Monday, March 02, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Paul Harvey - RIP

The random photo of the day goes to Spike Lee and Bill Murray
Kanye West took his new girlfriend Amber Rose shopping this weekend. Umm. Yeah, I could see why.
After three months on vacation, Amy Winehouse looks like she could use a vacation.
It's a Fanning. This time it's Elle Fanning.
Felicity Huffman goes for second base with Eva Longoria.
I'm not sure what the picture of Halle Berry has to do with selling her perfume but I like it.
I hate to contribute to the PR machine that is Jennifer Aniston, but does she look pregnant to you?

And their new movie bombed. Yes, it finished 2nd, but it bombed. Hopefully this is the end of the Jonas Brothers.
Josh Duhamel is available for your gardening needs.
Jodie Foster probably isn't, but she looks nice.
Ummm. I hope Tom Cruise is making a note that they need to stop by the store and get some shampoo for Katie.
I think this is the first time ever for Larry The Cable Guy in the photos. Jeff Foxworthy has been in before.
I'm supposed to think of Lauren Graham as only as a friend but it's hard when she looks this good. Kate Jennings Grant looks good too.
It must be Christmas. It's Madonna and the Baby Jesus and it's snowing.
The Monopoly Guy. I mean Matthew Broderick.
Mariska Hargitay and Craig Bierko.
Marcia's boobs look like they are trying to escape.
I miss that Oliver Platt show on cable.
This is the best I have ever seen the Princess look. In case you were wondering who they guy standing at attention is in the tight suit that is the Russian President.
Did Ashlee Simpson get some work done recently?
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Salma was probably the best looking person at the petting zoo.
Scarlett J and Freida Pinto.


Ror said...

Paul Harvey.....

Good Night!

ElsieFire said...

Uhm, yeah, I have some SERIOUS gardening for Josh...

Hummanuh, hummanuh, hummanuh!

Goodgrief said...

I will take Josh Duhamel for my gardening needs. I don't have a garden but I'm sure we could work something out. I should warn Salma not to go near the goats. A couple of years ago I took my little nephew to a petting zoo and when I stooped down to show him how to pet the goat, the goat grabbed my shirt and pulled it down. Could Matthew be the one visiting a tranny in Miami?

Majik said...

Oh, Josh...I gotta bush you can help me with. Bring your tool.

"It must be Christmas. It's Madonna and the Baby Jesus and it's snowing."

LMFAO. Good one! *wipes tear*

You're right, Enty...the Princess looks absolutely stunning.

Do you remember when ScarJo used to look all innocent and awkward at these things? Give it a few years (or just one with Woody Allen) and Freida will be whoring it out with the rest of them...someone save her before it's too late!!

amazonblue said...

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia - Geez where do you start?
She definitely dressed for the venue.

What has Lauren Graham been doing? Any word on the network show they were creating for her?

I'm afraid for Frieda, a secretly dumped husband and now fraternizing with ScarJo.

Mariska looks a little dumpy, I hope she's all better now.

Is there any hope for Katie?

white lorelei said...

They're doing a ROAST for Larry the Cable Guy?????? Why? His body of work is about 10 years long at the most, and it's all exactly the same.

Yowza. Talk about slim roast pickin's.

gossip said...

Amazon, LG's doing Guys and Dolls at the moment and has an ABC Pilot (comedy) in the works.

jax said...

way to go Marcia, that'll show Jan!

Josh..bring your tool,leave your HO at home.

I saw HJNTITY this weekend, Scarlett annoys the shit outta me in it. Ginnifer Goodwin is lol worthy.

Katie- run girl. or walk quickly,your legs are long,he'll never catch up.

Molly said...

ror, isn't it good day? not that i ever listened to him.

i don't think j.a. is pregnant and what happened to all the eva l. stories saying she was pregnant? she looks slim there and by now she would be showing.


ambernyc said...

Halle Berry is ridiculous. I mean that in a good way- does she ever take a bad picture?

I think my grandmother has that same dress Aniston is wearing. It looks like a mu-mu.

Ditto on the hopeful end of the Jonas Bros. Any chance we can get them to take Miley with them?

Josh Duhamel can tend my garden any day. (That sounds way dirtier than I intended.)

I don't imagine Katie uses shampoo- can't be good for her circuitboards and wiring.

Madonna's dude is really unattractive and has a wonk-eye a la everyone's favorite parasitic heiress.

Ashlee Simpson can tweak her face all she wants, but she'll always be Jessica's uglier, untalented little sister to me. And that bottle of Summer's Eve standing next to her needs to lose the hat and bowtie; he looks even more idiotic than usual.

Salma is another one who constantly looks hot. Valentina is a cutie, as well.

That hair color does nothing for Scarlett. She looks washed out.

Mooshki said...

"Good Night" indeed.

Spike Lee and Bill Murray seem like they'd have a lot to talk about.

Is that a reveal about Felicity H? ;)

Madonna caption - yep, L-ingMAO!

If Matthew & SJP really do break up, he's going to need to do some serious work before he can jump back in the dating pool.

Oliver Platt is so awesome.

Ror said...


Yes, Paul Harvey used to say "Good Day!" at the end of each broadcast.

My "Good Night" was my way of saying goodbye.

Get it? Clever, no?!? LOL

K said...

That Halle pic is so badly mucked around with - photoshop virgin much?

