Friday, March 06, 2009

So That's What Happened To Jenna Morasca

Does anyone remember the name Jenna Morasca? Yeah, me either and I actually watched the entire season of Survivor Amazon where she won. Well instead of fading into obscurity and enjoying her $1M for winning the show. Well $600K after taxes, she decided that she wanted to be in the public eye again. Apparently being at the grand openings of Sav-Mart doesn't pay what it used to. Is there even a store called that? Probably. Anyway, Jenna has decided to enter the world of professional wrestling. Not that she will actually do any wrestling at first. Instead she will just be there to look pretty and make a name for herself. Then, when she learns how to wrestle the plan is for her to start competing in TNA Wrestling. I don't watch wrestling. I know, I know. I seem like the kind of guy who would sit at home and watch nothing but Pay-Per-View wrestling, but I'm not.

I'm guessing that TNA has some kind of fancy name that I'm too lazy to look up, but my first reaction upon seeing the name and seeing the promo photo of Jenna they released was that TNA probably stood for the chest and rear portions of a female anatomy. Am I wrong? Wasn't Jenna dating Ethan or something? Are they still together? Obviously my Survivor trivia knowledge is lacking. Either that or it is just so down on the priority list behind who is sleeping with whom on The Hills that my brain just can't take anymore.

What I think they should do is get the other Jenna to come back also. You know? The one with the kids who made the porno in Vegas on her honeymoon and then got divorced like a week later. Oh, or they could get Elisabeth Hasselback to sign up and then she and Rosie O'Donnell could have a cage match. Do they still have those? Who else? Oh, Jerri Manthey would be perfect. She actually seems like this would be something she could do since that whole acting thing hasn't really taken off like she thought it would.


Pookie said...


jax said...

oh ya her and Ethan both one their own seasons right?

i'd pay to see Colby vs Ethan.
actually i think it's time Jeff Probst was on his own show.
let's see you survive!

Mooshki said...

They seriously call it T&A? Wow. Well, why not?

Jungle007 said...

"I know, I know. I seem like the kind of guy who would sit at home and watch nothing but Pay-Per-View wrestling, but I'm not."

Not at all, Enty. How would you have the time to blog and keep up to date on all the entertainment news if that were the case!?

President Sambo said...

1. Somebody help me here - was Elizabeth Hasselbeck's initial claim to fame as a Survivor Winner?

2. The woman in the photo has been ridden hard and put up wet. Smoking body, but the face would make lightening strike twice.

And while you suck on that, I'll just die over here in the corner.

Save the Assistants said...

No, Elisabeth Hasselbeck's initial claim to fame was as a survivor loser. She was on the season Tina won - Australian Outback - and came in like fourth or fifth. And to think, she seemed so pleasant on the show.

shakey said...

There used to be a store called Savette's beside the building I grew up in. It's been long-extinct, though.

A gal's gotta do what she feels is relevant to stay in the public eye. If this is the only road open for her, too bad for her.

I wonder - do any of these contestants go back to what they were doing before?

biteme said...

Yes there is such a store called Save Mart. They are a chain that is mostly central california and parts of Nevada.

bionic bunny! said...

jenna and ethan toured the world for youth soccer for years, i never heard that they broke up, but i don't know for sure (my survivor trivia is pretty solid).
the probst has his own show. it's called "survivor". :)

this does surprise me, because she and ethan, and then of course rupert are the only survivors i know of that actually put their money where their mouths were.
and rupert wasn't even a winner!

Judi said...

Imdb shows that she's shooting one film and has another coming out later this year. I'm calling b.s. on this article. Not you, Enty, but from wherever you got this. Yeah, she won Amazon, and left All-Stars to be with her dying mom. Bit of respect, please.

Monalicious said...

TNA stands for Total Non-stop Action Wrestling. Right now it is #2 behind WWE. It is working on revamping it's image, and going all out to be more "adult oriented". So plenty of t&a and blood and violence. I watch it every Thursday because it's got a lot of old WWE wrestlers there.
Ya'll know me, a Wrestling junkie!!!


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