Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Army Archerd - RIP
I don't think I have ever seen one of Eddie Murphy's children. This is Bria alongside her mother Nicole.
Ben Stiller in a beard.
Dr. Phil is talking and if you notice, there is no one listening. Hell, they don't even care he is there.
David Walliams cracks me up.
Eva Mendes stroking Guy Ritchie's hair.
And then goes for the full on grope. Notice that he doesn't seem to be complaining.
Ethan Hawke and his wife Ryan.
Frieda Pinto and the world's greatest businessman with dashing good looks, Harvey Weinstein.
Well hello Ginnifer Goodwin.
The woman in red is there to take Heidi and Seal's drive-thru order when they get off the red carpet.
The always lovely Iman.
"Thank you for making me famous again."
"Now I have to cry."
"But I'm famous again."
"Trying to get a tear out. So tough."
LIFE found some old pictures of Jackie Kennedy. I love this one.
Jennifer Morrison really needs to start getting paid more. Hopefully then she can stop paying for her fabric on lay-away
Jesse McCartney is a tweener I actually like.
Jaime Pressly got some bad tanning cream, and she GOOP'd herself up as well.
Jason Statham is a guy I wouldn't mind having a beer with.
Kim Cattrall earns a couple of extra bucks in between takes on SATC 2.
Kelly Osbourne looks great.
I didn't even recognize Katy Perry.
I'm beginning to think Kelly Ripa has an attraction to washing machines that goes beyond endorsements.
Maggie G showing her support for Project Runway fashion castoffs.
I think Maggie Q should be in every movie ever made.
My biggest reality television fantasy. Each week we follow Mickey Rourke and Helena Bonham Carter as they go clothes shopping at garage sales.
Real gold microphone?
This year's winner of the worst peace sign given by someone with raccoon eyes.
Taylor Momsen actually looks normal and she isn't on set or anything.
Did Yoko get a boob job? Do you go to hell for saying something like that?


*girl said...

Wasn't there an argument for a blind item on whether or not Jesse McCartney was a tweener? Is his comment a confirmation for us? Too bad I can't remember the BI.

AnonMom said...

It was the tweener having sex with a cougar, thought to be Teri Hatcher.

Karmen said...

I hate reality TV shows and I would actually love to watch one with Mickey Rouke and Helen Bonham Carter go to flea markets to find their clothes.

RocketQueen said...

I don't like Maggie anymore - she wears fur :(

Jesse McCartney looks like Frankie Muniz there.

Jermaine's hair is TERRIBLE.

I <3 Seal and Heidi.

I didn't know that Ethan Hawke had remarried or that Eva and Guy were getting it on - where have I been?!?

*girl said...

Would Enty actually like anyone who has had sex with Teri Hatcher?

kris said...

"Taylor Momsen actually looks normal and she isn't on set or anything."

She doesn't look any "normal" 16 year olds I know....good God where is her parents?

.robert said...

I wanted the close up of Kim Cattrall.

It is this pic minus the sunglasses:

MontanaMarriott said...

Mickey Rourke looks so gay now that he has had some of the facial surgery softened to look human.

Yoko is giving you Asian Dominatrix

Sporky said...

Eva and Guy are getting it on? He looks beyond bored.

Pookie said...

rip, aa. :(

omg, eve m.''s dress! mondo fab.

ethan hawke's wife's dress...not so much. eeep.

look at those heels on heidi so late in the pregnancy. wow. she's my idol now.

lol @ the jermaine captions

eeek. who told racoon eye lady that looked good?!

Mooshki said...

What's up, Enty, did Harvey put out a hit on you for trashing Inglourious Basterds? (Which, by the way, NEEDS to win Christoph Waltz an Oscar.)

This SATC '80s flashback stuff is just horrible.

Jenny S said...

What on earth is wrong with Jermaine Jackson's hair? Is he using shoe polish to cover the grays?

Paisley said...

Ethan Hawke's wife was the nanny. Married her around the time they had a baby. Totally forgot they existed before I saw this picture.

AnnMarie said...

Jermaine's got that spray-on hair. I'm right about that, right?
And why do Ethan Hawke's clothes never appear to fit him properly??

shazzzba said...


Lisa (original) said...

I'm scared for Heidi each time she wears stilletos so late in her pregnancies: I fear a fall with tragic results to that baby. STOP IT HEIDI!

Love the color combo with Kelly R and her Maytags :-D

If I was Kim Cattral and saw that wardrobe and knew I had to go out in public in that....I'd throw a hissy fit of MAJOR proportions. No effing way! No I know what a $2 whore would look like.

Momster said...

How does Heidi wear shoes like that when she's so far along? My feet were either swollen or my balance was so bad I'd tip over. I try to hate her, but I can't.

Jackie Kennedy was so beautiful.

Jingle Belle said...

Jermaine Jackson hair looks like black rubber. Maybe he cut up a tire and is using for a wig? I wish the whole Jackson family would go away.

Taylor Momsen does not look normal in any way, shape, or form. Do teenagers dress differently in L.A. or something?

Char said...

I was also coming on here to say, I doubt Enty would like the tweener that had sex with Teri Hatcher so I think Jesse McCartney can be eliminated from that blind.

Also, it's kinda easy to miss it if you just glance at the picture so maybe Enty didn't notice that Taylor Momsen is essentially wearing a skirt and, well, an elastic band as a shirt???

Caroline said...

Nicole Murphy is gorgeous. Caroline Kennedy looks just like her mom. I didn't know Heidi Klum was pregnant again.

DNfromMN said...

Jason Statham is a guy I wouldn't mind having a night with.

Jermaine looks like a lego man.

Ben looks kind of good. It's a shame he's such an ass.

RIP Army.

lilbitsolo said...

