Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Photos Part One

How can you not put Dame Helen Mirren on top? She looks lovely as always.
I thought it was actually a nightmare, but no. This is Ashlee Simpson on the set of Melrose Place. They really are going to let her act.
The Verne Troyer photo of the day goes to Heat Magazine who had an artist project how Amy Winehouse will look at 75. Of course this is presuming that she will make it to 75.
Trident decided to advertise their free Beyonce show by having 100 women dance to a Beyonce song at rush hour in London. I watched the YouTube clip. Not worth your time.
I know lots of you probably love him, but I just don't really like Channing Tatum.
It seems like every week David Beckham is meeting with someone from the UK Government. Yesterday it was the Prime Minister.
Dominic Cooper and Amanda Seyfried are still going strong.
The cover of Eminem's latest release. Those are pills. If you look at the tag, you will see they were prescribed by Dr. Dre.
Today or tomorrow Halle Berry is shaving her head. Seriously.
I put Hugh Jackman in today because to get a star is hard enough, but to get your hand and foot prints in front of Grauman's is extremely rare. Congratulations.
Jorge Garcia doesn't get enough love on websites, so here you go Jorge. He was in Spain promoting Lost.
Jonathon Rhys Myers needs to move over just a bit to stand in front of the movie poster.
The normal Katy Perry CD cover is on the left. The Saudia Arabia version is on the right.
I'm guessing that Lindsey Price doesn't actually wear any of the new "fine fragrances" from Degree.
This is Mischa Barton who is the face for that brand of bags she is wearing. Ummm. Yeah. Because everyone takes fashion advice from Mischa. It's why the whole world dresses like crap and wears head bands.
An excellent picture of Nicole Richie who is selling her House of Harlow line in Canada now. Aaah. Holt Renfrew. They are sneaky. They have cafes that sell wine in their stores. Long story short. Three bottles of wine and I decided that I didn't need actually need a changing room for trying on clothes. For some reason they asked me to leave.
The randomness of the day goes to Whoopi and Padma.
Russell Crowe looks much better than the last time he was in the photos.
Robert Downey Jr. stifles a burp.
Umm, Reese Witherspoon has very nice legs.
I wonder if Snoop checked the wax figurine for anatomical correctness.
UK FHM did their sexiest women of the year poll and the Queen got more votes than Sienna Miller.
Simon Pegg. Enough said.
Damn you Stephen Root. I had things to do tonight and now I'm going to have to watch Office Space.
Mark your calendars. July 14th, The State hits stores. It's about damn time.


Ms Cool said...

Mmmm. Russell Crowe. Thanks!

Pamela said...

SO excited for the state. Any body remember,"The jew, the italian and the red head gay, they all live together on avenue a."

Also, Simon Pegg is so funny, and looks good.

Tikitaz said...

Go Rusty! You sexy thang, you!

Quintessential Southerner said...

i wonder if halle is gearing up for the 'nappily ever after' movie? based on the book.

no offense, but emimen shouldn't tempt fate like that. not that i care about him.

West End Girl said...

Office Space - that's the second time today I've been prompted about it. Must buy the DVD and re-watch it. Possibly one of Jen Aniston's better films? Maybe because she's not the lead.

Lucky777 said...

If Mischa Barton is the "face" of a line of bags, is the name of the line "meth"?
And I like Channing Tatum...liked him in that dance movie (although I liked Jenna Dewan much better!), and being a big MMA fan, I'll probably go see "Fighting" this weekend.

Majik said...

Have you seen my stapler?

califblondy said...

I wouldn't have recognized Russell Crowe. He cleans up well.

David Beckham made my day.

I love that picture of Nicole, there's just something about it.

Whoopi and Padma? Whoa, who would have ever put those two together. Great picture.

Goodgrief said...

The blind is RDJ?? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

whole_lotto _luv said...

I think there was a typo on the Winehouse caption - that's what she'll look like at 35.

vamp said...

which blind?

