Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Like Rashida Jones and her mom Peggy Lipton together wouldn't get the top spot.
I must be in a good mood because Anne Hathaway actually looks good here.
Jennifer Aniston's fantasy.
I feel like whenever I post a photo of Andy Samberg I should link to a SNL song, but I'm too lazy today.
Blythe Danner looks great. She looks incredibly young.
Unlike Madonna who looks worn out.
Hugh Dancy is back on the red carpet after missing the opera, but the big story is that Clair Danes is at #4 and counting for consecutive photos with a smile.
Christopher Mintz-Plasse and his twig legs.
Congratulations to Christina Ricci on her engagement. I would congratulate her affianced also, but I think he is going to throw out his back from having to bend over to kiss her.
Whenever I type in the name Elizabeth Banks, I immediately start singing that damn song from Mary Poppins with the Banks name in it. I know. I know, I'm lame.
It has been a long time since I had Gayle King in the photos. She said on the red carpet that one of Oprah's puppies died.
Tanya Haden lost her baby weight. Jack Black hasn't.
Jewel and Ty Murray.
Jon Favreau and his lovely wife Joya.
James Franco on the set of his new movie.
From L to R we have Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt, Amanda Anka and Jason Bateman.
Jason Segel always looks like he just got his plugs wet.
And in a Harlem community kitchen, Katie Lee Joel learned how to juggle.
Katharine McPhee on the set of her new movie. I know, I know, but apparently it is a real movie and she is really getting paid for acting. I smell Oscar.
The lovely Martha Stewart.
"So, I wonder if Mary Ann is cooking tonight or the Professor."
I got as wide of an angle as I could, but apparently PETA has two naked pregnant women in cages in front of Jamie Oliver's restaurant to protest the killing of pigs for Mother's Day.
Not on her hands and knees or pregnant and in a cage is Padma Lakshimi.
One of your favorites, Paul Rudd.
"Would you like to be #4 today?"
"Would you like to be #5 today?"
"Forget the lipstick, would you like to be #6 today?"
"Don't be upset, you can be #7 today."
This is a photo of doctors reconstructing the snout of a crocodile who was run over by a car in Florida. The operation was a success. They had to do it because the croc had not eaten in 3 months.
Geddy Lee and Neal Pert of Rush.
Apparently Sarah Silverman didn't return all of Jimmy Kimmel's jeans when they broke up.
At least Taylor Momsen pretends to eat.


selenakyle said...

Good lord, Blythe's skin looks better than Gwynnie's!

Madonna had been swilling the red wine by the looks of her lips.

I think Sarah Silverman is beautiful. Just wish she'd wear something other than boy's apparel or shapeless black.

Kat said...

"So, I wonder if Mary Ann is cooking tonight or the Professor."


HeyThere said...

And to think John Krasinski went from Rashida to Emily Blunt....dude must be kicking himself right now. Damn, she's fine.

Mooshki said...

I can't wait for "Parks and Recreation!" Every time I see an ad for it I get excited all over again. And thanks for including mom - Peggy was in two of my favorite shows of all time, "Popular" and "Twin Peaks."

Blythe Danner is drop-dead gorgeous. I like her even more than Helen Mirren in the sexy older lady arena.

If Madonna would freakin' act her age, she could be beautiful too. Stop chasing your youth!

Christopher M-P is a cutie-pie. He's so fun in his roles.

Jon Hamm and Jason Bateman, now that's a combo!

Padma's gorgeous, but she is so flat and boring on Top Chef.

Paul Rudd makes me happy.

Enty, you're pulling a "Verne Troyer" on us with all these Russell Brand photos. Don't think we don't see that sadistic streak in you! ;)

Doesn't Florida have alligators, not crocodiles? Sorry to be picky, but I kind of like 'gators, but 'crocs scare the shit out of me.

lutefisk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lutefisk said...

Peggy Lipton is still gorgeous.
And I LOVE the Thurston Howell/Lovey

Pookie said...

eep. too much gwyneth, too much russell. further, you're calling martha stewart "lovely". enty, i thought you loved us.

mooshki, FL has both gators and crocs. every. freaking. where.

Lucky777 said...

For the Andy Samberg post, my favorite digital short:

palealebrew10 said...

yeah I'm pretty tired of seeing Gwynnie and Madonna all the time. And upon seeing all those photos of Russell, I got up and threw our the yogurt I had barely touched. ugggh

Cirse said...

Love the random Rush photo.

AnnMarie said...

I really thought Mrs. Joel was his daughter, until I remembered the daughter's name is Alexa (or something like that).

And Claire Dane's smiles only look genuine when Hugh's around.

Hee hee...I enjoyed seeing Russell. Always do.

figgy said...

Something about the marriage of Katie Lee and Billy Joel just seems oddly perverted to me.

Mr.Yardeeds said...

God, it annoys the hell out of me Rush isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Great random pic.

Caroline said...

Love Rashida Jones, Peggy Lipton, and Jason Bateman!

Jungle007 said...

ahhhh those pics of Russell Brand are too hilariously revealing of what his m.o is. What a slut.