Jermaine Jackson's hairline. I just....I have no words. Anybody remember Primus? The videos of the guys with the rubber hair thingy's?

Jaime Pressly usually gets an A+ from me, she's kooky and I love it (plus she's from my hometown) but that tan is remniscent of a Lindsay Lohan tan.

Thank the Gods for Jason Statham. That man is sex on a stick. And I usually like my men with more hair.

lilbitsolo said...

okay, maybe it wasn't Primus, but I def. have in my head a vision of some funny looking guy with a big rubberized head of hair and that exact same hairline. This will bother me for the rest of the night. Dammit.

TinselSass said...

Enty, your captions are particularly fabulous fun today except the Taylor M comment... please don't ever refer to any 16 year old who looks like a heroin-lovin' train wreck as normal.

TinselSass said...

ENTY, instead of referring to your work as "captions"... my apologies... you are really creating photo essays. And I love them.

shakey said...

Another icon of old Hollywood walks off into the sunset.

Dare I say this - Ben Stiller actually looks mellow with a beard. He's probably still an a-hole, though.

Yeah, Guy's bored. I, too, wonder what the suck-up is about. Why does Ginnifer Goodwin's head look like she's just pulled an Exorcist?

I'm watching Close Encounters right now. Jermaine's hair looks like Devil's Tower. He does seem to have the face of an Aztec Indian.

Don't know who "Cleopatra" is, but she obviously doesn't own a mirror.

Preciousredtx said...

who is racoon eyes...recognize her, but cant name her....

Kelly Ripa has huge feet and a very skinny her though

I never put Mickey Rourke in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man....NEVER get plastic surgery...ugh!!!!

Maggie's outfit...beyond awful

Jackie Kennedy...BEAUTIFUL

audieh_1 said...

Jermaine Jackson looks like a tool, with really really bad hair. And while we are on the Jacksons. I just saw tonight what Latoya wore to her brother's funeral...yikes! And what was with Janet sitting on the other side of the church from her family?

PJ Nelson said...

I want Katy Perry's shoes

Laughing at everyone's comments about Jermagesty Jackson's hair. The shoe polish was my first thought, but then I remembered those plastic wigs that look IDENTICAL to that shit. Wonder if that diamond bracelet came from Michael's house before the LAPD made it a crime scene. I hate them all. And audieh_1, Toya is an attention whore who has no class... and I thought that Janet sat at the center of the aisle in the row with her brothers.

Alice D Millionaire said...

I agree with the Guy comments. Not complaining? Not exactly but he doesn't look happy about it either.

I love the story I read about people recently finding a nude photo of her in Andy Warhol's things. The story is that she was skinny dipping at their home and Onassis had a photographer come to take photos of her (which I think is GREAT) and she sent one to Andy, who was a friend of her's, as a sort of joke. Here is a link if you are interested. What a fun lady.

Alice D Millionaire said...

That post above was in ref to the Jackie photo in case it is not clear.

__-__=__ said...

I read about the Jackie photo. What a great find! And yes Enty, you're going to hell for what you said about Yoko. But I do love Eva's dress.

Leah said...

Do you think Jermain Jackson squeaks when he walks? He looks like a rubber toy from Toy Story.

Ryan Hawke looks like a rouge fairy.

Wasn't Jennifer Morrison in that Ashlee Simpson reality tv show?

Kelly O does look great!

Taylor Momsen looks good for a thirty year old, but not for a 16 year old. I do however, understand why you say she looks good- but I think perhaps you mean she looks better. As in has recently showered and has had a professional do her hair and makeup.

amanda rae said...

I like Dr. Phil.

Wow, Heidi is pregnant again? How many kids does she have now?

Hate the Kennedys, cannot stand the obsession with Jackie. I dressed my Boxer up as her one Halloween, and she looked better as Jackie than Jackie looked as herself. Never understood the hype, never will. I do feel bad for her that her husband was a scumbag though.

I think Kelly Osbourne is so cute, I've always really liked her.

Hate Katy Perry but her outfit is awesome.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is the UGLIEST woman. She looks like Droopy Dog, and her hideous clothes and hair make it worse. You'd think someone so ugly would try to downplay their ugliness, but no, not this chick! Weird. Oh, and she looks like she always smells like armpits.

Yoko...I like her. So what if she supposedly broke up the Beatles? I think their music sucks anyways. Yes, i understand WHY they are important and relevant, I just think they suck. I like her top hat too.

caydian said...


Are you thinking that Jermaine reminds you of Max Headroom (TV show from the 80's)?

hotchacha said...

Maybe Jacksons can make some money selling hairline stencil kits.

I wonder what Jermaine really looks like. Y'know after a good dip in the turpentine.

Judi said...

Yoko's always had tits. GIve John some credit.

LOVED Army. This makes me sad.

Guy appears to be politely tolerating Eva's gesture. Obvious to me that she's taking advantage for the cameras.

Harvey is satan. Loathe him.

Ginnifer looks gorgeous! Female celebs, please take note how she's standing - and drop the pigeon-toed Ebola poses. G's legs look beautiful and like they're a mile long. Classy.

Jermaine - dude, if you're losing your hair, then you're losing your hair. So what? No one will think less of you.

Jennifer, I love you. Hire a stylist.
Jaime has NO excuse for appearing anywhere looking like this.

B626 said...

Enty, I second that Jason Statham comment plus TEN beers!!

telesma said...

What the hell is the matter with Jermaine Jackson's hair? Is it painted on???

Katja said...

My take is that Eva is using Guy as a pole cuz she looks tanked.

Look at the pictures like she is staggering holding his head and his (non) reaction makes more sense.

missyg said...

so many terrible looking people in this piece- Jermaine tops the list. What's with the plastic head? Crumbs