Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

It was probably one hell of an after party.
What has Emma Roberts done to herself? She now looks just like everyone else in this town.
Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford.
Long time no see on a red carpet for Harvey Walden.
Julie Bowen and her adorable twins.
Jeffrey Donovan promoting Burn Notice.
They almost seem like a normal couple. Almost.
Goldie Hawn staring at her daughter's new breasts.
A mini Sex And The City reunion. Kyle MacLachlan and Chris Noth.
Kelly Osbourne from the front and
from the back.


RJ said...

Wasn't Emma Roberts a popular guess for the A-list youngster that did a bunch of coke and had sex with a guy at a party on a bunkbed in front of fellow partiers? This picture certainly looks like a drug addict. Back away from the powder, and reach for a cheeseburger, Emma.

delilah said...

agree w/ Emma...but is she a-list?
also, was that a Jonas reveal?

Lisa (original) said...

*Goes off to google who the hell Emma Roberts and Julie Bowen are.
On second thought, I don't really give a shit.

Missjenny619 said...

Is it just me or does it seem like Kathie Lee Gifford and Mariah Carey are becoming twins?

Robert said...

I got a laugh looking at the picture of Kathie Lee and Frank "The Human Love Machine" Gifford. Wow.

nunaurbiz said...

Chris Noth is looking gooooood! :-d

I so would have liked to have heard the conversations with Sir Elton after this top photo and the next batch!!!!!!!! :-O

Harvey looks like a normal guy here, not scary at all! Almost didn't recognize him.

Mango said...

Despite Eric Roberts attempts to keep Emma away from the drink and drugs, it looks like she's been hitting both pretty hard.

That pic of Kathie Lee Gifford reminds me of those SNL skits in which Kristen Wiig plays her. Wiig has that goofy look NAILED.

I LOVE BURN NOTICE! Even though Michael Westen is supposed to be the bag, Sam is my favorite.

Kelly Osbourne looks great.

Susan said...

Love the pic of Kyle and Big.

Goldie Hawn has seen better days.

I think Kelly Osbourne's ensemble from the front is aging her, not in a good way.

nancer said...

holy cow, emma. that wholesome, innocent look sure doesn't last long in hollyweird, does it?

Leah said...

Emma needs to stay away from the "sun-in"
She looks bland.

LOVE Burn Notice. I love how if I close my eyes I can't tell if it is him or Jerry Seinfeld.

I love Julie Bowen - her twins are big and bald/fuzzy blond hair ! Hilarious!

audieh_1 said...

Hey Don't diss Goldie. She's getting old. At least she hasn't gone the same route as Joan Rivers who talks out of her navel now.

MCH said...

I love Elton.

I get Emma Roberts and Emmy Rossum confused solely b/c I really don't know who either one is and they have similar names.

@Lisa - Julie is on Modern Family, which is IMO, one of the only GREAT comedies on TV currently.

That is a BAD pic of Goldie.

I'm not a huge Big fan but Chris Noth looks HOT there.

nancer said...

uh....goldie hawn has had plenty of plastic surgery. she looks awful, IMO. i'm old too but when you get to a certain age, nobody wants to see your cleavage or your upper arms anymore. goldie hasn't learned that yet and she needs to.

Monica said...

More Jeffrey Donovan and Burn Notice! Is he gay? Who isn't, right?

Momster said...

Can't wait for Burn Notice to air new episodes next month. We need a pic of Bruce Campbell!

Kelly Osborne looks lovely.

Those purple trunks look painted on!

bionic bunny! said...

kelly looks great! i had to tune in to that ass, "dr" phil to see her, and i thought she comported herself wonderfully.
never thought i'd live to say that about ANY osbourne, and i've always liked ozzy!

Annabel Manners said...

Well hello, Mr. Big.

In other news, I would so love to style Goldie. A little deep conditioning, a few wardrobe tweaks... vast improvements!

B626 said...

Frank & Kathie Lee make think 'Gee I should stay out of the sun!'

Jeffrey Donovan's got the greatest gig in the world.

john said...

No disrespect but the reason women start to morph into Hollywood clones is the EXACT reason this site exists. If they didn't, we'd be on here cutting them down with comments about their nose or their hair or something else that's not perfect. It's what we do now in society - we celebrity watch - and once you are being photographed everyday, it probably gets hard to ignore the critics (particularly women because they have it even harder in Hollywood). Not that it stops me from commenting but it's the reality.

john said...
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libby said...

That's a very good point john.

Re: age-appropriate clothing---ITA agree that Goldie needs to stop with the hoochie-surfer look. To me, it's not so much her age, but her responsibility as a mother and now a grandmother to dress just a bit more modestly. Any sleeve would do!
It's embarrassing to see a mother or grandmother with kids that are ashamed. (See: The Empress of Lucite.)

Steph said...

Drugs are what happened to Emma Roberts. :/

Tara said...

LOL Steph, I saw your comment and all I could think was, "Drugs are bad, m'kay?" ;-)