Friday, March 12, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson Has Never Seen Hugh Hefner Naked

Not that I would want to see Hugh Hefner naked, but I was kind of surprised that Kendra Wilkinson has never seen Hef naked. Well, that is what she says anyway. I mean if you put someone on national television with their husband next to them and you are asked if you saw your "ex-boyfriend" naked, you would probably say no also. Especially if it is Hef because it is kind of believable. Kendra also talks about her boobs and baby weight and blah blah blah.


MontanaMarriott said...

I am sure Hef has the lights turned off and is in his smoking jacket with is viagra'd pecker poking out so yeah I am sure she never saw him completely naked just his penis lol

ardleigh said...

EHH! Not a visual I want. Seeing the Hef nekkid would be like seeing Mr. Burns from Simpsons naked. ICK NAST.

ardleigh said...
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Mango said...

I'm sure she just pulled down his silk jammies and blew him upon request.

bionic bunny! said...
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