Friday, July 16, 2010

Oksana's Busted Mouth - Mel Allowed To Stay With Child Overnight

I think we all pretty much knew this day was coming. The day Radar released the photo of Oksana's mouth and the damage that Mel Gibson's fist caused to said mouth. As bad as it is, I actually thought it was going to be much worse. It is nothing like Rihanna's face. However, the picture (click here for the picture) was also taken by Oksana's dentist and he was focused on her teeth and not the rest of her face. So, it is really dark and hard to see if she has black eyes or any other bruising.

It is obvious she got clobbered. It looks like one veneer is missing and that another tooth is chipped. The fact that she is not missing entire teeth is probably the reason Mel's lawyers issued this a-holish statement when asked about missing teeth.

"Not true... her teeth are in her mouth according to our information."

They are in her mouth, but he still punched her. She was still holding their baby. Oh, and get this. Even with all the tapes, the bruising of the baby, and the picture of Oksana's damage, the judge denied Oksana's request and Mel will still be allowed to see his baby anytime during the day and he gets one overnight visit per week. Huh? I don't know if the judge has a crush on Mel Gibson or what, but I would never let Mel be alone with that baby. Ever.


Lady J said...

It has been stated by her dentist that the photos that are posted on Radar have been doctored with and she looked nothing like that. There are also reports that the recordings have been doctored as well.

The Real Icecat said...

Now, I am not defending Mel (scumbag from hell) AT ALL. But, something just isn't right with the picture. No bruising around her mouth, no fat lip, etc..

While I'm sure he beat on her...A lot of people (myself included) are questioning this photo...Not by any means did I want to see her a bloody pulp, but I also thought it would be worse. You also cannot see her eyes good enough to tell if she has other bruises around her face...

Please don't hate on me too much..

Michaela said...

Maybe Radar are the ones doctoring the tapes and this pic?

I'm on her side. He is one cruel man.
He even said himself on the tape, that he has no friends.

shakey said...

I see what you're saying, Real Icecat (I had no idea there was a fake one in our midst). I found that strange, too. However, rather than punching her he could have shoved her or done something to have caused this. We'll never know because we weren't there.

surfer said...

I am not a cynical person by nature, but I think this just reinforces most people's beliefs that stars do get preferential treatment by the courts.

Despite the evidence that (we assume) was presented yesterday on Oksana's behalf, what could Mel's side have shown for there to be no change to the custody arrangement?

Just the tapes alone should have had the judge siding with Oksana. Better to err on the side of caution, than possibly have something worse happen.

Just my thoughts.

Lady J said...


I agree. I am not defending him in ANYWAY BUT it is looking/sounding more like she got fed up with the situation and decided to turn the tables on him. I understand what she was trying to do but in doing it she is also sullying her own reputation. If she really wanted this situation to work in her favor she should have pressed charges then instead of waiting several months and releasing the pictures and recordings to an online gossip site. She loses credibility, and if the recordings and photos are in fact doctored as a lot of people are stating then nothing that she states will hold water in court. This situation is bad all the way around.

Jenny said...

Some things don't add. Mel is a jerk, but I have a lot of doubts about Oksana. Guess I'll have to wait for the full story to unfold.

nunaurbiz said...

I just have to say that no one I know who has EVER been punched in the face and had tooth damage had two chipped teeth. Punches don't do that. Punches knock whole teeth out. You chip teeth when you hit them on something.

Not defending Mel's ALLEGED actions, and no big fan of his, but this whole thing reeks too me. I said it before, what little I've heard of the tapes (because I've tried to go out of my way not to listen) sound very doctored to me. He's ranting and she's meekly making statements?

I'm withholding judgment.

pablo said...

doesn't tmz have emails or something to do with extortion? it's obvious this man is a jerk, but i so do not want to believe that this woman has set a trap in order to get more money.

maybe robin can raise this love child?

blondegossip said...

Again, hope he drinks himself to death. Everyone is better off without him in their lives.

I hope that idiot judge can sleep at night, especially when the baby is beaten to death by its father in a drunken rage.

jess said...

nunaurbiz took the words out of my keyboard. I think the same about her teeth, when a teeth breaks like that it's usually because of a direct hit (like a table or the floor). Sure I'm not a dentist or an expert but when my mom broke hers when she feel to the ground it truned out like that.

I'm afraid that if she's lying about some of the facts then Mel would go free as if nothing has happened.

