Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Like something else is more deserving to be on top than a pink dolphin.
Although, the reunion of Spinal Tap and the announcement of their tour is a very close second to the dolphin.
Aaron Eckhart looking good as usual. I really like the suit.
Angelina Jolie on the set of her new movie.

Long time, no see from Ali Larter. I miss seeing her in the photos.
Brandon Routh looks like he has about six sweaters on. He kind of has that kid in 30 layers of clothes to play outside in the snow look.
The one and only Candice Bergen.
I would say the one and only Chace Crawford, but lets face it there a dozen guys who look just like him, including his twin Zac Efron.
However, there is only one Carla Gugino.
And only one Charlize Theron, especially in gold lame. I actually thought they only sold that stuff on HSN and QVC. I guess I was wrong.
I don't think I have told you how much Emily Blunt makes me laugh. To me, she was the best part of Devil Wears Prada. OK, Stanley Tucci was pretty good as well.
I am ready for some more Entourage and Emmaunelle Chriqui.
A first time appearance at least in the photos for Goran Visnjic and Ivana Vrdoljak.
There are just so many ways I could go here and all of them are bad. The only thing which could possibly make this better is if Cash were in the photo also holding melons.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Billy Crudup.
Even Jesse Metcalfe looks decent here.
So, for once I am going to be on Miley's side. Apparently she has been getting a lot of crap for this photo and for revealing too much. First of all she is jogging in a t-shirt and a bikini. If she was standing there no one would say anything. It is only because as she jogs, the t-shirt moves (the horror) and thus you can see some cleavage. How is she supposed to dress while exercising and how come no one cares that Justin is wearing a pair of shorts and nothing else?
Apparently lame' is the new velvet. Here is Maggie Grace wearing some.
Missy Peregrym obviously didn't get the lame' memo, or she did, but Ben Roethlisberger liked this outfit better.
Michelle Williams, Matilda and what looks to be Pinkberry. I'm hoping that bag has enough for everyone. You don't go to Pinkberry and not share.
And Pink doesn't look like she is sharing her beer with anyone. I wonder how that would taste. Pinkberry and beer. Hmm. Something to do after work.
Patrick Wilson was so popular last week that I brought him back again.
The lovely Reese Witherspoon.
Sarah Ferguson and the P's, Beatrice and Eugenie. Beatrice seems to be going for the whole Isla Fisher look.
Lorenzo and Shayne Lamas.
U2 helping to clear the streets of New York. Apparently this street does have a name.
Zac Efron looks stoned out of his mind. He was there to see The Watchmen though so, it probably was called for. Plus, he does have to put up with Vanessa so you know he likes to maintain a constant buzz.


MontanaMarriott said...

Is that a real pink dolphin?

Mooshki said...

What, you couldn't find any sparkling unicorns? ;)

Ali looks stunning.

I still think Brandon Routh has the perfect look for Superman. Too bad the film was such a mess and killed the potential franchise. :(

Carla's dress = ♥♥♥♥

Hate the dress, but damn, check out Charlize's legs!

Emily Blunt was the best part of Devil Wears Prada to everyone!

I can't remember if Goran is the cheater, or his character, or both, lol.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan! SO cute! Hope his Watchmen role doesn't make me hate him. (4 more hours!!!!!)

Jesse Metcalfe? Enty, did you get laid last night? You are in almost too good a mood!

Maggie Grace was surprisingly good in "Taken."

"Apparently this street does have a name."

Grooooooan. LOL!

jenna said...

'the lovely reese witherspoon'?

Mooshki said...

Montana, yep, it is. It's a kind of albino. Here's a link to the story.

nancer said...

goran and ivana make the weirdest couple ever. his head is 3 times as big as hers.

Mooshki said...

(Louisiana's tourist industry probably just quintupled overnight.)

Quintessential Southerner said...

yep, justin doesn't have any underwear on. "they" totally missed that...

Anotheramy said...

