Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Yeah, like you woke up this morning and expected to see this combination of people in a photo. David Arquette, Rob Thomas and Rachael Ray. Now that is random.
Not random at all, just some of the cast of Big Love.
Chris Klein looks as if he has been working out. He looks pretty good. I don't see him in Suri though. Anyone disagree?
Is Erykah Badu wearing an old aviator helmet? I can't tell what that is on her head.
Evan Rachel Wood is going to be Queen Of The Vampires in True Blood. She looks really good here.
This is what Mary Kate Olsen wore to the exact same event as Evan Rachel Wood. Mary Kate is not aging well.
Fergie with her third hair color in as many months. I think she is just trying to keep the marriage fresh. I mean, it's been what three months?
The one and only Heart.
It has been a couple of months since Hilary Swank was on a red carpet.
I looked at about 15 photos of Julianne Moore and in all of them she was slouching like this. Is it the dress or is it her?
John Travolta in Tahiti. He locked himself in his hotel room and didn't come out once the entire time he was there. Hell, he could have done that in a Motel 6 in Australia and saved himself the expense of flying a 707 from Australia to Tahiti.
Kate Moss seems to be wanting to star in a remake of Xanadu.
Random surfer of the day is Kelly Slater.
I think Lisa Kudrow has a new show starting on NBC soon.
I figured out why Billy Ray Cyrus wears the facial hair. If he shaved it, how many of you would think he could pass for a woman in this photo?
It's a Monkee. Micky Dolenz.
Matthew Modine plays photo games with the Earth Ball.
I don't really have anything to say about Morgan Spurlock. I just thought I would include him.
The very lovely Patricia Clarkson.
Paul Williams is someone I would love to get drunk with sometime.
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lemon Jello on the red carpet the day after she was allegedly sitting in Matt Lanter's lap for several hours at a club. Matt is on 90210.
Everytime I think about this relationship, it makes me puke a little in my mouth.
Zach Braff may want to find some smaller sizes.


Get a Life said...

Great pic of Chris Klein. I just saw the movie Just Friends (a few years old) last weekend. If you haven't it's a must - that movie had me laughing the entire time. AND it was very easy on the eyes with Ryan Reynold.

Ms Cool said...

Poor John Travolta.

Sylvia said...

I can't stand Ms. Frog face Ray.

Badu seems to be wearing a cover on her head with a strap around it than a fake tail for hair.

Wood's love her dress not her lol.

Why are the Olsen twins weird.

Is Hilary Swank still with the director/producer guy?

Julianne M. looks like she is slouching.

Doesn't even look like Travolta.

Who caught Billy Ray's attention?

Love Patricia Clarkson's dress.

What has Paul Williams been up to?

How sweet Nick and Vanessa wearing matching colors.

Eeeewww the perv Allen.

Don't really like Braff.

Mooshki said...

No disagreement here. Jax got me on the Josh Hartnett train a long time ago.

It's not the dress. Maybe she hurt her back or something?

Whoever came up with this new pointy shoulder pad "style" needs to be flogged.

sassafrass said...

Just Friends is hilarious!

nancer said...

julianne moore looks awful. it looks like her huge head is weighing down her body. horrible posture.

kate moss must be wearing her spanx. no gut hanging out there.

love evan rachel wood's dress. she wears some great clothes. too bad she's such a whore.

lutefisk said...

Yes, Josh Hartnett for Suri's father.

The only thing missing from the photo of Mary Kate is a shopping cart filled with returnables.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Whaddya mean Mary Kate isn't aging well? She looks GREAT for 54!

mr. ray said...

Looks like Travolta forgot to pack his wigs from that picture thus him being holed up in his room for his stay.

califblondy said...

I could cry just looking at that picture of John T.

Do the Allens wear the same clothes every single day?

Ella B. said...

Has anyone seen Nancy Wilson (of Heart) and Marg Helgenberger in a room at the same time?

linnea said...

lutefisk - say what?

wineaux said...

what is travolta hiding from? he looks like he's been locked in a closet for 30 years and just let out! pun intended of course...and what's with the sunglasses? and is that GRAY hair i see? hmmm...perhaps he's going through some rough e-meter challenges and can't move to the next level in TCOS.

first i thought suri was klein's, then hartnett, then i saw the conspiracy theory of william mapother, tom's cousin. ringer. dead ringer. i do have a question i would like to pose to you out there: is it me or does suri have some kind of mark/flaw above her nose in the center of her forhead that is CONSTANTLY being covered by those bangs? i saw it in those baby pictures and it's been driving me nuts that no one has pointed it out. is it just me?? said...

You know, Rachel Ray has a dog food out now, for reals. They were giving out free samples at the grocery store. My dog adores it.

Mary Kate not aging well?? How old is she? 23?

Green Wave Gal said...

I heart HEART!

Billy Ray always creeps me out!

sassafrass said...

I can't imagine the grief John T is suffering. He doesn't look well. Poor guy. said...

