Friday, June 04, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

I'm going out on a limb here and say that what Kid Rock is drinking isn't Diet Coke, and is probably not his first. T.I. doesn't seem to be joining him though.
Luther Campbell holding a kid. Wow. 20 years ago I never thought that would be possible or that I would even remember him.
I'm pretty sure Lil' Jon uses the same dentist as Lil' Wayne.
Meanwhile, Paul Wall seems to have UPC Codes on his teeth.
Speaking of teeth, Renata sent me this link to Lindsay's Twitter. @skydogv impacted, 2 of them- not all 4! thank goodness! but also having 2 root canals this coming week! TORTURE!!!!!!!!! it's just MEAN! It is also a chance for her to stay drugged.
Lindsay looks disgusted at this shirt, but
Thomas Jane seems to like it.
Meanwhile, Justin Guarini goes in search of free makeup.
Lea Thompson seems very happy.
I have to say that if Minnie Driver asked me out, I would probably say yes.
Not going to say yes to Maggie Gyllenhaal. Do brown shoes go with black dresses?
Big Mike and his baby girl.
It will really suck if Neal McDonough is ever embroiled in some scandal.


chopchop said...

If I hired a personal trainer and someone the size of Big Mike showed up, I'd want my money back. Just sayin'.

Patty said...

Ah, love that pic of big Mike and his little girl.

.robert said...

Would a 23 year old need to have root canals done?

RocketQueen said...

How does a 23 year old let her teeth get that bad? Oh right. Snorting coke.

T.I. is so hot it hurts.

J-Mo said...

I cracked a molar from grinding my teeth at night, not drug related in my case.

J-Mo said...

oh, and needed a root canal to repair it, that was the point of my post.

SkittleKitty said...

@.robert: a dentist who isn't that great doesn't help.
My husband had the first root canal that I was around for at age 25, but I think he'd already had one before that. He's had at least 1-2 more since then, too!
He's never been a drug addict or used any other substance (like alcohol or sweets) to excess either!

Sylvia said...

I don't understand what the big deal is of a root canal. I had one done and the only thing was that the doc put a shot on my gums and that was it while he worked on the tooth for about an hour or so.

It will really suck if Neal McDonough is ever embroiled in some scandal.<-------Enty is their something you know that we dont'??? lol

Syko said...

You know, I rented "Crazy Heart" last night, loved Bridges, Duvall and Farrell - but Maggie Gyllenhaal irritated the hell out of me with her posture. Always standing with shoulders and pelvis thrust forward. I wanted to poke her in the back with a pencil and tell her to stand up straight.

Majik said...

Sylvia....I'm glad you caught that, too--has anyone heard anything??

Jamie's Girl said...

I hope not about McDonough. Seems like a good guy because he wouldn't do any sexual scenes. We can use our imagination, anyway.

Look, I love that photo of Big Mike and his baby. Usually a one-handed grasp is shakey. His is absolutely solid. Me likey!

ellapetal said...

@Sylvia & Majik - I think what Enty is referring to is that Neal McDonough has been fired or quit a job (I can't remember which) because he wouldn't do intimate sceens with another woman. I can't recall if it's because he doesn't want to disrespect his wife or if it's religious beliefs. But he was definitely standing his moral ground.

not on my dollar said...

Yes you can definitely jack up your teeth without doing drugs. I knew a five year old who had to have five teeth pulled. Too much sugar.

Lindsay no doubt has very poor eating habits which can contribute to tooth decay.

nunaurbiz said...

Lea looks GREAT! You go, girl!

Maybe Thomas Jane put the shirt on BECAUSE Lindsey didn't like it. He already has crazy waiting at home for him!

Lissette said...

Wow! Yes, I thought at first, "something weird with Neal McDonough," but remembered the job thing.
Hope that's what it is.

chihuahuense said...


I feel sorry that has to get anywhere close to those guys with all those blinged out teeth. I can only imagine with tooth rot and metal smells like.

Lea always strikes me as the older-lady-trying-hard-to-be-young type. Even when she was young.

I can't stand that Mike dude. I only saw the show once at my parents, but all that lip licking and "can you believe that I am a big hulking guy, but so sensitive" shit got so old so quick.

Neal has a seriously dorky outfit on. Seriously.

Mango said...

Hmmmmm, I wonder if Enty's comment is a thinly veiled clue that he's Minnie Driver's baby daddy.

(Kidding, guys!)

Mooshki said...

Ooh, I like the way your mind works, Mango! ;)

MCH said...

T.I. is adorable....

WTF is Justin Guarini wearing????

Charlie said...

I love Thomas Jane but that hairpiece or critter on top of it has to go. We know Tom that the vast majority of men your age are losing their hair.

If you ever want to see a good picture, watch Tom Jane in "Stander" (2003) Based on a true story filmed in South Africa.