Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Heather Tom/Katie Logan. One and the same for me.
This is a new look for James Cromwell.
This is definitely a new look for Jon Gosselin. He also got paid for the pictures, so probably not entirely out of love.
Jake G on the way to a work out.
Josh Lucas and Ivanka Trump. Most of the time she seems pretty indifferent when she poses with people. She seems a little more into this photo op.
Kate Bosworth trying to get away unnoticed from
Alexander Skarsgard's place.
Kate Hudson stealing the limelight from her celebrity boyfriend - Take 34
Kylie Minogue - Glastonbury
Is it just me or has Kelly Osbourne crossed over into Tori Spelling skinny territory.
Kristen Wiig and my favorite, Jack McBrayer. I think he and Tracy Morgan should have a television channel all to themselves.
LaLa Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony.
Marie Osmond took her son as her date to the Daytime Emmy's.


not on my dollar said...

I think Kelly Osborne still has a way to go before she turns into Tori Spelling skinny.

I'm glad Marie Osmond is getting out and hopefully having some fun.

Mooshki said...

As if Jon weren't already douchey enough. Ugh.

I can't imagine any heterosexual female who wouldn't be into that particular photo op!!!

Kelly is skinny, but not Tori skinny. Even Posh is not Tori skinny.

Patty said...

Kelly is skinnier than we are used to seeing from her, but she is not in the Tori skinny range.

not on my dollar said...

Tori is now just tits and bones. Sad but true.

juicy said...

tell me its NOT so that jack mcbrayer isn't coming back to 30rock.

blech. that tat on jon g. is beyond hideous, just knowing what's on the other side.

jess said...

Ivanka looks good.
-I still can't believe that Matt Bellamy is dating Kate Hudson
-Kelly O. is looking skinny but not scary, she just needs to tone up and stop losing weight.

Gretchen said...

Jon Gosselin's back tattoo: AAAAHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

That is the STUPIDEST tattoo ever. DUDE, seriously, are you trying to be the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or what?

mngddess said...

Does anyone know who designed Heather Tom's dress?? Anyone??

Gretchen said...

Oh yeah, and I think the dragon on Jon's back has the face of Wile E. Coyote.

mygeorgie said...

Heather Tom will always be Victoria Newman to me.

I'm more concerned about Kelly's old lady hair color than her weight right now.

Lana's Blog said...

That's a lot of back Gosselin.

Kelly isn't Tori skinny, but I think she's skinnier than her body is going to want to stay for very long.

Kate is soooo slutty. Nice gumball, what are you, 10?

Skaaaaaaaaaasgaaaaaaard and all these celebs have the oddest doorways.

selenakyle said...

I know I'm whack, but Cromwell is one hella-sexy old man.

selenakyle said...

And oh, mngoddess...your avatar is breath-taking in it's stunning manliness.

Gawd, I bet that man smells goooooooood.

MCH said...

That dragon does look like Wiley Coyote! Its supposed to represent Kate and the scrolls are the names of all his children so he never forgets.


I think Josh Lucas is a good actor but I don't really find him all. Same with Skarsgard.

Jack & Tracy are my favorites too, Enty! :)

MadLyb said...

MCH - I agree that Jake G is extremely hot and I could care less if he is Toothy Tile. I only find Askars attractive when he's in character as 'Eric'. In person he's kind of 'blah'. On the other hand, I didn't find Stephen Moyer all that appealing because he just seems like he'd be a dumb pretty boy. Then I saw him in interviews and he has a great personality - witty and humble. Not at all like I suspected.

I'm pained that Kate Hudson is dating Matthew Bellamy. I don't have much against her - I just don't want her to steal Matt's genius or something like that.

chihuahuense said...

Cromwell looks a lot like my grandfather...but he usually plays a bitchy scary dude, and my Grandpa was nice :)

Marie Osmond scares me though.

Dick Insideu said...

Kristen Wiig looks very fuckable. She's annoying as shit on SNL. Jack McBrayer is annoying as shit as well.

Kate Boswell has beautiful tits. Isn't Alexander Skarsgard a homo who likes to take all comers uo his ass?

Jerry said...

If Jack McBrayer and Jesse Tyler Ferguson ever teamed up my TV would be set to Permanent On.

Melody the First said...

Glad Marie is getting out, glad she's having fun, wish she didn't wear dresses that look like a bordello lampshade, however.

RocketQueen said...

Marie O. looked WEIRD on the Emmy's - so much work on her face it barely looked like her :(

I agree Kelly is getting scary skinny.