Friday, April 24, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Just for all of the Vacation movies (yes, including European Vacation) and of course Fletch, Chevy Chase gets the top spot. Oh, and Caddyshack. Foul Play too.
Adrien Brody again this week, but not in his racing suit.
Alan Cumming used to be in the pictures what seems like everyday, but it has been quite some time.
Alexis Bledel looks great here.
Bradley Cooper. Not so much. Supposedly he and Mary Kate were really into each other last night. That would be interesting.
Bono in an actual photo with his wife. It took a funeral to make it happen.
Is Camilla Belle wearing a wig?
Another couple rarely photographed together. Cyndi Lauper and her husband David Thornton.
I was just inquiring the other day if Chynna Phillips and Billy Baldwin were still together. Apparently the answer is yes. Yeah, you know you are singing Wilson Phillips songs now. Going over to YouTube and turning up Release Me as loud as your speakers will go.
Chloe Sevigny wins the award for shortest dress of the night. I doubt she can sit.
The silver medal goes to Beyonce.
And in third is Ali Larter.
Diane Kruger must have stopped by MC Hammer's house on the way to the party to get some of his pants.
Dominica Scorsese. I think the name says it all.
Gina Gershon is someone I would love to sit down with and ask about 100 questions about the past 18 months of her life.
The lovely Gloria Reuben and Connie Britton. And Alicia Silverstone who apparently is in talks to be in Clueless 2. She needs some kind of hit desperately.
Hilary Duff looks meh.
I heard that Idris Elba didn't want to do any press for his new film. I hope he changes his mind or there might not be any more new films.
Random Latin guys from the Latin Billboard Awards. Here are JenCarlos Canela and Don Omar.
I'm usually a fan of January Jones, but she just looks really mean and cold here.
Is Jamie wearing velvet?
Jon Stewart really deserves to go on top everyday, but for now, he will just have to make do with being in the middle.
Maybe it is the background but Kate Bosworth looks different.
Mandisa - Nashville
"Hey. I used to be the famous one."
Zac has grown up a lot. Here is Mark Paul Gosselaar doing press with
Jane Kaczmarek aka Carmen Miranda for their show Raising The Bar.
Obviously Mandy Moore just watched the naked wizard video.
Michael W. Smith doing the lean in and slouch aka The Katie Holmes for his picture with Steven Curtis Chapman.
I'm always going to call Noa Tishby lovely, and not just because she buys me drinks. OK, well that has a great deal to do with it. That and she can kick my ass.
The biggest diva in Latin music, Paulina Rubio.
A blast from the past. Ruben Blades.
Susan Boyle with her new hair style.
I have decided that like Neil Patrick Harris, you can never have enough Snoop. Seriously, you just want to smile when you see him.
The Farrelly brothers and former major leaguer Luis Tiant.
Heidi Montag's bridesmaids get ready.
Don't strain yourself there Woody.


Mooshki said...

Alexis is starting to look like a grownup.

Gina Gershon could provide a lifetime's worth of blind items.

If Chloe turned around, you'd see crack.

I know we have to support Ali, but that film looks BAD.

I don't see a bump on Mandy.

"You can never have enough Snoop." Um, by now we've all seen the FFF, and I think some of us would beg to differ with you.

pomme said...

strange! last week,there were photos of Bono with his wife and familly in holiday at St Barth!
great! a movie i won't go to see:the Turtles ninjas return !
Susan Boyle looks better before!
i dislike Gosselaar haircut,it's very RDJ haircut!
Enty,you always have a trouble with velvet! LOL

Anonymous said...

Technically, it would be Clueless 3 since there has already been the 2nd one (when she went to Washington DC).

Anonymous said...

Bradley Cooper and an Olsen twin? Very strange...and isn't he gay (I thought he was 'accidently' outed by a friend a couple of years ago)?

Miss said...

Helloooooo JenCarlos!!

A+ on the Farrelly bros. picture

Emobacca said...
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Emobacca said...

I take it that Gershon is still escorting

Chloe should win Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for her work on Big Love this year

Remember when the Duffster was cute? It was before she hit 18 and started doing coke every weekend.

Dillon needs to stop using botox. Not a good look for him.

Can Susan Boyle fuck off already? I know it's not her doing but she has been shoved down our throats because she is a great singer.....that is hideously ugly. I would feel awful if I was her for the way she is being marketed.

Rocket Queen said...

Ooh Enty! I'm praying your Gershon comment was a reference to that blind about the dominatrix??

Anonymous said...

Wasnt there a rumor a few years back on Gina Gershon being a high class hooker for like Paul Allen and other billionaires. I live in Seattle and used to hear that long time ago.

Marisa said...

HAHAHA Ent I love you...for so many reasons and you know most of them.

Zack Morris = love him.
Jon Stewart = love him.
Chevy Chase = saw him the other day. I was getting out of a cab at 43rd and Broadway and he walked right by with sunglasses on and baseball hat.

lutefisk said...