Just an FYI, Miley Cyrus flack not because cleavage is showing, its because the cleavage is bought and paid for saline baggies, and that shes jogging in a low cut shirt and bikini top. I'm betting theres a sports bra in her drawer somewhere but, that wouldnt get your new boobies on the goppip sites now would it, and it just might hurt a little.

Sporky said...

They cropped out the part of the picture where Clay Aiken is in a speedboat, trying to nab the dolphin.

Thank you Enty for the Spinal Tap guys, Brandon Routh, and Patrick Wilson. They all make my day (in different ways of course).

Ms. said...

If anyone here is lucky enough to see Spinal Tap, pay close attention to the opening act. It may be the S.T. guys in another disguise. They've been known to do this quite often.

Sylvia said...

There is also a video on YouTube on the pink dophin. She is so cute next to her mommy :).


I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Isn't Billy Crudup the guy that dump his finance or wife to be with Claire Dane's than she dumps him for her latest boyfriend?

Didn't recognize Jess M.

I think that picture of Miley and the boyfriend is more of having a picture taken of them than being into exercising.

Zac looks very gay and high and Vanessa always has that stupid face pose.

Thisisridiculous said...

What a sight that cute Pink dolphin :)

What's so horrible abut Vanessa H.? I've never heard anything specific.

You can't say Pink Berry without a smile on yer mug ;) yum!

There's nothing I like about fat face Cyrus. So what if she's getting some flak.

Pookie said...

emily blunt looks fantastic!

the teen princesses scare me. one of them has eyes particularly close together...the word "inbreeding" comes to mind every time i see a pic of her. i swear i don't mean that in a snarky way.

am i imagining things or is justin gaston's...uh...package...clearly outlined in his shorts?

lutefisk said...

anotheramy, where did you hear Miley
has implants? I never heard that before, but then again, I didn't know that there were palm trees in London, either.

faithy said...

What could Miley wear?
1. Athletic crewneck t-shirt
2. Athletic tank top
3. A sports bra
4. Athletic shorts (I mean jean shorts, really?)

That is what a non photo-op/celebrity normal person would wear working out. Sorry - this has been bothering me since these pics were published!

Miranda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miranda said...

I'm stupid excited for Spinal Tap ... and they're kicking off their tour in my town!

Spinal Tap returns! (without the wigs)

Cranberry Girl said...

Did anyone else think the pic of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Billy Crudup was kind of freaky considering Crudup left Mary Louise Parker when she was 7 months pregnant and then Morgan was engaged to her? I wouldn't think they would voluntarily hug for the cameras.

Majik said...

I hope they do a new ST mocku...

I really hope that's just a bad pic of Candice B...she looks like she's starting to stoop a little.





Goran...is now my answer to all B-list tv "foreign born actor" blinds.

Who goes jogging in cut-offs? And Who goes jogging in the sunny south without a bottle of water?

Matilda looks so much like Heath.

You don't notice it in this pic, but Larry Mullins has a butt hanging out of his mouth....love them.

DNfromMN said...

So what blind item is the Goran Visnjic comment revealing?

Lorenzo Lamas - oh how you've fallen, or your face has. Used to be so hot.

Speaking of Stanley Tucci, any photos Ent? He turns my crank.

There might be a dozen Chace Crawford clones, but they're all pretty.

MontanaMarriott said...

Thanks Mooshki!

hotchacha said...

Doesn't Zac know we've already made our quota on Jordan Catalanos?

Snautrag said...

Why haven't I had Jeffrey Dean Morgan on my radar? He's nummy!!Step away girls. Step away.

shakey said...

Brandon Routh has always reminded me of Anne Hathaway.

Love Candice's coat.

I thought that was Ginnifer Goodwin with the melons, not Alba. Man, H'wood girls are starting to look alike to me.

Jesse looks greasy to me.