Melody the First said...

Everyone who ISN'T DEFENDING HIM IN ANY WAY, sure the hell sounds like they're trying to find ANY reason to DEFEND HIM. Give me a break. Did you people not see that photo? Look at her eyes. There is definite swelling there. Bruising isn't always obvious right away. Broken teeth are.

Beyond which fact, HE KNOCKED HER CAP OFF AND CHIPPED HER TOOTH! What, so he gets extra credit for his blue eyes?

Unbelievable. Utterly.

Mooshki said...

No matter what the truth is, the judge should have erred on the side of caution and not allowed unsupervised visits until the case is resolved. Maybe the phone tapes were manipulated in some way, but no matter what spin she may have put on it, he is clearly violent.

jax said...

i'm sorry,unless she had a gun to Mel's head and hit Record...none of it fucking matters! he said those words to her,he DID this to her.
i seriously don't care if she had a script,a sound engineer and a full editing suite to get this out there...those are his words from his mouth,no matter how you edit it he is a monster.

notice his ex wife released a statement saying he never physically abused her? she repeatedly expressed there was no physical abuse and not once mentioned verbal. how convenient.

Mooshki said...

Melody, I don't think most people are defending him, just saying that we are only getting one side of the story, and it may not be completely true. I think everyone knows he's an asshole, the question is just how much of an asshole he is.

pablo said...

right, mooshki.

jess said...

@Melody the First

I'm not defending him in anyway, I didn't even liked the guy before. At least on my part, what I'm saying is that if there's something that is not true in her story, it might be bad for her and her child and Mel could go unpunished.

Melody the First said...

Mooshki, there can be no other side when someone brutalizes and terrorizes another human being. Can she punch him out? Has she pulled a gun out? Gibson has made an ongoing declaration of every infinitesimal character flaw this poor woman has. You think violence and a gun wouldn't have been mentioned? All she has done is deny him sex and dress the way she wants to.

If this were Some Little Known Black Celebrity, everyone would be rightfully calling for his head. Because it's Mel Gibson, people are trying to find "his side."


Melody the First said...

@jess, sorry, I call cognitive dissonance on this one. Disingenuously trying to say "oh, something's wrong with her story" and then trying to suggest you're saying it for her sake?

It's the same as George Bush saying "he takes full responsibility" while adding that "nothing is his fault."

Rickatoo said...

can we assume that since there is a restraining order that prevented her from releasing the tapes, that even if any editing was done to the tapes we are hearing, the originals are being heard by the court?

Mooshki said...

Here's what TMZ says:

Although Dr. Shelden sees no evidence of a strike to the mouth, he does have a different scenario. We've learned Dr. Shelden believes Oksana was struck in the left temple, which caused her to bite down so hard, one veneer was completely knocked out and another was damaged. The charts reflect that Oksana's teeth were fully intact.

chihuahuense said...

@Jax (i'm sorry,unless she had a gun to Mel's head and hit Record...none of it fucking matters! he said those words to her,he DID this to her.
i seriously don't care if she had a script,a sound engineer and a full editing suite to get this out there...those are his words from his mouth,no matter how you edit it he is a monster.)

or it could be a crazy kinky sex talk acted out by two jackhole pervs.

Brandi said...

I am not a Mel Gibson fan. I've never been a Mel Gibson fan.

That being said, if any of these photos or tapes are doctored in any way, I'm going to be seriously pissed off at Oksana, because she'll be doing a huge disservice to domestic violence victims everywhere. DV is a deadly serious topic, and it doesn't have to be sensationalized. Show us what he did--what he really did--without embellishment. I promise you, whatever it is, the truth will be more powerful than anything that's been altered.

I also think it hurts her credibility to be releasing these to a tabloid. If she wants help, or if she wants to expose him for the abuser that he apparently is, she could work with a legitimate domestic violence organization. That would give her so much more credibility than what she's doing.

The judge's ruling is perplexing to me, and that alone is making me think there is way more here than meets the eye.

Ms Cool said...

Lots of things smell fishy with this chick. HOWEVER, as others have said - Mel said all those abusive, nasty things. Can't erase any of it.

LA hooker said...

When all's said and done, she was involved with a major movie star, and dealing with them is a double-edged sword. When you get that far at the top, you know the right people for hire who can spin anything or "make certain things" go away for extremely high fees.

These "clean up" people are not your media darlings either.

jess said...

