doesn't look so happy, though.

A female friend of mine was hit on by Alica Keys. Even though Lainey swears up and down she isn't a lesbian, I've heard otherwise from my source and a few others.

jax said...

yes because Lainey knows everything.....not quite.

april d. said...

To me it looks as if Mariah smoked a doobie instead of putting on makeup. She looks better than ever.

James said...

What exactly is supposed to be so awful about Kate Beckinsale's appearance in this photo? Some people really seem to have a stick up their ass about her.

bionic bunny! said...

mmmm. bacon.

yeah, that was bad, i know it.

Andy said...

My God what is happening to Kate Beckinsale... is the divorce hitting her that hard?

J said...

Mariah has the pregnancy glow...look closely

Eva Mendes, why do they even give you air time?

Kate Becks looks like Coraline

Rachel Bilson is so boring, would someone tell her that we don't care enough, she and he are wasting their time

That Harlow is just too cute!
Awwwwww, I bet Lionel spoils her!

Lainey, sorry to break the news to you, Alicia is a lesbian, and she is a stud...When she wears a dress, she is in drag...I think her weight looks great, she's prolly full of the herbs

Marla Maples actually looks good, didn't realize Tiffany was almost grown

Kate Winslet...words can't describe...perfect..I hope she wins!!

Notice the difference of Katie when she takes pics with Tom and when she takes pics alone...Its like she goes back to human form when alone...

So when are the tabloids gonna say something about Kate Bosworth? This is alarming and I don't know what she and Nicole Richie have against washing their hair...

Clare Danes is shaped like a dwarf...

Angie is high as a kite and no, it doesn't look like she knows where she's going or where all those damn children are!!!

Tea Lady said...

Not that celebs haven't been known to lie but Alicia Keys has said in interviews that she is a tomboy, not a lesbian.

James said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James said...

Here are some other pix of Kate Beckinsale at that same event.

What am I missing? Let's see ... she's wearing black ... she has bangs. Sorry but I'm still not seeing what's so horrible.

moxie said...

Nicole's baby is ADORABLE and I am not a fan of kids, so that actually means something. ;)

Maria Bello looks stunning, that IS an amazing dress.

Kate Bosworth's dress is the exact opposite of Bello's dress. Woah. I can't believe someone told her it would look good and she agreed with them.

Himmmm said...

Beckinsale, Beckinsale. Where for art thou Beckinsale?

The horrid struggle behind those bangs, poor Kathryn...indeed so much suffering. Hang tight squirt. A couple o weeks and it'll be okay. Riding the Tram (and the Vitamin Cdine makes it easier ;-)
Lilly still loves you - as do Mike, Lorenzo, Keevie, Emily, Samantha, Mum, and the whole Cat/N/Fiddle Crowd.

Enty: if you read this...a belated THANK YOU. You earned my utmost undying respect in perpetuity throught the world. Glad to know there's more like you in the world than there are Melanie Cook-types with Ovitz-sized axes to grind!

Katie: Remember the Butterfly.
Plastic horses can still throw you and girl heroes never let you go on their own. The disco in Laurel Canyon may have broken down but it will always be there for us -be strong and KNOW that everyone still loves you...8189543888:-0> or come by the old hole in building 76. Love you squirt.

shakey said...

Okay, I see what could be construed as a bump on Charlize. The real tell will be the Oscar dress.

I, too, think Diane Lane is laughing at Marisa. Does Marisa dress like this as a practical joke, just to see what everyone would say? I've never seen Diane smile this widely before.

While Angelina looks like she's shuffling, we have no proof she's really on something. (Maybe she found Brad's stash.)

I don't get the square bangs either. Beckinsale looks like she has her latex dominatrix outfit on.

Love Halle's dress, and the runway dress. Very nice. Jake does look very handsome in that photo.

Kate Bosworth looks like she fell on someone's wedding cake. **Love** Marion Cotillard's dress. Really love it.

Little Harlow Winter is a sweetie.

acd said...

I see the hate-a-thon for Jolie continues.

Which means you are jealous and envious of her life.

Do you really think people can't see through your inane ramblings about her?

James said...

The phone number mentioned in Himmmm's post is that of Legendary Pictures in Building 76 at Warner Bros. Their list of future productions includes Gears of War to be directed by Len Wiseman. Things that make you go "hmmmm".

selenakyle said...

Way late's Sunday and I never got to read CDAN all weekend until now!

I smell reveals in the (sadly) Charlize Theron and (not so sadly) Kate Beckinsale comments.

Am I imagining it?