Having said that, even a badly mangled pic and she still looks fabulous.

kimmypie1 said...

Josh can plant his tree in my garden ANY time!!!

I thought the pic of the little(r) Fanning was an old pic of the Dakota for a minute.

nancer said...

matthew broderick looks like a dwarf.

Pookie said...

oh the little Fanning is ADORABLE!

that pic of katie breaks my heart.

shakey said...

Ent is on fire with his comments!

I had no clue Kanye was dating a bald mannequin.

I will say this - that's a nice pic of Eva and Felicity.

Jennifer Aniston looks 40. Not pregnant. There's a certain amount of spread that does happen.

Forget the shampoo - get that girl some FOOD, and foundation. Holy crap, this is a bad, bad photo of her.

That comment about Lauren Graham - is that a hint about the identity of FW?

Oliver Platt looks like my BIL. Nice to see the princess has a new cardboard cutout to stand beside.

warmislandsun said...

Mmmmmm Josh Do-able is looking good in that photo. SJP hubby, on the other hand, looks like someone's lost grandpa with a bad comb-over.

Snautrag said...

Bill Murray's karma is catching up to his face.

Julie said...

hate ScarJo's new look, but love the dress. She looks like shes TRYING to look like Kate Winslet. And although shes pretty, I can't imagine wanting to look like her.
Though, I get a hint of Gillian Anderson circa 1997 there too. Eyebrows need to be heightened.

Salma! Bunnies! too cute. kids dress even cuter! I can't wait til Meghans hair is like that. Maybe I'll trim the back. and maybe i could get it that smooth. that a Pucci dress she has a bunny on? Give me the dress or the bunny. Neither should mix.

I would get work if I could, so kudos to Ashlee lol. work it, don't deny it.

Oliver mean, Huff? I loved that show :(

Marcia needs to gtfo.

Kate...I look like that on a bad or snow day (like today). You have money. therefore, you should look better than me. (I seriously was called Joey because when I have brown hair, I supposedly look like her a bit. i don't see it)

Josh...if I was a fan of foliage, I'd let you plant a seed in my garden.

and i can't leave on that. so um. aww Paul Harvey. RIP

Dave said...

The Russian prez looks like a puppet, sure someone's hand isn't in his back?

twunty mcslore said...

Sadness. Loved listening to Paul Harvey with my mom in the car. An original like Myron Cope and Harry Carey. So iconic.
More sadness. Amy Winehouse, get your ass some help! It's like the minute she left St. Lucia she turned back into a troll on the stroll. What is it? Just drugs or something worse like a mental illness. I HATE watching her squander her talent.
And Salma may have the cutest kid ever. That bunny between her legs looks pretty happy too. Damn! She is the hotness.

kathryn said...

Jesus Christ. The hair is the least of KH's problems. She looks like an exhausted zombie who has just been attacked by vampire.

blankprincess said...

Ashlee's profile looks distinctly Barrymore-esque in that pic...I'd vote for (more) work.

blankprincess said...

kathryn said...
"Jesus Christ. The hair is the least of KH's problems. She looks like an exhausted zombie who has just been attacked by vampire."

Well, you could be right, kathryn--look who her husband is!

Ba-dum-bum. Sometimes I slay me.

Jungle007 said...

I also watched "He's just not that into you" ths weekend, and agree about scarjo. Yeah, yeah, i know it's just a movie. And I can see her appeal to men. She has a great rack, great hair (in the movie)...

But something about her that seems recurrent in every role she plays just makes me think she is a total ditch pig in real life. I can't put my finger on it...

Moving on, the little Fanning is so adorable! So,. I guess the Fanning parents want to make some more moolah....

AMBERNYC; @ "that bottle of summer's eve" I lol'ed. I lol'ed hard.

Monalicious said...

Holy shit............ If you look real, real close at the Madonna pic, you can see the outline of her "chicken cutlett" implant in her cheek. Yucky!!!!

Wil said...

Mmmmm.. Huff. It is wrong that I loved Russell just the way he was? Same could be said for Oliver ..

Babs said...

Paul Harvey - truly a classic. You will be missed.

After they stop by the store for Katie's shampoo, they need to stop by the deli for a sammich. And by the pharmacy for some antidepressants, since it's pretty obvious the girl is 'troubled'. Oh, wait, I forgot - she just needs a little more 'auditing'. Xenu help her.

vitazza said...

off Topic but are those Jimmy Choo shoes that Amber Rose is wearing??
Any Help Emma??

bionic bunny! said...

exactly what is WRONG with the bun on salma's lap??
lol-- i guarantee at a petting zoo, that happy li'l bun is neutered and will not wet on her designer dress.

City Councilman Doug said...

Katie looks like she could be on the "Faces of Meth" website. Holy crap.

SJP gets better as she ages, yet Matthew Broderick looks like the creepy Algebra teacher who couldn't make it past 10 without swigging from the flask. I think she's attractive.

Of course, all opposed can say neigh.

Jungle007 said...

I agree with you about SJP, althogh I know many on here won't agree. She seems to be pretty well hated by most CDAN readers.

Leah said...

Love Lauren Graham- she looks fantastic!
She gets better with age (but ends up looking younger)

Scarlett looks SO homely next to Frida.

SpiderZ said...

sexy wohoo
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