@Melody the First

Ok, if she says something, a fact, and it turns out that it's not the whole truth, can she get full custody? can the judge have Mel thrown in jail for domestic violence for a reasonable long time?. See, things change if she's not being completly honest and that's the point I'm making.

I have doubts about the tooth because I think that the force neeed to break it would need a hard surface, if a punch in the face can take a little part but not the entire teeth...then I've learn something new today.

And I hope she is saying everything as it happened because it would be wrong to let the bastard get away and for her to be taken as a liar. I hope you can understand what I'm saying.

Pookie said...

ave maría purísima sin pecado concevido.


shady, shady, shady.

still tho, career over for mel. don't care how doctored or manipulated the tapes or pictures are, or how much of a gold-digger oksana is. mel does not deserve any sort of custody, and oksana does deserve some sort of financial support.

Mooshki said...

Melody, I'm certainly not taking his side! I'm just saying we may not know the entire truth. I wouldn't let him see the kid or Oksana, but I wouldn't send him to jail without the police investigating, which they are. I think it's probable the tapes are accurate, but there's a small chance she edited them to make it sound like he admitted hitting her. Is he hateful and evil? Yes. Did he hit Oksana while she was holding their child? I don't know.

angelina said...

The dentist is saying he saw a bruise on her temple and believes that her tooth injury was due to the effects of being punched in the head, and then she bit down hard on her teeth. The bruise on her temple would make sense with her claim that she also had a concussion.

Patty said...

Mel is a raving, lunatic, a$$hole. She is a vindictive gold digger, IMO. This is now up to the courts and police to sort out. Hopefully, the real truth comes out.

Melody the First said...

I don't care who she is, as I said yesterday. I don't care if she's a monster. No one deserves to be talked to like that. No one deserves to be brutalized like that. She has damage to her teeth. There is swelling around her temple and eye socket.

How on earth can anyone be suggesting there's "another side"? There can be no other side to this. We're not talking about a simple argument.

sunnyside1213 said...

I agree with Melody the one deserve what she got.

Mooshki said...

Melody, I think I'm just not explaining myself properly. I agree with your first paragraph 100%! The other stuff is just technicalities, none of which absolve him from being an evil asshole.

Bad Fish said...

Who the fuck cares if the tapes are doctored--that doesn't change the fact that he's an abusive mad man on them, threatening her life. I don't give a shit how calm she sounds. When I was in an abusive relationship, I knew exactly how to keep my cool, unwisely thinking I could get out of it if I just didn't trigger his anger. False.

iheartjacksparrow said...

"Who the fuck cares if the tapes are doctored--"

Because maybe everything she says is a lie. I'm totally impartial in this entire matter, but if she had such a great case against him, why does she need to alter the evidence? ABC News is saying she was using a pro microphone to record her voice. Why? Because what she said was added later? And in most of the tapes Mel sounds like he's having sex while he's yelling. Maybe they were having sex together, and he likes to yell obscenities during said sex, and she had a microphone under the bed, which is why he sounds like he's three states away. Then someone splices things together to make a case for him abusing her. I've seen the photo, and my teeth looked worse when I accidentally bit down on an un-popped kernel of popcorn and busted two of my teeth.

Bad Fish said...

The tape being doctored doesn't change what he said. Doesn't change the fact that he threatened to bury her in the rose garden. If you're so impartial then why make arguments for him? 'Cause YOU'RE NOT

timebob said...

This should be a supervised visits he shouldn't be alone with that kid at all.

I don't think he even wants the baby he just wants to us Lucia as leverage over Oksana. Like a good sociopath would do.

Honestly I wish Robyn could raise the kid alone and Mel & Oksana spontaneously implode.

Nosey Parker said...

The tape being doctored doesn't change what he said...

No, but it could change what she said. Maybe she was verbally abusing him but edited it out.

RocketQueen said...

@Melody the First - thank you for all you've said - couldn't agree more. I honestly don't even care to hear any more about this case or anything about mitigating factors, etc. My mind about Mel is made up. I have all the information I need.

Lizzie said...