Goodgrief said...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
NY Daily News Blind Item

Which rehabbed actor is back on the sauce? He just can’t keep his hands off the booze when he’s in L.A.!

Was the first one of the day today.

Goodgrief said...

I just thought the "stifling a burp" comment was a clue.

vamp said...

im think jonathan rhys meyers...RDJ really does look like he's making a burp face so i think enty meant it in fun...there's a lot of rumors about JRM being drunk again

wineaux said...

why can't RDJ quit the facial hair? he looked INCREDIBLE at the oscar's...better than, well, better than ever! he looks like he's made of wax with a sharpie scribbled facial garden. ick.

JRM? g.r.o.s.s. he's DEF on the sauce, and lots of it. probably goes the drive thru at taco bell and asks for extra hot spicy sauce, with mild sauce on the side.

and what's up with RC? how did he lose all of the 'weight' that made them fire sienna miller? is there a blind we missed on that one??

Miss said...

I think the face Robert Downey was going for was "smarmy"

I just stopped dating a Scottish guy who looks JUST like Simon Pegg. I love the accent.. not a huge fan of the look.. Stubby legs and thick backs.. its just plain weird.

DNfromMN said...

A picture of Hugh Jackman on his knees? BRB, blowing that up to life size.

And I like Jorge, I mean, he's not much to look at, but he seems like a good guy and he'd be a lot of fun (read his blog dispatches from the island) for a good chucklen now and again.

Halle looks lovely.

Becks is a handsome man

Channing Tatum to me seems like he's the epitome of redneck hottie. Good thing I'm not into that at all.

ardleigh said...

Hugh and wet cement ... : ) Thanks for the new fantasy.

Thanks for the Jorge. That man is just the nicest person on the planet from all the stories I hear.
He is really sweet to his fans.

That dress does NOT flatter Halle. Yuck.

I would NEVER have guessed that was Russell.

Reese just makes me scream FAKE! everytime I see her.

HAHAHA Sienna and the Queen. I bet that really pissed off Ms.Miller.

What makes someone sit around and contemplate what Amy would look like at 75?

noel said...

Thanks for the Em pick Enty!!

Can't wait for the album to drop!!

Mooshki said...

RDJ is filming Iron Man 2 right now, so the facial hair is Favreau-ordered.

I imagine they've been "adjusted" at least a bit, but the Dame's ta-tas are amazing.

Deep dark secret, I used to watch 7th Heaven, and Asslee was AWFUL.

Yay, the Verne of the Day is back! I dunno, that pic looks like they're predicting she'll have been dead and buried for at least a few years by then.

The Filipino prisoners are way better than those chicks.

Last week's Lost made me fall in love with Hurley all over again. Jorge is brilliant! And it takes a lot to stand out in a cast that includes Michael Emerson.

Okay, the current picture of Mischa is just a few shades of grey away from being a ringer for 75-year-old Winehouse.

An Enty strip-tease? Oh, how I would've loved to see that! LOL

Enty, they don't have enough wax in the factory for that.

If I were a Hugh Jackman fan, I'd have to take a minute after that pic. Or 10.

I dunno, I think the kilt is worth mentioning, even if it's The Pegg. I love a man in a skirt.

Office Space and News Radio - Stephen Root knows how to pick a script!

I've been telling people The State is coming out this summer, but no one will believe me. After all these years, I don't think they'll believe it until they're holding it in their hands.

Kristen S. said...

I will hopefully be having sex dreams of Russell tonight, rather than last night's Tom Green one (well, no sex because he rejected me!)

brendalove@gmail.com said...


shakey said...

Every time I see that Fighting preview, I think it's Josh Hartnett.

moxie said...

I love Simon Pegg, it'd break my heart if he's ever the answer to a nasty blind item.

linnea said...

lol @ kirsten - should i say im sorry or you´re better off?

LOVE love love Jorge

wineaux said...

mooshki - thank you for the info on RDJ. i was hoping that wasn't self induced sharpie facial scribbling!