I give kudos to Michelle Williams. I think the only pictures I have ever seen of Matilda, since she was a baby, have been pictures of her coming home from shopping. I'd like to believe paps aren't alerted. They just wait.

Patrick Wilson looks like he's wearing the same suit from last time.

I think the Princesses are pretty - and freezing.

jax said...

"They cropped out the part of the picture where Clay Aiken is in a speedboat, trying to nab the dolphin."

that killed me. lol.

Enty, lame is just really LAME with a fancy accent.

uh..Miley needs a sports bra,stat! bikinis aren't for jogging, they are for swimming and tanning. same with homeboys 1970s Bruce Jenner shorts.

Ms. said...

Good catch! Where are our master sleuths for the blind?

Lana said...

You know what's been buggin' me about the Miley photo?

Why in the hell are they running in the middle of the street with cars behind them? Does this make sense? Or is this how they "jog" in L.A.?

Lana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jungle007 said...

That pink dolphin made me smile. Too amazing for words.

OK so I guess that after reading the comments I CAN see why the flack for Miley, but

1)I don't see the implants... must be teenie weenies, and

2)I can remember being 16, and i'll be damned if I had pre-planned workouts. I did whatever the hell I wanted WHENever I wanted, and going for a jog without a sports bra wouldn't have left me dying of shame.

I don't like Miley, but I'm not gonna be a hypocrite and freak about something that I honestly wouldn't even have noticed if there wasn't any fuss about it and it wasn't pointed out to me.

That said, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is cuuuuuuuuute.

And I never really noticed the chace/zac resemblance before. I see it now...

Jungle007 said...

And Carla's dress is gorgeous!

Julia said...

I used to jog every day in high school and I wouldn't be caught dead running without a sports bra because I knew I'd look like an idiot.

Also, "jogging" in jean shorts is like skiing in jeans. Come on now.

Julia said...

Actually I take that back...the Cyrus family probably would ski in jeans.

jax said...

Julia, you know i think i've seen a pic of Billy Ray doing that exact thing.

Local Tourist said...

I work for a dolphin tour company and when I saw that it was in Louisiana, I looked to the sky and said "Why God Why!!!" My pay would have tripled!

When I saw that pic of Jeffery Dean Morgan and Bill Crudup, I thought "That's all Enty has to say about this?"
Come on, Billy left Mary Louise Parker when she was 8 months pregnant for Claire Danes!

Molly said...

the fact that she doesn't wear a sports bra tells me she's not really into running. or exercising. even twelve year olds know better.

deity2 said...

What the hell is Angelina filming?...... "Hannah Montana...the sequel"

Jungle007 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jungle007 said...

Ok since everyone else is obviously anal with their workout regimens, may I add:

At age 16, I, like Miley, was a MAJOR POT HEAD.

Nature Girl said...

Another Miley observation.

Her shoes.

Those are not shoes a person who actually runs would wear. Those soles will give her major blisters!

Where are her trainers?

Oh yeah...they don't look as cute for arranged photo opps with your "hot" boyfriend.

Majik said...

deity2--"Hannah Montana 2--She Growed Up Real Purty Like"

Jungle--no way a pot smoker jogs. Too much work. It's a workout just for them (me) to get the chips from the kitchen.

Jungle007 said...

Well, I'd go for impromptu "jogs" to my dealer's house, or to the store for a bag of pull'n'peel. But hey, I was a 16-year old pot head. I still had energy and lung-strength.

Cheysu said...

If people don't lay of Miley soon, there's going to be that "public backlash against the backlash" thing and she'll be more popular than ever. Just let it fade away, people.

And Jeffrey Dean Morgan just gets prettier every year. More pictures of him, please!

Lisa said...

Thanks for Goran :-)

Miss X said...

*snickering* at the Chace Crawford comment. So true!!

Diana said...

Jeez, leave Miley alone. She's a kid - and a successful one for now at least - when I was 15 I was very proud to have my first job making all of minimum wage.

