Friday, April 23, 2010

Four For Friday - Quick Ones

At a recent event, these were the impressions of someone when they met the following people:

#1&#2 - A list female tv host and her actor husband - very sweet and funny.
#3 - C list movie and television actor but B+ for stage - very funny
#4 - Recently separated Academy Award nominee/winner actress - huge b*tch
#5 - C+ list actress on the hit network show everyone talks about all the time. Oh, and she is a great red carpet dresser. - super diva b*tch.


L said...

1 & 2 - Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos
3 - no idea
4 - Susan Sarandon?
5 - Katherine Heigl

LemonTart said...
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califblondy said...

"super diva bitch"...that's funny.

#1 - Kelly & Mark

#4- Kate Winslet or please not Sandra

childeroland said...

No way Heigl is C+. This sounds like someone from Lost, maybe?

Hordaz1_01 said...

#5 Lea Michele

Jamie's Girl said...

Recently Separated clearly indicates Susan Sarandon, which doesn't surprise me. She looks like a bitch.

Mark and Kelly are supposed to be a barrel of monkeys.

Dana said...

#1&#2 - Kelly Ripa/Mark Consuelos?
#3 - No idea
#4 - Kate Winslet or Sandra Bullock?
#5 - Lea Michele?

Cupcakewalker said...

My guesses:

#1 - Kelly & Mark
#2 - ?
#3 - Kate Winslet (Sarandon and Robbins split a long while before announcing so I don't know if she's 'recently separated)
#4 - Lea Michele of Glee - gets a lot of positive blog press for her red carpet dressing

Ellen said...

Kelly Rippa & Marc Consuelos for #1 & 2

No idea for #3...

Aren't Kate Winslet and Sandra Bullock supposed to be nice? I think I like the Susan Sarandon guess best for #4

For #5, what about Blake Lively? Lea Michelle is a good guess, but I hope she's not THAT bad!

Lady J said...

1. Kelly and Mark
2. Matthew Broderick
3. Kate Winslet or Sandra Bullock
4. Lea Michele from Glee sounds good

mialou said...

1/2. Ripa/Consuelo
3. Matthew Broderick
4. Charlize Theron
5. Lea Michele

Just Another Blonde said...

Last one is either lea Michele or my fave super bitch HEIGL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all knew I was gonna bust that one out ;)

Rickatoo said...

don't think #5 would be Heigl, I would guess she's more than a C+ list with some movies, she's off TV and is anyone talking about THAT show anymore? I was thinking one of the DHs... wouldn't surprise me if Marcia Cross was a super diva bitch

Terri said...

1&2 Kelly and Mark
3 Nathan Lane
4 Kate Winslet
5 no idea

S.J. said...

What about Alan Cummings for #3?

Whitney said...

#1&#2 Kelly & Mark
#3 I thought NPH, but he's not C-list for TV. Maybe someone else from Rent? Jesse Green?
#4 Charlize
#5 Blake Lively. Kidding, it probably is Lea Michele.

Whitney said...

S.J. - I think Alan is a GREAT guess!

Drcocks said...

Why does everyone keep guessing Sandra Bullock. She can't shit without anyone knowing so don't you think we would have seen a ton of press if she had been spotted recently on a red carpet.

shazzzba said...


KellyLynn said...

I think you have them all sussed out, but I'll agree:

1&2: Kelly Ripa and Mr. Ripa (yeah, him)
3. Alan Cumming.
4. Kate Winslet (Even if it pains me to say that. I want to believe she's very sweet and down-to-earth, and was just caught on a bad night or was responding to invasive questioning. Yeah, that's a good spin.)
5. Lea Michele. I don't think the fame went to her head. I just think she was born a super diva bitch and found the right career for it.

Mooshki said...

At least Lea has the talent to back up her diva-ness, unlike, say, J.Lo.

Mooshki said...

Speaking of J.Lo, man do I hope her movie is a legendary bomb.

heatherhug said...

#5 - someone from Gossip Girl? Gossip = "everyone talks about all the time" That being said, I don't watch the show and they may all be fashion nightmares.

TinselSass said...
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Cancan said...

3. Liev Schriber
4. Kate, sadly
5. Jessica Szohr

pomme said...