I've been a Mel Gibson fan for years, and I've loved most of his movies.
I would like to know the whole story, but I'm doubting very much it can make my stomach feel better from the bile turning upon hearing his own words. I don't trust her, but she didn't say those things, he did.
As far as his wife defending him, it may be very possible he wasn't abusive towards her, as I still find it hard to believe that there has Never been any kind of rumor that he was abusive to his family.
I mean, I'm always reading rumors about Sean Connery's drinking problems, and then his temper,or rumors of John Travolta and being gay,(there was once a photo of him kissing a guy ..etc.)But with Mel,how come we've never heard anything?
It doesn't ofcourse mean he didn't, just odd that someone with his star status has never had that rumor.
And ,Maybe, the judge has all the evidence, and knows the whole story, or is star struck. I don't know.
this whole thing is sickening! Of course his wife, could be like my Mom, and would have never said anything to anyone about how abusive my stepfather was towards her. Us kids, we spoke up! So would our friends. This is why, I wondered, as there hasn't never been anything, rumor wise, from the kids, or from the friends of the kids.
this whole thing makes me sad, and then a baby being in the center. So Scary.
Oh, My goodness, I know I'm double talking, but, this is how I'm feeling, One moment, I'm thinking, he's a "mental case", and then "well, but do we know if this is true", or "that is true"..etc. And now these photos aren't like what was described..
I'm ending with this, My daugher worked with someone who worked with Actors quite a bit, and she told my daughter that she would Never get involved with someone who was an actor for a living, as it was almost scary how they could turn on one character, and turn off another. They were basically professional liars, and were amazingly good at it.

Lurker said...

Two sides to every story, and I don't think that Ms. Osanka will get what she wants!

Kat said...

Her son and their baby are the ones that concern me. Children should never be involved in this kind of blatant craziness.

I'm with those of you who think that 'something in the milk ain't right' when it comes to Oksana. No, she should not have been hit or abused in any way, shape or form, but let's get real: this woman has been gunning for fame and fortune the whole way. While I completely abhor what Gibson did and basically everything he stands for at the moment, I think the woman is, and has always been, an opportunist. He should spend some time in jail for the abuse, sure, but I think that before we deem Oksana martyr, we should take a good long pause and consider what sort of woman she is. It would be naive to assume she played no part in any of this.

ms said...

"It would be naive to assume she played no part in any of this."

Kat, I'm confused by this. I'm sorry but I refuse to let Mel off any hook and transfer blame to her. I don't care what she did, I'm sure he's familiar with his own temper. All he had to do was walk away and have his attorneys handle it. She didn't deserve any of that toxic garbage that came out of his mouth. And she certainly didn't deserve to get hit. No matter what "part she played"

bionic bunny! said...

the local news had harvey levin (tmz) talking about how the photo seemed fishy. i think it's sour grapes on his part, somebody else broke the story.

and he could have smacked her anywhere on her head, even her shoulder if he did it hard enough. for one thing, serial abusers are very, very good at making sure the bruises don't show. the broken teeth very easily could be from her biting down hard-- i had a seizure 3 years ago, and the damage done to my entire body, much less my teeth and tongue, was unbelievable. oh, he hit her alright.
and i don't think robyn has a choice but to defend him. he's holding SOMETHING over her head, i'd put money on it.

Dove said...

Since Mr. Gibson didn't have any qualms repeatedly spewing his vulgarity, he should have no problem hearing about them.
Perhaps, they now offend his soul, only because he himself has to hear them repeated.

Since he was unrepentant when he confirmed he hit her with child in arms, by saying she 'deserved' it,
the 'Ranting, Panting Mel' should not have a problem when his actions become public.

Seems he prefers giving a hit rather than taking a hit in the news.

Since Mel loves to rant and huff and puff let him be privileged to hear how aggressive and hate-filled his rantings are.
No denying, it is His voice and His choice of insulting words.
Must be his favorite insults because he does like to repeat them, doesn't he?

But, hey, let it go, he's an upstanding, faithful husband and father who never hurt anyone.
Was he just recently bitten by vermin and infected with hate.
Nope, didn't think so!

According to his friends, poor Mel's the Victim! A truly patient, nice mannered, polite and tolerant fellow! And so he could be, to them.
So vilifying her is not to be unexpected, besides why risk a phone call from Mel.
Perhaps, the phrase "no one knows what happens behind closed doors' is unknown to them.

Poor Mel! No genius he. Such a schmuck to be taken in and abused by this woman and her son!
Imagine that!

Some say the calls were scripted.
Were these calls scripted?
Was Mr. Mad Max Gibson merely reading from a script, just practicing his lines, over and over again?
No sale! Not buying it!