Chynna Phillips & Billy Baldwin look very happy together.

Majik said...

Snoop!! Snoop-a-loop!

I work with a woman who looks exactly like Susan Boyle--seriously scary.

I wonder if the sports writers ever bugger up Luis Tiant's last name--cuz I might just start reading the sports section if I get to see such fabulous double entendres as:
...Taint was caught between first and second..
..looked like Taint might have gotten a little dirty during this play...
...fouled out by Taint.

Little things like that amuse me.

Majik said...

...Taint rips one down the middle...

Majik said...

...and the play was halted by the appearance of Taint...

bionic bunny! said...

woody has to keep his hands free in case of zombie attack.

i thought we weren't doing anons anymore?

califblondy said...

Chyna looks beautiful. It's been a while.

I hope Chloe is wearing shorts.

Gina Gershon has always been a very sexy woman.

I loved Gloria Reuben on ER. Then I saw her in the restroom at the Regency in NYC and she wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. That pissed me off, crap I wasn't staring/stalking, I just wanted to say hi. Michael Feinstein even tried to get her on stage to sing and she wouldn't.

Sylvia said...

Chloe is kind of weird but she is a good actress. Don't like the stuff she wears lol.

Beyonce, you might be a good singer but as an actress I say stick to your singing.

Hilary looks like she gain weight.

Paulina Rubio = Skank, Slut, etc.....

jax said...

anon, you're thinking Legally Blonde methinks. there was no clueless2, just the tv show.

Happydog said...

I think Adrien Brody is wildly attractive and don't really know why.....anyone else?

Connie Britton rocks.

Is Jane's necklace for real?

Anonymous said...

i'll ride that Brody train Happy Dog.

Jaiden said...

Okay, now I'm dying to know about the Gina Gershon blind. I'll assume it's the dominatrix one. *hopes*

nancer said...

look out woody! there's a zombie behind you!!!!

chynna and billy----so cute together.

connie britton---love her to death.

idris elba---hubba hubba.

january jones---such a gorgeous woman but i rarely see great pics of her.

alexis bledel is pretty but that dress is not.

Kim said...

Oh yeah happy dog I'm all over Adrian and like you, no real idea as to why. But he's got to learn to stand up straight. What is with his weird slanted posing these days?

Anonymous said...

I think Chloe's actually wearing really short shorts - her favorite kind! She's a bit of an oddball but she's got great legs, that's for sure.

Miss X said...

Love Alexis B but not that lipstick on her!

Ipmressed that you posted a pic of Michael W Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman. Just wondering if you have any good gossip on MWS? I LOVED him when I was 12/13. (No secular music allowed in my house. I survived). :)

Arachne said...

it took a funeral to have bono and ali pose together? surely, enty, you jest. much love to you, but you clearly don't know anything about these two:

practically every photo (mostly candids) are of the two of them. you can see very clearly that they are deeply in love and think the world of each other. they're coming up on their 30th wedding anniversary in a few years. as far as celeb couples go, i absolutely adore them together.

wineaux said...

i just got back from paris and those mc hammer pants were on everyone. a fad i hoped would never come back....along with acid wash. oh well.......

linnea said...

seeing alexis made me really miss gilmore girls...

Trinkvasser said...

Bradley Cooper and Mary Kate makes me think of this ... :)


libby said...

I will guarantee ladies, that the reason Adrian Brody is always slouching is because men of his body type are usually HUNG.
Yes, I said it.

Ahem, yes he is crazy-sexy.

And Jon Stewart does ballsier interviews than anyone, and he's on Comedy Central. CC is very lucky that FOX or another network didn't try to acquire them, to compete in late night.
I really find Stewart/Colbert much funnier and more entertaining than most other late night stuff. Anybody disagree? I haven't looked in a while.

And is that Mrs. Bono's slip showing? Or is she wearing a snow-white skirt under what appears to be a stand-alone dress? Is it part of the dress? It's just weird.

Jasmine said...

libby i agree- my jaw was hanging open the entire time he was interviewing that guy from hard money or whatever finance show it was. Even from far away woody looks like a pompous ass. and all the baldwins look annoying to me. except for alex when he was younger( and i unfortunatly was in my toddling baby years) back in the 80's. everyone was hot then while i was too young to check them out or do anything about it :( pout pout.

Jasmine said...

alec i mean,duh

merrick said...

Archane, those candid shots of Bono and Ali are wonderful. They are two people I would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee or a cold beer with and talk for hours. Thank you for posting those shots. Do you know them personally or just professionally?

Leah said...

Alexis looks different, but great! I had to do a double take, the top half of her face didn't look like her, perhaps it's just the absence of her bangs... So grown up though.

I always wondered why Bradley Cooper's marriage was over within six months. Smells Fishy...

LOVE Connie Britton- she is so beautiful.

Matt Dillon - HAHA Great caption!