Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Random Photos Part One

The cast of The L Word at their series wrap party.
I think Artie Lange might have lost a pound or two.
Britney Spears - New Orleans
Christina Aguilera and Max.
It's always a joy to see who is willing to be Dennis Rodman's guest to a party. She looks scared out of her mind.
It has been a long time since I have seen Daniel Vosovic.
It's a Spice Girl, but I almost didn't recognize Emma Bunton.
Felicity Huffman posing with a fan. Judging from the viewfinder, the guy got a pretty good shot.
Guy Ritchie and his key chain collection.
Some hottest bartender contest in Sydney.
Kathy Griffin and T.I. filming an episode for her show.
The always smiling Rupert Friend and Keira Knightley.
Matt Damon doing some good work in South Africa.
The looks like oral sex photo of the day goes to French news anchor Melissa Theuriau. Apparently these photos are quite the scandal in France.
My favorite socialite. Muffy Potter is back. She had her daughters with her at this event but I was too scared to see what names she had given them.
Michael Stipe and photographer Jeremy Kost at Jeremy's exhibit.
Apparently Michelle Trachtenberg didn't want to talk to the people at VH1.
Mark Vanderloo is our random model of the day.
"Jai Ho."
Pussycat Dolls - New Orleans
Steve Martin on the set of his new movie.
The Edge has quite the police detail assigned to him in New York.
Vince Neil actually looks really good here.


califblondy said...

Vince looks good? Ent, babydoll, you've got to start wearing your glasses again. Back in the 80's we used to use those pink sponge curlers to curl just the ends of our hair. Looking at that picture all I can think of is Vince with little pink rollers in his hair.

Daniel V., what a sweetie. I love him.

Hey, how did Guy get my keys??

Is Dennis Rodman the Ed Hardy spokesperson. He was wearing EH on The Apprentice too and it had to have been filmed at least a few months ago.

Eleanor said...

hee hee hee michael stipe looks like a garden gnome!!

Cheryl said...

Damn, I must be old if Michael Stipe looks like a grandpa. I was 18 when REM played my college before they were famous.

Jenn said...

Eleanor I was going to say the same thing! Maybe he was auditioning for a Travelocity commercial??

Vince looks very.......short.

The Edge ALWAYS looks good to me, even if it is a small little pic of him ;) Thanks, Enty, for posting him today!

Pookie said...

omg, that poor girl w/ rodman! someone rescue her.

oh how funny, the muffy socialite has hood-rat eyebrows!

eep, weird angle on that vince neil pic. his head looks not only huge, but photoshopped, and as if they forgot his neck. teehee! said...

I was thinking Michael Stipe looks like a (literal) gold digger from the Klondike.

Sporky said...

I agree Pookie. Kind of like the Rachel Ray pic from it was cut out and pasted on another body.

I hate to say this, but every day I expect my fiance (huge Howard Stern fan) to call me at work and tell me Artie OD'd.

LOL @ the Michael Stipe comments!

Also, since when is it scandalous to be photographed blowing someone in FRANCE?? Or was Enty being sarcastic?

shakey said...

If that's oral sex, then he must be on the long side.

Ha! Michael Stipe comments are right on the money. Steve Martin does not look happy there.

pomme said...

i love the Edge! and i didn't know Melissa Theriau/Jamel Debouze Photo!

Myrlin said...

Wow, the cast of "The L Word" looks just about as happy to be at the wrap party as they've looked on the show all season.

Sylvia said...

Thalia the wanabe virgin in Mexican Novelas. Lousy actress.

Mooshki said...

What's up with the bartender pic? Is it meant to help us with our FFF withdrawal? ;) That's Mary Murphy, right? She looks great!

I don't get the T.I. drooling, sorry. Too skinny! lol.

When did Michael Stipe become a leprechaun?

Wow, is that ever a bitchy expression on Michelle T.'s face.

Steve Martin looks cold.

Re: Vince Neil, I've said it before and I'll say it again, you've got crappy taste in men, Enty. ;)

kathryn said...

Note to Christina Aguilera - your face is 1) a hideous color of halloween orange 2) not even close to the same color as any other part of your body 3) scaring your child. Back away from the make-up. DON'T MAKE ME SAY THIS AGAIN.

nicole said...

Christina's makeup is absolutely horrible (still). Notice she is not wearing her ring...?

Ayesha said...

Aguilera's kid is ugly.

Whoever said that shit about Muffy's eyebrows is DEAD ON. I went back to look and had a good chuckle.

Steve Martin seems like he'd be an anal grump in real life. Not pleasant at all.

Lauren said...

I think it is safe to say that Max will never be on the cute celebrity baby lists. Poor kid.

Majik said...

Eleanor....I was thinking more of the roaming Travelocity gnome, but Michael Stipe is DEFINITELY gnomish.

So...I guess that means Jeremy's just chillin' with his gnomie.

DNfromMN said...

Enty I know you wanted to make our lives better with a male model, but Vanderloo isn't hot anymore.

Matt Damon looks a lot like Heath Ledger in that picture.

Daniel V looks thinner than ever.

Poor Max Aguilera Bratman, looks like daddy.

JJ said...

I agree with Enty about Vince. During his Surreal World days he was a total mess. Fat, fat and fat. He looks really good here but he does need to do something about his hair.

I love Steve Martin, even if he is cold and crabby

Stipe is Yukon Cornelius.

How many celebrity rags have already written out Artie's obit?

Jungle007 said...

Christanka actually looks better without that busted-up red lipstick she always wears, but her face is so damn orange.

LOL to the france oral pic. But that's so not what's happening. Looks more like she's blowing raspberries on his stomach.

Brit's body actually looks pretty hot in that pic. Poor, poor train wreck. I'd keep her on suicide watch when this tour bombs.

Julie said...

LOL Muffie...oh Muffie.

Shes a great person, actually has a personality, wants to do good things. Is honest (as much as a socialite can be) and has a plastic surgeon husband. (Whom, when I go for my surgeries, I may call on his services)
I just wish he could do something about her hair line. Take some advice from Tyra or Beyonce...or even John Travolta. Lacefronts.

Oh, and her daughters names aren't SO bad. Ashleigh and Bracie.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I'm a huge Motley Crue fan (well, up until Dr. Feelgood), but Vince Neil looks like John Lovitz in a wig these days.

carlasee said...

I think the Rupert Friend/Keira Knightley photo could be an answer to Monday's blind about the B-list actress who says she and her boyfriend are just "friends," while he still thinks they are a couple. He's smiling; she's not.

Wil said...

Is Vince Neil's head just freaky big/long .. or is his body just tiny? He does look good in the face .. no signs of the ravages of age or radical plastic .. but the hair must go. And SERIOUSLY .. what is up with the disproportionate size of his head on that body!?!

stiffkittens said...

Majik - LOL! I love it!

stiffkittens said...

Vince Neil looks like a squished Eddie Izzard in a cheap wig.

B626 said...

All Steve Martin needs is glasses and a camera for his Andy Warhol moment.

warmislandsun said...

Steve Martin just looks miserably cold. Edge may need a Police escort - did you hear his Letterman Top Ten last night? Very funny - made fun of Sting.

canadachick said...

i can't even imagine how Britney gets those pants off after parading around under those hot lights.....they'd be superglued to the poor girl