Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today. Leading off the top of this part is Kelly Osbourne's dog. Kelly had to buy him a life jacket because he kept falling into the pool. I didn't even know they made life jackets for dogs.
More dogs. This time Jane Lynch's two dogs.
Not dogs at all are Julianne Moore and Selma Blair. Does anyone else think Selma has had some work done?
The cast of 24 at their season premiere party. Yes, at the end is Freddie Prinze Jr. He was let out of the house.
Coughing up a lung is Lily Allen who decided to buck the trend. No Caribbean for her. She went to New Zealand.
Michael Bolton - Barcelona
Anne Hathaway looks pretty good here.
Looking better is Minka Kelly. No ring on the finger so maybe all that Derek Jeter and Minka getting married this year isn't true.
Yes, yes it is the great Martin Landau and Michelle Phillips, but my eyes are drawn to the wine. All those bottles calling out to me. Hello Friday night.
Two days in a row with Pink, but this time I added her husband Carey Hart.
Randomness of the day. Robert DeNiro and Tom Ford.
Also there was Joe Pesci but no Robert & Joe together.
Rachel Bilson and Ashley Greene.
I'm sure I will get sick of her in a few weeks but right now I am really enjoying Snooki.
Long time never see is Traci Lords.
This is Victoria Beckham hiding the fact that
she has no ass. Seriously, why is she hiding?


Kristen S. said...

My poopy has a life jacket...pugs are very front heavy and sink like stones.

Pamela S. said...

Tom Ford doesn't seem to age and is so darn hot!!

As for Snooki, I grew up in Jersey and have had enough of that to last me a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Booo Snooki, stop showing her face, it makes me ill

I was shocked to see that V. Beckham even owns a pair of sweatpants and sneakers

Patty said...

Re: Victoria,
My guess is no makeup and/or hair not styled.

Anonymous said...

i have it on very good authority that not a sketch exists that Tom Ford has drawn...hmm interesting how one can be a designer with no designs??

califblondy said...

Tom Ford wants me. I can see it in his eyes.

Whoa, I wonder how much Posh weighs?

Christine said...

You *know* Tom Ford practices that look in his mirror. For hours.

Cindy said...

Snookie, thank God, is NOT from NJ, she's from NY somewhere. I live in Jersey now (orig from Texas) and have YET to see one of those Jersey girls everyone talks about.

Pookie said...

julianne & selma look fantastic!

michael landau & michelle phillips, what a sweet picture!

love the deniro smirk.

rachel bilson's looks fab and i love the dress...until you get to the apron-ish looking part.

has snookie landed a bumpits deal yet?

poor assless victoria.

lutefisk said...

Tom Ford's head looks a little too botoxed, but I still love him.

Pamela S. said...

Cindy, I don't know where you are living in NJ but you're not looking hard enough. They are everywhere and I probably know them all. Seriously all my friends on Facebook from back home have names that sound like they were born into Mafia royalty...and I am not kidding!! Try Atlantic City on a weekend night. If that doesn't work, drive up the parkway to the Staten Island mall.

mikey said...

Cindy - next time my sister has a party you need to come. Lots of Snookie types will be there. You are just not hanging at the hot spots.

blog hopper said...

What's with the comment about Joe Pesci and DeNiro not being in a picture together? Bad blood?

I heart Robert DeNiro :)

Moriah said...

"I'm sure I will get sick of her in a few weeks but right now I am really enjoying Snooki."

I'm fairly new to this site, and I just love that you said that about ol' snickers.

Paisley said...

I love that Jane Lynch is now big enough to get papped. I have a soft spot in my heart for actors and actresses that hit fame later in life.

SG said...

Anyone else weirded out that Tom's face is in the EXACT same position in both pictures???

mngddess said...

Why is Posh Spice not showing her face? aHave you EVER seen this girl with out a ton of makeup, a tight dress and 10 inch heels? There's your answer!

surfer said...

Just have to say in that picture of Michelle Phillips, she looks like Dr. Mathilde Krim, especially with that braid wrapped around her head (it is a braid, right?).

Lauren said...

Kristen S, PUG LOVE! My pug has a life vest too. He loves the water so we let him go.

I am also curious about Robert and Joe Pesci not taking a photo together. I wonder if something is there. I love GoodFellas.

I also don't think I have ever seen a bad photo of Tom Ford, ever.