His wants, His needs, His house, His employee, His demands, His sexual frustrations, His timetable and His poor empty wallet!

My take is that Mel from Hell blew his top, blew his cool, blew his public facade, blew his fake religious fervor and probably blew some of his money paying to be blown.

Now comes the damage control squad and, boy, have they got to get down and dirty to distract from the words and actions spewed by good old Mel.

Another Mel Gibson Crucifying Production!

He has chosen to crucify Oxsana.
Whipping her with his fist, spitting on her with profanity, lashing out at her young son and
using her to satisfy his sexual demands! I can almost see the white spittle frothing from the sides of his mouth! Ick! Nast!

I know justice is blind, I just didn't realize it's also deaf!

Still being allowed to have
custody of baby Lucia alone, unsupervised and overnight
makes me wonder how Mel's damage control squad managed that outcome.

As for releasing the tapes, hell's bells, I would have and so would you if you were on the receiving end of such a diatribe of filth and threats of violence.
This is not just one tape of him ranting and threatening.
This was a repeat performance by a man who desperatley needs help.

He betrayed: His Wife. His Daughters. His Sons. His Family. His Morals. His Faith. Himself!

But He doesn't blame himself.
He blames Oxsana for the choices HE MADE
She may not be lily white, none of us are, but no person, male or female deserves to be abused in such a fashion as this.

A raging alcoholic is an apt description of the MEL-t-down King.
Having dealt with such myself, I know from first hand experience a calm tone is always preferably used rather than adding fuel to the fire by yelling back.♠
Evidently, she has learned that fact from experience.

Addictions can happen to anyone.
I hope he gets the necessary therapy he desperately needs.
He is a man in torment but that does not excuse him from the consequences of his actions.

Sometimes, a very public rock bottom is necessary to save a life.
I hope it save his and by doing so protects all in his life.

Just my view . . .

Still A Thrill said...

Longtime reader, first post. This woman IS gold digging opportunist who UNFORTUNATELY picked the wrong mark.

Kelli said...

Is it me or does Oksana resemble a cross between Charo & Octo-mom????

ChasingHeaven said...

And again, this is why she can't call the cops the moment it happens. Look at all the evidence and he still gets an overnight with their daughter. Calling the cops would have just infuriated him further and who knows what he would have done. I'm freaked out by him now.

For the love of all things holy, STOP with the "I'm not defending him but..." or "It's not that bad..." or "She's just a gold digger" whether you intend to or not, your statements are downplaying the situation which only makes freaks like this feel like it's ok to do it. IT'S NOT OK. Do you mean to tell me rich people never abuse women? It really appears that way because anytime there's an accusation it seems shrugged off and the woman is immediately just labeled a gold digger. It takes a marriage to be one and he never had to marry her. Just another reminder: HE NEVER DENIED PUNCHING HER IN THE FACE WHILE SHE HELD THE BABY HE SAID SHE "F-ING DESERVED IT" !!!!

I swear this maddening talk of this crap is going to give me a stroke.

ChasingHeaven said...

Oh yeah, and another thing, if you were Mel Gibson what the hell would you say to try to get you out of this mess? Hmmm....I guess the ONLY OPTION IS TO SAY THE TAPES ARE DOCTORED. What else CAN he possibly say? Pushed her, shoved her, temple, face, whatever it's ALL IRRELEVENT. The heavy breathing you hear is called RAGE.

And OF COURSE he has something over Robin - It's the fact that she kept several children in an abusive relationship for years and didn't get out of it. If she admits to his behavior, she admits to taking some responsibility for any and all abuse their children suffered at the cost of her not being strong enough to get away and protect them.

Ok, I gotta go simmer. SIM-MAH- DOWN NOW! lol

ChasingHeaven said...

I'm so mad I'm nearly breathing like Mel now! :)

not on my dollar said...

Of course Robyn won't say anything, she probably just wants the abuse to go away. If she divorces him and never talks about it she can pretend it never happened. Shoving abuse under the rug is typical in families.

As far as Oksana goes I think if the tapes were doctored Mel would have sued her immediately for slander.

He abused her verbally and physically. End of story.

Kat said...


I actually said she didn't deserve to be hit, but I do not believe for one moment that she is a complete innocent in this situation. Like I said, Gibson should be held accountable for his actions because he is a violent individual and he needs to be punished. That said, there is always another side to the story, and I suspect that there is more to Grigorieva than what meets the eye.

Jamie's Girl said...

