Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Photos Part One

I know I already did a post on the death of Natasha Richardson last night, but it just seemed wrong to not include her in the photos, so she leads us off today. RIP.
Apparently Alicia Keys would like the photographer to call her, or perhaps they are playing rock, paper, scissors.
There will be lost of photos from The Office today as there was an evening with The Office held last night. Angela Kinsey starts it off.
Followed by BJ Novak. I don't think he gets enough credit for his performance in Season 4. His transformation throughout the season was really, really good.
Cuba Gooding Jr., just doesn't look all that great. Maybe he was sick or something.
Charles Manson as of yesterday. Still looks scary as hell doesn't he?
Not as scary as the string or wire that Channing Tatum seems to be using as some kind of jock strap.
Emma Watson and her brother Alex.
Now that Fred Durst is a director, he seems to have matured a lot. Notice I said seems.
Honestly. I have no clue what Jessica Alba was thinking. I don't really know fashion, but it seems to me that Jessica is on a one woman crusade to bring back the 80's. Go back and look at her photos over the past six months, and then go watch Fast Times At Ridgemont High.
I can't pronounce the name of her new book, but since it is Joy Behar we are talking about here, I'm sure it is really funny.
The always lovely Jenna Fischer.
Apparently lots of people have the same photo of John Krasinski they want signed.
John C. Reilly on the set of his new movie.
I've decided that if I ran into Kate Bosworth on the street I wouldn't recognize her. She just looks too much like everyone else.
Kate Miller-Heidke - Perth
I think the three people behind Lisa are in charge of her career.
Which is why she has to resort to this to find work.
Not having any trouble finding work is Michael Sheen who is standing next to Lorraine Stewart.
Probably my favorite character on The Office except for Rashida who is rarely on anymore. I love Mindy Kaling.
It's really dark outside, and they look awful hanging off her dress, but I guess Michelle Rodriguez just couldn't leave her sunglasses home.
Nicole looks really cute here. I don't think I have ever referred to her as cute. Do guys say cute? Oh, yeah we do. We say someone is cute when we want to be nice, but don't really want to date your 2nd cousin with the lazy eye.
I don't know if Oscar Nunez has been in the photos before.
Yes, after a long absence, Ryan Gosling returns to the photos.
And it has been so long, I gave him to you twice.
Rainn Wilson. What else can you say?
I guess you could say, I hope he doesn't end up with the career or looks of Tom Green. Although Tom did sleep with Drew Barrymore so there must be something there. Did he have sex with Monica Lewinski also?


Ice Angel said...

Thanks for the GORGEOUS picture of Natasha, Ent. What a truly beautiful woman she was. RIP.

Kristy said...

I also heart Mindy Kaling. Have you seen her website?


Quintessential Southerner said...

alicia keys' make-up is odd.

DNfromMN said...

Ryan and Channing actually look pretty good. BJ Novak is cute enough to get an eponymous activity from me.

I don't watch the office, scandalous, but I just couldn't get into it.

I bet Fred Armisen could do a great Charles Manson impression if that photo were common knowledge.

gossipmonger01 said...

Tom Green, how I severely severely hate you. I watched celebrity apprentice - yes I know its my won fault - but I love Joan Rivers...can't help it, shes such a trainwreck. I literarly screamed at the TV several times due to my severe distaste for him. Just terrible that one!

Judi said...

Still reeling from Natasha's passing. I hope her family and friends find some measure of peace and comfort.

Incredible how much Manson has aged in the last 5 years. Would not have recognized him at all if you hadn't said it was him.

Pookie said...

hmmm. i'm absolutely convinced the cuba gooding & tom green pics are BI answers...

Goodgrief said...

Rest In Peace Natasha

This proves old hemorhoid lips has no self respect

Awww, Nicole is showing off her baby bump.

The sunglasses look downright tacky, that is what clutches are for.

I read somewhere today that Jessica Alba wants to try for baby #2.

figgy said...

I wish Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski would be a couple in real life. Cuz yeah, I am just that literal.

Oh, and I had a sex dream about Rainn Wilson last night. It was good, too. What can I say, I think he's hot.

jenna (original) said...

I heart Kelly Kapoor!

Jenna fischer is beautiful, but sometimes she dresses kinda weird. she always looks a lot older than she really is.

Ms Cool said...

Beautiful picture of Natasha. So dang sad.

califblondy said...

OMG, love that picture of Natasha. So gorgeous and so sad.

not on my dollar said...

Beautiful picture of Natasha - R.I.P.

There is something off/weird about Alicia Keys that makes me kind of uncomfortable. I want to like her but.....

Cuba Gooding Jr. doesn't look well at all. I wonder what B.I. is he in?

Nicole has really sprouted. I heard she's having twins.

That's the best I've seen Lisa R. look in that yellow dress.

jax said...

Channing Tatum is carrying what is known as an .....iPod. lol.

Katharine said...

Ent, thank you so much for the pics of all my favorite Office employees. The only two missing are Brian Baumgarn(t?)er and Creed, um, can't remember his real last name. I will always have a crush on John Krasinski, even if he turns into a giant jerkface.

B626 said...

John Krasinski and Ryan Gosling both look really good at some angles and geeky in other photos.
I like them both!
Not at the same time.
I'm old.

stiffkittens said...

Do you think John C. Reilly was inspired by Joaquin Phoenix, or was it the other way round?

Nicole is growing rapidly - could be right about twins.

I don't watch The Office either, but Rainn is a very funny guy :)

Who knew Lisa could get more desperate and pathetic? I feel sorry for her kids and husband...

c17 said...

I've decided that if I ran into Kate Bosworth on the street I wouldn't recognize her. She just looks too much like everyone else.

Seriously? Her knees are too sharp - way beyond my standards.

/for reals - she needs a sammich or 10

shakey said...

Isn't that Ross the Intern with Lisa Rinna?

amh.producer said...

yes, it's Ross the intern! Love that guy. And unlike most here, I think it's kinda awesome that Lisa has no shame and is jockeying for a role on a show that she wants.

Sara said...

DNfromMN: I just spent two minutes wondering what you do in bed that's called a "Novak." Lord.

Leah said...

What a shame about Natasha Richardson.

LOVE the office! (I was hoping for a random photo of Rashida though...)

Manson still looks a freak. Only recognized the swastika on his forehead. Labeled himself a loser.

Fred Durst looks more mature with his Saturday night "fancy-time" jacket over a 15 year olds clothes. He still looks like a skeeve.

I thought Michelle R was Nikki Reed, but couldn't figure out why she was standing next to a green car. The sunglasses really dress down an outfit...

Does Ryan Gosling look healthier to anyone else? He's still looking all broody though. Kinda hot in that Joaquin Phoenix (pre-homeless man hair/rapper/crowd-beater career) in the damaged/broody way.

irishstayc2 said...

Ross the intern is in that pic with Lisa Rinna - it must have been some sort of publicity stunt for his new show. Love him!

Also Enty that pic of Natasha is just stunning. What a sad sad situation. I have been begging my skiing friends to wear helmets from now on!