So who thinks that croc got priority over a human in need of an operation? Guess he has great insurance. Hopefully he didn't take a chomp out of any of those docs arms post-op.

Some of PETA's stunts I don't get. This is one of them.

califblondy said...

Oh wow, when I first saw Madonna, I thought it was Heather Mills!

Share said...

Jungle, the operation took place at a zoo - so no humans were prioritized over.

PETA needs to get a life already. What a bunch of self serving douche bags.

Andy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jenna (original) said...

This is why I hate PETA. Jamie Oliver is one of the few celebrity chefs who actually speaks out about animal cruelty, he's made a whole TV series about the importance of farm animal welfare. So why PETA are targeting him is unclear to me.

Sporky said...

The cheek implants really make Madonna look creepy. I'll never understand why she did that to herself.

Andy said...

25 years of Rush fandom and I have never in my life seen Neil dressed up like that.

BTW, anyone else think he looks like Tom Hanks? Someone said it on another board, and that pic is the first time I've finally come around to the idea.

DNfromMN said...

The Hamm and Bateman couples would make for one beautiful orgy.

James Franco looks really cute in those glasses.

Enty, I'm upset with you for posting the Kat McPhee picture and ignoring the shirtless Dave Annable from that set! I'm withholding my Sunshine Cleaning review just for that!

I know that England is a bit more liberal in their view of nudity, but naked people on the street don't get arrested there?

just kidding about the review, I have a test tomorrow. I'll try and put it together tomorrow night. :)

Sporky said...

Andy - You're right, he DOES look like Tom Hanks! I completely missed that picture....Geddy looks the same just grayer. My fiance says Rush is too nerdy to be in the Hall of Fame, but I disagree. Well okay, they are a little nerdy but they still rock. A little. :)

jax said...

fuck Rush, they are a wetspot on Canadian music.
sorry, cannot stand them or their music.

Rashida Jones is the hotness.
that is all.

Sporky said...

LMAO @ jax

I have to admit, every time I hear "Tom Sawyer" all I can think of is the Family Guy episode with the cokehead Chester Cheetah.

Jungle007 said...

@ Share- yea, I kinda figured somebody would tell me that. :) Ent just said "doctors", so I took that as an opportunity to be a smart-ass.

It's pretty cool to be honest...

bionic bunny! said...

pookie, no offense, but i'm pretty sure crocs are not indigenous to florida.
unless you're talking the pretentious shoe type!

NYC2008 said...

Jennifer Aniston's Fantasy! LOL!!!

Love Like Winter said...

E. Banks is totally my girl crush. I laughed so hard I almost died in Zack and Miri.

Unless it's an illicit substance, Taylor Momson doesn't ingest it. EVERYone knows that :)

Katharine said...

Poor croc! Unfortunately for it, it lives in Florida, so as soon as it eats some dumb Snowbird's dog, it'll be captured and killed. It doesn't matter that the croc was here first.

*deep breath*

Enty, thanks for pictures of Paul Rudd, James Franco, and Jason Segel!

RagDoll said...

Katharine--YES!!! I mean, how hard is it to walk the dog on a leash, or keep an eye on the dog when he's running around outside (esp. near a CANAL in SWAMPLAND??) sheesh!

I think Jewel is the answer to the blind item about the singer who is on her SECOND breast implant surgery, and who is the last person we'd think of when we thing of breast augmentation surgery.

Mooshki said...

So, I was wrong about the crocs, but it sounds like the ones there are more like alligators than the evil crocs I was thinking of. :)

"National Parks: The American crocodile can be found in Biscayne National Park, FL, and Everglades National Park, FL.

"Decidedly less aggressive than the infamous Nile and Australian crocodiles, American crocodiles are rarely seen by people. They eat a variety of crabs, fish, waterfowl, and small mammals."

Mooshki said...

Oh, and they're an endangered species, so it makes sense that they'd try to save it.

B626 said...

Madonna looks 50. She is.
All we are doing is commenting on plastic surgery results.
So I would have to say Madonna needs to 'up her efforts' so she can look as good as Blythe danner.

jw12 said...

No offense, but crocs have been known to kill toddlers too.

Jasmine said...

Yeah peta!
you know pigs have an intelligence of children aged around 5 yrs old...
that said, while i get the shock tactics they use this pregger on the knees naked shit is weird
and anyone who can walk past that and eat ANYTHING is beyond me.

Jasmine said...

p.s. to whoever said something about the prioritization of them putting the croc first f-off.
it couldnnt eat for 3 fucking months- putting people first is one thing but common, suffering is suffering no matter what it is.
Lets have a little reverence for all things shall we?
-your obviously a fois gras/ veal eater, i can tell.

muccimooch333 said...

Alligator...not crocodile.

muccimooch333 said...

Alligator...not crocodile.

Mooshki said...

Jw12, I wasn't saying that I'd want one in my backyard, that's for sure! :) But if they're in a park preserve or a zoo, good for them. I mean, those things are basically dinosaurs! Pretty cool, yet scary...