1&2#~Ripa and her husband guess looks good
3# alan cumming guess :good
4# charlize theron guess is more logic :she was at the party for Damon's achievement career(if i remember well) whereas Bullock and Winslet are not out officially
5# blaire from "gossip girl"(i don't remember her name)

Borg Queen said...

1 & 2 - definitely Ripa & hubby
3 - Winslet - She may have been sweet and humble when she first came out, I have a feeling that Oscar went to her heard. There has been rumblings of Winslet bitchiness. Never has there been a story about Sandra.

The others I cant figure out.

livelaughlove said...

#5 is Lea. I have heard about her diva antics for a while. On Wednesday there was a Glee taping and they had an audience of extras and people were saying she was a total bitch. She pretty much thinks she is better than everyone else and that she is Glee.

James Aurus said...

the five of them were supposed to be at the same event.

Jaiden_S said...

1&2 Kelly and Mark
3 Nathan Lane
4 Kate Winslet Or Sandra B (i hope not!!)
5 Heigl or that chick from Glee

Sarah said... This is the event Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos hosted the other night. Alan Cummings was there as well as Susan Sarandon. It all fits. #5 - Jane Krakowski?

Cheryl said...

Definitely Kelly and Mark for 1 and 2
My first thought for 3 was Nathan Lane but he is more than B+ for stage so I'm liking the Alan Cumming guess and I've heard that he is sweet and funny. I want #4 to be Sarandon, but I've heard murmurs about Winslet being difficult. No idea on #5.

Tenley said...

I'm gonna throw out the name Reese Witherspoon for #4 just because she was the first one who came to my mind (I'm clearly alone on this!) and I've always secretly thought she seems like the type who would be a major b*tch behind the scenes and then smile that massively fake Legally Blonde smile in public

john said...

Impressions are kinda subjective... one person's bitch is another person's BFF so I take this with a pinch of salt.

Can't imagine either Kate or Sandra being a bitch but both are recently separated due to 'other women' (alleged with Sam Mendes) so maybe I'd be a bitch too if the press were up my nose.

PS Is it just me or is this event random in the extreme with C list's and A list's mingling freely. Shouldn't the C list's be penned off from the A list's in case they rub off on them? ;-)

Jingle Belle said...

Off topic...sorry! I'm tired of Glee focusing on Lea Michelle. She's not that good. The other female singers are better than her. And while I'm on the subject, they should let Arty and Curt sing more because the guys they let sing suck.

The show has stopped being funny. I hope they step it up.

S.J. said...

@Sarah: Thanks for that link! You made my day!!!

Em Cue Em said...

1 & 2: Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
3: Neil Patrick Harris
4: Kate Winslet
5: Lea Michelle

Mary said...

3: Taye Diggs
5: Definitely Lea Michele.

No idea about the rest, I'm just thinking the event could be Glee's spring premiere party

HautieTx said...

Sandra Bullock can be removed from the list simply cause she is not out roaming around at any event. And has not been anywhere near a public event in over a month.

And I think the same can be said of Kate Winslet.

These girls are not out and about looking for exposure.

Too bad Julia Roberts is still married or she would be my guess for #4. LOL!

Charlie said...

1/2 Betty White & Allen Ludden as long as she has him vertical.

3. Beaver Cleaver aka Jerry Mathers.

4. Jennifer Loveless Hewitt

5. Julia Louis Dreyfuss

Tia C said...

#1&2: Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos
#3: Alan Cumming
#4: Has to be Kate Winslet
#5: Katherine Heigl

kat said...

here's the event.

kelly and mark, alan c, susan s, confirmed. is jane k 5/

kat said...
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hayleymaygray said...

Oh for heaven's sake, Heigl is NOT C+ list. Do you all live under rocks?

Joe said...

Are you people nuts who keep saying Winslet????
Can't see her being a bitch in public and HautieTx is right--I don't think she or Bullock have been out in public lately.

It's probably Charlize.

DanaSStar said...

#4 Charlize Theron of course

ctkat1 said...

The 5 were all at the same event, and since I'm pretty sure 1&2 are Kelly and Mark, I'm guessing it was in NYC. Therefore, my guesses are:

1&2 Kelly and Mark
3 Nathan Lane
4 Susan Sarandon (co-owns that ping pong club in NYC, spends a lot of time there recently), Kate Winslet (filming Mildred Pierce in NYC), Charlize Theron (no idea what she's up to, but she can travel) NOT Sandra Bullock, only because she's sequestered at home in LA.