Jingle Belle said...

That Snooki actually looks like she's over the age of 50 in that someone's "fun" grandma.

Marisa said...

how dare you, ent! I will never tire of Snookie. bite your tongue!

Tara said...

I think that Lily Allen is built really cute.

Jane Lynch is awesome!

I don't think that Selma Blair looks any different. She's always looked kind of manly to me.

Rachel Bilson looks good and Ashley Greene looks awkward.

Traci Lords in Crybaby...*le sigh* Good times.

For some reason I like Vicky B and I have since I saw her and David on the Ali B show. She was funny and engaging and he was pretty to look at (thats his redeeming quality). I just wish she would eat because she looks so unhealthy.

Kinky Bootleg said...

That's not a dog, it's a furbie.

@Paisley, I know exacly what you mean. I've been a Michael Sheen fan for years and love that he's finally being recognised. Loved Jane Lynch since 'Best In Show', so I feel your 'soft spot'... um, that sounded less pervy in my head, sorry.

dragonlady said...

christine - at least all the practice is worth it - he photographs well!

and sooo cute - doggie life jackets - also that little fluff ball is very cute - look at those eyes (ummm...i might be a dog person!)

love jane lynch!

dragonlady said...
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fireflies said...

Random question-- Does anyone know what kind of dogs Jane Lynch has? They are really cute.

MadLyb said...

I usually loathe reality show vermin, but for some reason I like Snookie. I don't know why. Maybe it's because she reminds me of a cute little Oompa Loompa with tits.

white lorelei said...

Does Tom Ford just hold a pose and people slide in and out from under his arm?

Seriously, he's like a cardboard cutout.

shakey said...

Maybe it's a wax figure and no one noticed.

So what did Rachel cook for everybody?

Char said...

Posh's ass is disgusting. Seriously, eat something, you look gross.

Rosie said...

UGH Snooki, I just feel nauseated when I see her now that I now she makes 10k for an appearance!! And to think I'm out of med school for a second consecutive semester because I can't afford the tuition... what my mom said all those years is true... life just isn't fair. (Glad I vented though :) )

Lana's Blog said...

@Rosie, I hope you make it back to med school.

Kelly Osbourne's dog is effing cute.

Posh should loosen up, I think there is a likeable girl under there. And I would guess she weighs under 90.

braverwoman said...

More Pink and Carey - thanks Enty. Loved the concert vid of him being "punished".

Kelly's dog is too damn cute! I want a Pug, but my boys think they're yappers.

Tracy Lords doesn't even look like herself. Cry babeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

Jane Lynch - yes!

Mango said...

I loooove Jane Lynch!

Selma Blair has always been gorgeous and doesn't look different to me.

Lily Allen looks amazing!

Tom Ford is hot but his posing and botoxed face is creeping me out a bit.

Snooki - She makes me embarrassed me to have Italian blood in my veins!

Victoria Beckham with no heels! She claims to hate flats. Jeez, and what a bony ass! For crying out loud, Posh, EAT SOMETHING!

g said...

I'm not getting the plastic surgery vibe from Selma. She isn't really the type and certainly if she did, wouldn't she have done something about that hair line and nonexistent
boobs? I like that she made her flaws work.

juicy said...

this will get me a lot of shit... but i LOVE snooks. she's just lovable. she's like that friend that you love to hate to love to hate. she seems like a handful, but fun.

and for posh, well, a friend of a friend of a friend ( i KNOW, but isnt that how ent gets HIS gossip??) says she is quite pleasant, friendly, SHY (whoulda thunk?) and really isn't all that bad.
and i believe it. i saw a brit tv spot by 2 pre-teen to teenage boys interviewing her, and i swear to you, i've never seen her smile so much. to me, she seems very insecure, especially here in the states. i dunno. shoot me, i heart her.

juicy said...

and WHO wouldn't be an ice queen when your husband is out screwing every single halfway decent female that looks his way?

RocketQueen said...

Lol - I also noticed that Tom Ford ha the EXACT same face and body position in both photos - it's like he didn't move at all when Joe Pesci stepped into the picture.

Minka Kelly is a bobble head. It's official.

I want to know what Julianne Moore uses in her hair - it always looks so healthy!

Tara said...

@juicy...EXACTLY! I love VB. She was great on the Ali G show...