I remember, at her age wearing shorts way too short, doing gymnastics in them (oh my - quel horror), I was worried about looking cute (NOT for paps of course. She IS old for her age because of her responsibilities but she is still a kid and a cute one at that. When Paris Hilton was her age she was jumping in and out of cars without her undies on and hoping someone would look.

mngddess said...

Snautrag - get in the Jeffrey Dean line. It's about 10 miles long now...

And Cranberry Girl - I didn't think of that! Those are her two exes!

bookjacket said...

Wow. Beatrice and Eugenie are surprisingly cute, give the soul-chilling homeliness of their Windsor forebearers. And even with the Spencer genes, Wills would be an eyesore as a girl.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I watched "The Devil Wears Prada" just the other night, and Emily Blunt really IS very funny in it. "What do you have to do that;s more important? Do you have some hideous skirt convention you have to go to?"

I also noticed for the first time that Charlotte from Lost is in it. Huh.

Val said...

Mmmmmm. More Jeffrey Dean Morgan please.

canadachick said...

back off ladies...Jeffrey Dean Morgan is MINE......all mine LOL- and if you haven't seen Ps I Love YOu...VERY nice bum shot !! I highly recommend it..oh Gerard Butler's in it too

Tania said...

Ladies, back off - I noticed JDM when he guested in 'Angel', lo these many years ago! He had a bad haircut and was a tad chunky, but those eyes, that smile.... yum. I could see the potential.
And yes, he does just keep getting better. When he was on 'Supernatural', the screen about exploded from the combined hotness of Daddy Winchester and his two strapping sons. As Denny, he was the sexiest dying man I ever saw. He looks incredible in his leather Comedian outfit from 'Watchmen'.

As for that bum shot from 'PS I Love You'....
I'll be in my bunk.... *heh*

Jerry said...

Enty, it's time for another contest from you. First prize, Carla Gugino. And this is clear warning to everyone else: if you get in my way, you're gonna get hurt.

And Enty, a little keyboard trick for future reference. If you hold down the alt key and press 0233, you'll be able to correctly spell lamé.

Jungle007 said...

CanadaChick- Thanks for reminding me where I've seen JDM!! His hunky role in 'P.S I Love You' made me hot!!! Rawr....
I didn't even make the connection when I saw this pic.

I'm actually surprised so many find the princesses to be so cute...

Mooshki said...

I just thought about it, and I have NEVER picked up two melons at the same time when shopping. Have any of you? I call photo-op shenanigans.

I don't know if Miley really does have implants, but it sure looks like it in that pic. Her boobs have that too-circular look of implants. And now I have to wash off my brain for having looked way too closely at an underage girl's breasts.

Beensie said...

Love Goran! I have a stolen dessert spoon somewhere with his DNA on it...Thanks Enty...

Lynne said...

Enty wrote:
Missy Peregrym obviously didn't get the lame' memo, or she did, but Ben Roethlisberger liked this outfit better.

This sentence reminded me immediately of a scene in "Sleeping with the Enemy" where he make her change her outfit. Shudders. Could this be a blind hint about a beater?

__-__=__ said...

Good Lord Pink! Put the beer down. Put the beer down and back away slowly. You're too old for beer. Just put it down. For all that is holy, for your man Carey, please just put the beer down. It's not pretty. Ever.

Mooshki said...

Jerry, I saw Watchmen last night, and her character does not get treated well, but holy hell was her voice sexy!

ElsieFire said...

_-_=_ - Too old for beer? What kinda crack you smokin' Mamacita?? If anyone attempted to take away me Guiness, there'd be bloodshed I tell ya, bloodshed!

Miley - put on a sportsbra, proper shorts, proper shoes, and run the fark out of my visual, stat. I don't care if you're 16, you annoy the shit outta me.

bionic bunny! said...

pink dolphin is so neat! i hope the damn tourists don't harass it to death!
plus it sounds like a great name for an upscale gay bar...