Friday, March 27, 2009

Kevin Federline And Paris Hilton Should Duet Together

Apparently Kevin Federline has decided the world didn't suffer enough back in 2006 when he released his debut album Playing With Fire. As you probably remember that album was a huge success spawning a sold out tour across the country and critics calling the album one of the finest albums ever. Yeah, right. Instead the album peaked at #151 on the charts and was a bomb in every sense of the word. The only people who came to see his shows were there hoping that Britney Spears was tagging along with him.

Now, though Kevin has decided to release album #2 and it was produced by Bones Thugs-N-Harmony members who must be getting paid based on the number of records sold because they are definitely saying nothing but good things. Kind of. It isn't like they are lying, but they are certainly choosing their words carefully when they talk about the positive aspects of the upcoming album.

Krayzie Bone told HipHopDx, "People gon’ say I’m crazy, man but to my surprise the stuff that he let me hear, it was pretty really deep. He was talking about his life. He was actually telling his side of the story [of the split] in a more mature, adult kind of way, opposed to just being on the record saying 'F**k Britney.'"

The stuff he let me hear? I thought you guys were producing it. I hope you heard more than stuff he let you hear. Notice also that he doesn't say anything about Kevin's rapping ability, just the fact that the words are deep. This is coming from a guy who has released the songs, "Bad Weed Blues," and "Bless da 40 oz."

What Kevin really needs to do to really make his second album complete, is sing a duet with Paris Hilton. I'm thinking something like "I Got You Babe," or "Endless Love." Some novelty song like that would sell way more copies than whatever piece of garbage ultimately gets released masquerading as an album.


Gayla said...

"This is coming from a guy who has released the songs, "Bad Weed Blues," and "Bless da 40 oz.""

Ah, but let us not forget the beautiful melody released by his partner Bizzy Bone (with some guy named The Bailbondsman), "Money In a Ziploc Bag." Now that is what I call a classic.

Nosey Parker said...

He should have done the album with Shar Jackson.

jax said...

for shame! these are Eazy E's nephews...working with Kfed??
ok their music sucked balls but damn, that's like Ice Cube or MC Ren working with the Jonas Bros.

Anonymous said...

bone thugs need the money right now. i don't blame 'em for not speaking against a paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Cant we just shoot both of them. I dont know who annoys me most Paris or K-Fucktard

Lisa said...

I'm a huge BONE FAN!!!! I, as well as all of BONE fans, are saddened by this.

someone said...

Most people on this site are not really into rap at all, from my observations. If Bone Thugs produced it, I would be open-minded to it. Bone Thugs do have a deep side, I really think most criticism directed at rap is weak. I was classically trained in music for 12 years, have played many Mozart concertos for large audiences, and I have read ALL of Shakespeare's plays before I was 18 and I appreciate ALL genres of rap. I think that MOST people are not capable of having the ability due to lack of technical music ability.

There are only a few unoriginal statements people make when criticizing rap music.

I think that potentially, the album may have a chance of sounding at least as good as Dipset, JR Writer, if there was a lot of post-production work.