Somethings up. Where there's smoke, there's fire, but there was never smoke before with his wife with 8 kids. Enter a gold-digger, and now there's smoke. Something's not right in Denmark.

Also, it looks like her caps came off really malnutritioned, 3rd world country teeth. Sorry, if you've ever seen a fist fight, teeth are not broken in half or cut in half. They are knocked out at the root, so NO, MEL DID NOT DO THIS.

Melody the First said...

RQ, CH and the others who are pointing all this out, thank you, thank you. Mooshki, I am sure we essentially agree on this.

I cannot believe the other apologists on here for him. The new ones must be PR flacks or something. If not, you are being blinded by celebrity and trying to find *any reason* to make light of his behavior. HE ADMITS TO SOCKING HER IN THE TEETH! HE ADMITTED IT! HE ADMITTED TO KNOCKING HER TEETH OUT -- AND HE SAYS SHE DESERVED IT! HOW THE HELL COULD THERE POSSIBLY BE ANY DEFENSE OF THIS? I don't care if her teeth look like a Disney cartoon, it doesn't matter, he admitted to KNOCKING HER TEETH OUT WHILE SHE WAS HOLDING THEIR BABY! AND SAID -- GOOD GRACIOUS LORD -- THAT SHE DESERVED IT!

Seriously, what in the hell is wrong with some of you people? She couldn't doctor tapes ENOUGH to mitigate any of this.

Lizzie, some of the kindest, best people I've known have been actors. I know of major celebrities who've saved peoples' houses and not asked for a dime of publicity for it. De Kelley (Bones from the original Star Trek) once flew to a child's bedside who was dying of cancer. He did this without anyone watching -- press or otherwise. He stayed with the child until the end. He brought her tons of memorabilia. He comforted her family. And then he topped it off by paying her medical bills (even though De and his dear wife Carolyn ended up dying at the Actors Home). De Kelley was never anything but a decent, caring human being his whole life. A younger actor named Thomas Gibson who unfortunately shares Mel's name does many similar things. He has a lovely family. De and Thomas are only two of many -- the majority, in fact. Mel Gibson is an aberration who unfortunately conforms to a stereotype.

Actors aren't paid liars or any other thing. They are as individual as the actor himself or herself. California is filled with loads of cool people who live just like everyone else does. Many of these people are celebrities.

Mel Gibson is an abominable, obnoxious, homophobic, racist, misogynist ass. Even if he beat up the second most obnoxious person in the world, I would be writing all of this.

I apologize to the regulars for all the capital letter screaming. It was either that or have my head explode like a Scanner. lol

watcher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
watcher said...
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watcher said...

I haven’t listened to the recordings or seen the photos.

The judge will decide based on the evidence in court. We don’t know what that evidence is. We don’t know whether the judge has thrown out any evidence because it was considered unreliable, for example, doctored or exaggerated.

I am aware of a case where someone got out on bail because witness(es) at a bail hearing exaggerated a bit. They probably didn't think exaggerating a bit was a big deal because, to them, the accused person was obviously guilty. The bail hearing judge had doubts in his/her mind and, at that point, the forensic evidence was not ready. As a result, the bail hearing judge let the accused person out on bail. Normally it would be really tough to get bail for such a serious crime. In the end, the accused person was convicted. But because people exaggerated at the bail hearing, the accused was out on bail enjoying freedom for a couple of years while still young.

chihuahuense said...

I really don't know why there is all of this yelling. People have differing opinions on Oksana. Why does that matter? I think pretty much anyone can see that Mel is an ass. But being SKEPTICAL of the whole story does not mean that Oksana was due for abuse. Seriously, I think some of you need to take a reading comprehension class. PS, if we can't take what we hear and discuss it (ALL sides of the story) then aren't we all just like Kneepads who takes what ever story we are dished out?

Yes, he said those things. But when I said that maybe they were into pervy sex I was totally serious. It sounded like dirty talk sometimes. Anyway, my point is that the things that he said would never come close to coming out of my mouth, but you do need to take context into account. If he said "Fuck you, you dirty whore!" at a Thanksgiving dinner, that is different then if he said that because that's how they liked to talk in bed.

Anyway, I think that as "gossip lovers" we should be able to have a discussion without being made out to be pro-woman beaters or bigots. Point blank, Oksana does not pass my smell test. AND? I'm not apologizing for that. Get over it.

Melody the First said...

