Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rubina Ali's Dad Cleared By Police

Police in Mumbai said that Rafiq Qureshi did nothing wrong and didn't try and sell his daughter Rubina Ali. The actual statement by the police was, "So far there is no evidence of any offense, hence there is no registration of complaint and no arrest." In other words, nothing is going to happen to him. The good news out of all of this is that the producers of Slumdog finally did some walking instead of just the talking they have been doing and hired a social worker to watch out for Rubina's welfare.

I mean that is nice of them but I don't know what the private social worker checking in once a month or something is going to do for her. I keep hearing about all of these wonderful things the Slumdog producers have supposedly done for the children, but the only tangible thing I have noticed is they pay for the children to go to school. As far as I know they haven't delivered on anything else they promised.

The world is watching these kids and what happens to them, at least until something else comes along for the world to look at. In the meantime, if I had made $200M off these kids, I think I would spend a few bucks to make sure they were ok and not just talk about it or propose ideas.


Quintessential Southerner said...

they had no intention of doing anything meaningful from the start. this is hollywood we are talking about.

Miss said...

apparently at one point they had wired money to the families for new apartments but a shady Indian 'broker' took off with the funds. The producers were quoted saying throwing money at the problem would not make it go away and that they wanted to invest in the childrens future. They set up trusts that the kids will get when they turn 18 AND upon completion of their education. I am not sure what more they should do...?

Judi said...

Yes, Miss. What do you expect a SW to do for her, Enty? They have very limited authority.

dbfreak said...

I agree with Miss & Judi. I work with people in India and let me tell you - agreeing to pay for a child in India's education alone is a HUGE deal. This is the "new" caste system in India these days and those with education (including university) are set with the good jobs, while those who do NOT get education usually end up where they started or worse. I think the producers have done just about everything they can for these kids short of adopting them, which would be wrong in my opinion. These kids can do good for themselves and their families and communities in India.


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