Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Real Housewife Wants You To Think She Is Bisexual

By my count, there have been three Real Housewives over the past few months who have revealed they either are a lesbian or prefer women or just want you to think they like women so the producers of the show will keep them. First there was Kim and then there was Danielle and now there is The Countess. I know. Two weeks ago she wanted you to see her with some young guy and now she wants you to know that she is perfectly willing to make out with a young woman for a few hours too.

According to The Enquirer, Countess LuAnn was at a club outside LA when she asked to borrow a cigarette from a young, tattooed, heavily pierced woman at the club. "LuAnn had a table and proceeded to feed the girl drinks, flirt and kiss for the rest of the night. She kept telling her how beautiful she was and how she reminded her of when she was younger. Her friends jokingly told LuAnn she was a lesbian cougar!"

Her friends also want you to know that LuAnn is not gay. Nope. She just likes to play with her sexuality.

This is all getting really boring. Let me know though when Simon makes a guest appearance on the Gay Housewives of New York.


MontanaMarriott said...

First they rehash old movies in Hollywood, now they rehash the Bi card, YAWWWWN are there no original ideas in Hollywierd?!?!!

The Real Icecat said...

Urgh. The DIScountess just needs to go away. She's probably only doing it because she the most boring peice of wet broccoli on the show (quote from MK) :)

selenakyle said...

I am now sadly hooked on RHONJ, something that is completely out of character for me.

But last night I caught most of the fiasco episode after the stupid fashion show and I want to punch Ashley in the mouth as hard as I can.

I yelled "Yay!" at the TV after her Dad cussed her smug ass out and put her in her place. Little bitch is too big for her britches.

And Danielle should get a Razzie Award for "worst overacting on the planet."

And I secretly really like Kim G. Kim D. on the other hand is a two-faced bee-yotch but I love to look at her.

Half of them are on coke, no doubt in my mind (but prolly not Jacqueline, Teresa or Caroline).

Teresa stirred the whole sh*t pot up, then acted innocent later.

They're a bunch of non-working, useless POSs that I simply cannot tear my eyes away from...gyahhh!

Rickatoo said...

I love watching as LuAnn turns into the Countess Crackerjacks personality that Richard Lawson on Gawker has been writing for her over the last 3 years!!!

looserdude said...

If you go bi-sexual, you get another 15 minutes of fame.

Pookie said...

i just don't get the need these talentless reality idiots have for fame (questionable) and attn. seriously...it's not going to do anything worthy of merit in the long run (or short run, for that matter).


nunaurbiz said...

I think she's desperately trying to stay "relevant" because she's holding out for big money (recent hints she may not return to the show...)

nancer said...

luann is more of a man than any man on those shows.

New Life and Attitude said...

It doesn't surprise me that she was kissing on some young girl. I always thought she was more manly than anything anyway.

MCH said...

Money can't buy you claaaasssss. Wonder what her children think of that? Hmmm

Maybe all the housewives turned bisexual can have a spin off show. "The Former Real Housewives Turned BiSexual of Bravo"

selenakyle said...

@nancer...well, Kelly is givin' her a run for the money on that front!

I showed hubby Kelly's pix in a bikini and he said "so I guess you don't WANT to f*ck today?"

The Real Icecat said...

@selenakyle - I'm, sadly, also addicted to the RHONJ..

I didn't see the fight yet, but I'm going to tonight!!


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