And I think you're wildly minimizing one of the worst cases of domestic abuse I've ever witnessed (and that's saying something). I don't think you pass the smell test.

Get over it.

chihuahuense said...

I'm over it.

Once again, you and others like you don't know how to have a conversation without making it a "me against you" situation.

Pardon anyone for having a differing opinion than you.


Lady Chatterly said...

what's up with attacking readers? nothing will ever change around here. opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

Nosey Parker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lizzie said...

Well Melody first,
I think there can be found many many many stories of Mel Gibson doing kind things for people, and it never got any press.
I didn't say "I" said those things about actors, but the person my daughter knew, did, and was dead serious about her interactions with them. I think you're taking things personal when you don't need too. It's her observation, and I do think she is right to a certain extent. She can't help what her experience was, plain and simple. It was what it was, and she walked away very disillusioned. Maybe it was different in NYC, either way it was her experience. And it wasn't just a few.
There really isn't any need to scream in capital letters. I dare say, most people reading all the facts are having mixed emotions about it, because of the fact that Mel Gibson has done so much for children charities. So please, maybe you should do a little more reading about his life, and realize how out of character this seems to those who have followed his career. I don't see many people here defending his actions, just trying to process it all. It's been a lot to take in.
And there are serious questions to be answered.
Maybe reading in a unbiased way would help, and see that this is a difficult thing see in someone you've liked in hollywood.
It has all been so horrible, the tapes are just horrific.

Nosey Parker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melody the First said...

Who attacked readers? I'm just stating my opinion of your opinions. You're not attacking me when you disagree either.

Lizzie, I don't give a damn if Mel Gibson brought people back from the dead. The bad things he has done cannot be overshadowed enough by the good he has done. I feel about him now the same way I do about Michael Jackson.

I do take personally blanket attacks made by people against my hometown and my friends. If someone came on here and said "all the plumbers in Philadelphia are sociopathic monsters," I would also expect people to protest -- and rightly so.

chihuahuense said...

I just have to laugh. I forgot what it is like to have a discussion with a moron. Is that attacking you? Not in your eyes, so I guess it isn't.

Doc Marten said...

The ONLY moron here is YOU. Don't you even THINK of calling my sister that. Is Mel Gibson an abusive asshole? YES. Is Oskana a gold digger? NO. She's a smart woman who did what she had to do to protect herself and her kid from a raging lunatic.

chihuahuense said...

I thought about it. I still think it.

Everything was copacetic until SHE had to say stuff about commenters instead of talking about the story. If she can say whatever she wants, then anyone can.

And PS I don't give a rat's ass what you think about Mel and Oksana--because, GUESS WHAT? It doesn't affect me! I'm tired of the raging lunacy around here and I won't bite my tongue anymore. It was a conversation--a discussion--about someone and something that we ALL have a right to comment on. And that's all we are doing. So stop making it your life's mission to tell us all how stupid we are for having a differing opinion.

Seriously, re-read the comments and if you have two brain cells to rub together you will see what a freakin' moron y'all sound like.

chihuahuense said...

I apologize for the name calling. I have resorted to the same childishness that I abhor, and I shouldn't have.

I should have said: nothing.

Lizzie said...

Meloday first,
No One was making a blanket statement about your home town! Again, I think you do need to go back read calmly what I wrote.
You said you were in California, I said she was in NYC. East Coast/West Coast. And it really was her experience. No one can take that from her. Maybe she was still raw from her experience, and said that "all" actor/actresses are good at coming in and out of Character etc. But you know, she is right, they do "pretend" for a living. It's not rocket science.
Again, Please go back and really read what I have written, as you are really taking things way too personal! I don't think the good that Mel Gibson has done, absolves him of his recent actions. I don't, nor did I say that in any way. Again, you are way too emotional about this, and aren't reading what is being said.
The only reason why I wrote what I wrote about the girls observations on Actor/Actresses, was because I was thinking, that maybe Mel Gibson was really good at being charming, when in reality he wasn't. Please don't read so much into what I wrote. This entire sight is mostly about Actors behaving immorally,self centered, and doing anything to get a head in the entertainment buisness regardless of who they hurt. And there seems to be more than just one or two.It seems to be the norm rather than not.
I'm sorry I hit a raw nerve, it was not my intention. I just wish it was possible to discuss this with out the drama.
This is an important issue, and we should all be able to express what we think, or wonder etc.


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