Also, methinks that Zach Braff comment is a hint to something....

farmgirl said...

I think Evan Rachel Wood is pretty good casting - in my mind, tho, I pictured Sophie as more of a Mary Kate type.

mc_lefty said...

Billy Ray,

Your stylist is giving you the same hair style they gave Kirstie Alley 10 years ago. Find somebody who works on both male and female clients. MAN UP!

bflogurl said...

Holy Crap.... just looked into that William Mapother stuff:


AnonMom said...

Oh, John T. :( Sadness.

Majik said...

OMG...I've seen William Mapother in a milliion things! I had no idea that a) he was Tom Cruise's cousin and b) he was Suri's father...oh, yeah--I saw the pics. No question. What was that blind again? The one where the child was starting to look a little TOO much like her real daddy?

I think we have a winner.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Katie def spent some time with Hartnett post Klein and pre Cruise and the timing works well with the suspected December/January birth for Suri. That said, the resemblence to the cousin can't be denied.

Waiting for one of you super sleuths to decipher the zach Braff clue.

audieh_1 said...

Wineaux--may you never lose a child. It matters not what religion you are, when a child dies before the parent it is a difficult thing to get over.

kimmypie1 said...

oh John T., the grief has worn you down. so sad....

stiffkittens said...

Does the Braff comment have anything to do with either of the 'man with an eating disorder' blinds?

Thats the only thing i can think of (other than drug abuse or small peen hints).

stiffkittens said...

Scrap that, it's only one blind and it can't be him (unless he's a singer and i just don't know about it).

blankprincess said...

wineaux said...
what is travolta hiding from? he looks like he's been locked in a closet for 30 years and just let out! pun intended of course...and what's with the sunglasses? and is that GRAY hair i see? hmmm...perhaps he's going through some rough e-meter challenges and can't move to the next level in TCOS.

Or PERHAPS he's still grieving over his dead son. It's only been a couple months, ya know.

jax said...

the grief or the guilt?
anyone who reads my blog knows my feeling on Jett. sad sad sad.

Sorry i'm not buying the William Mapother as Suri's Dad. timing doens't work out and that kid is growing up to look more and more like Hartnett.
and Hartnett is looking more and more like a guy who feels deep guilt over 'selling' his child off as someone else's. the career is in the tank for the most point and dude is on the bad shit.

there would be no point in impregnanting Katie with the cousin's sperm. the DNA would not match,even in the same family.

jax said...,2933,160192,00.html

i know it's fox,but come is interesting.

ardleigh said...

I have always thought TommyBoys cousin was Suri's Daddy. Cause you know Tommy would want to keep it quiet and in the family.

John T is what a broken heart looks like. Sad.

Julianne if your shoes hurt that bad take them off instead of looking like Quasimodo.

Kate Moss doing Judi Jetson.

It's good to see P. Clarkson. Love the dress hate the shoes.

Paul already looks more then a bit drunk ,Enty. Just go stand beside him and start chatting.

Nick & Lemon Jello look like cardboard cutouts.

Mr.& Mrs. Allen have always creeped me out.

Fergie got her hair done and wore the styling robe out as a dress. CLASSY.

wny55 said...

is the Mary Kate comment a hint?

Kristen S. said...

Josh Harnett FTW! I mean, Suri's daddy.

Mooshki said...

Wineaux, they say that's why there were no pictures of Suri for quite a while after she was born - they had to remove and/or cover up a big birthmark on her forehead.

Sara and Melissa said...

MaryKate not aging well = Actress with meth face from a few days ago? I wasn't thinking it was her until now.

lutefisk said...

Linnea, Kate had a brief fling with Josh Hartnett after breaking up with Chris Klein.
It seems as if she probably hooked up with Tom in early stages of pregnancy, & fudged the due date to make it seem as if Tom was actually the father.
Suri does look quite a bit like Josh.

B626 said...

Don't get get Fergie mixed up with the Ting Tings.
Can ya BLAME them?
That's not my name!
That's not my name!

shakey said...

OMG! Paul Williams is still alive!!! Phantom of the Paradise is one of my favourite movies of all times. Best soundtrack. He was awesome as the Dick Clark who sells his soul to the devil for youthful looks. He knows we were all thinking it.

Carburators man, that's what life is all about.

monalisa999 said...

What's with the hefty bag on Fergie? And, dare I say it...? There's always room for "Jello".

linnea said...

and THAT, my friends, is the first time I have read a fox news report and gone "hm...interesting. might be something there". Its weird, I feel almost a little bit dirty...

Tania said...

Fergie should leave her hair alone for a while - I saw closeups, and her parting is widening dramatically.

bionic bunny! said...

huge fan of paul williams, always have been. glad to see him out and about!!!

and i thought billy ray just got into make-up in a big way, now i'm thinking surgery. he looks like hell, not that i liked him to start with. i'm just sick to death of both of them.

i think JT has backed away from the scios. i hope so. i feel so bad for him, now.