Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Fergie seems to be borrowing fashion ideas from UPS drivers now.
Who are these two women? They are Karen Duffy and Elisabetta Canalis.
One is George's ex and one is not an ex...yet.
I'm hoping Heidi is wearing a wig or promoting a line of Raggedy Ann dolls.
And because Julianne Moore was smiling for the paps, she didn't notice the truck that plowed into her.
Joe Pesci playing golf without his hat? Or cigar? The world is ending.
See? To prove it, John Daly managed to show up for an event. In swimsuit, but he did show up.
The same look Julia Roberts has had for 20 years so I gave you some
Javier Bardem to make it better.
You know, I am not one to knock celebrities for doing some charity work, BUT, you would think Katharine McPhee would at least make it look like she was stuffing boxes with meals.
The dress and the clutch under the arm does not really present a convincing argument.
I mean look at Dominic Fumusa, the guy came to work. Because of that we will choose to ignore the fact he decided to take a picture with Kelly Bensimon.


not on my dollar said...

Julia Roberts wears black dress/skirt to every occasion, but I do like her shoes this time.

Lady J said...

Javier Bardem is delicious.

I love Joe Pesci.

Heidi's baby is adorable!

nancer said...

i just love john daly. what a character.

and WHY must i be subjected to kelly 2 days in a row????

RocketQueen said...

OMG Heidi's little one is GORGEOUS and ADORABLE and I am NOT one for loving babies.

I really wish Fergie would stop parting her hair in the middle. It's not doing her ANY favours.

Shmooey said...

Man, Clooney is looking rough!
How old is he?

I have never seen the appeal at all, not even during his ER days. Just hype.

nancer said...

hey, clooney has always done it for me. loved him young, love him now. he's a real man---not some wimpy little chest-shaving, gooey-haired pussy.

califblondy said...

Heidi's hair looks good when it's fixed, but isn't everyone's? Not many of us have wash and wear hair.

What in the hell is Kelly wearing? Who matched up that outfit? Humpty Dumpty?

nunaurbiz said...

Now, let's not say anything bad about Kooky Kelly Bensimon because she never, ever, EVER says anything bad about anyone else!!!! Ho-bag!!!! LOL

DK who Dominic Fumusa is to this point, but I hope he gets fumigated before I meet him ;-)

Ooooh, Enty, don't tease me when it comes to Clooney! You know how much I lust him!!!!


K said...

So sad....I LOVED the book Eat, Pray, Love (even patterned some of my travels a couple of years ago on sections of it). But I will NOT see the movie because Julie Roberts is in it. Simply cannot stand her persona and will not support her with my hard earned bucks.

I'll go see Tom Cruise movies before I go see a Julie Roberts movie.

Tallulah said...

Enty, please put a ban on that horrible Kelly Bensimon STAT! Hate hate hate her!

Danielle said...

Dominic Fumusa plays Edie Falco's husband in Nurse Jackie- great show and I absolutely love him altho I don't like when he gets mad in the show.. kinda scary. He's goregeous though!

Danielle said...


Sherry said...

George Clooney looks really pissed!

Kelly B. is a freak show.