Thursday, July 01, 2010

Principal Rooney Fails To Register As A Sex Offender - Gets Arrested

Jeffrey Jones was arrested last week because he failed to update his sex offender registration. Within five days of his birthday he was supposed to update his records but he did not. The fact that his birthday was last September, but he was only arrested for this violation last week scares me. That means almost a year went by where he could have been targeting other kids. Although he is fairly well known as a sex offender think about most who are not known. They move, do not update their address to the authorities and when a neighbor looks at that sex offender list online does not see there is a sex offender living next door.

To me, this should be given a greater priority than the police who sit on Wilshire and Sunset all day looking for people talking on their cell phones to give them a $20 ticket. Jones, who is best known for playing Principal Rooney in Ferris Bueller is set to be arraigned on July 14. He was on 3 years probation for taking naked photos of a 14 year old boy.


lynleigh said...

Gah. Ick nast.

Syko said...

Scum of the earth.

Cheryl said...

"Rooney! You're an asshole!"

Syko said...

Me too, Lady J. Pedophiles steal innocence and the effects of what they do to those kids can last a lifetime. My son is nearly 39 and still in therapy for molestation that occurred when he was 10. It has affected our entire family and continues to affect us every day. No punishment is too severe for these people, in my mind.

Maybe since the police can't keep up with it, we could institute some new policy like tattooing their foreheads with a bright red "P". That'd make it harder for them to hide.

Cancan said...

And this is the SECOND time he has "forgotten" to register. Once, maybe an oversight, not knowing the rules, etc. TWICE? No way.

blondegossip said...
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blondegossip said...
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blondegossip said...

Agree w/all-police/criminal justice system should spend much more time concentrating on sex offenders, child pornographers & pedophiles than most other crimes-these crimes RUIN KIDS LIVES which has such a lasting impact on society at large.

Now that I'm on the subject/rant I will say what I've been saying to people after 10+ yrs working in the criminal justice system--
1st sex offense against a child (either plea of guilty or found guilty at trial): 25 years prison, no parole & limited appellate rights.

2nd sex offense against a child: (after you've served your 25 on the 1st offense and get out and reoffend) no appeals & death penalty or limited appellate rights w/life in prison, no parole.

Sex offenders are not safe for release into the community under any circumstances & are not readily rehabbed. we should simply not tolerate their presence on this earth.

When people ask about my job/death penalty this is what I tell them-if we have the death penalty-use it, the endless appeals negate any deterrent effect. We also give the wrong people the death penalty-see above. If forced, I'd choose to have a dinner with a murderer before I would be in the same room with a pedophile-that's how dangerous these people are and how strongly I feel.

If we legalized drugs, regulated & taxed them we'd have plenty of money to go after REAL criminals, like this scumbag instead of releasing them into the community to devestate the lives of innocent children.

nunaurbiz said...

I'm probably going to be flamed for saying this, but I covered the criminal justice system for years as a reporter and it might surprise you to know that sex offender registries do nothing but make people think they keep them safe.

This is because 1) the huge majority of sex offenders target relatives or close friends of the family and don't prey on neighbors, 2) the huge majority of sex offenders usually don't commit another sex crime, 3) the sexual predators, who are the ones most likely to commit another crime, are a small percentage of the group as a whole and will recommit whether they have to register or not, 4) many who are on sex offender registries simply cannot commit the crime for which they were put on there and there is often no mechanism for getting off the list.

For instance, I know a guy who was 17 when he had sex with his underage girlfriend. The minute he turned 18, her parents turned him in and he was prosecuted as a sex offender even though he and the girl wanted to get married. She never wanted him prosecuted. Now the guy is 37 and has NO desire to have sex with underage girls, he was a kid himself when this happened. But he has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life with no way to get off the list. So he can't find a place to live and he can't get a job because people think he's a pedophile. My community spends thousands of dollars each year to keep track of this guy, when he's no threat.

And he's not alone.

Sex offenders are not all pedophiles.

JJ said...

nunaurbiz, I agree completely.

nancer said...

nunaurbiz is right. i heard cases like this when i served on grand juries. there really are people out there who shouldn't be on the list. (fuckhead in this BI isn't one of them, of course.) but i know irate parents get BF charged---maybe their baby gets pregnant---and then he's branded for life.

i'd go along with the DP for second CHILD SEXUAL OFFENDERS, for sure. i think it's a far worse crime than murder, in fact.

but there has to be a common sense way to separate those offenders from the kind of cases i'm talking about.

valerie said...

nuna is absolutely right. The Economist did a really good article several months ago about the ineffectiveness of sex offender lists. The problem is that politicians have severely mucked up the criteria to be on the list in the first place. It's an easy "poltiical win" to make a new qualifying factor, and as a result you now have people on there for having sex with their teenage girlfriends, etc. You can't tell the real threats from the noise anymore.

The other big problem is that the sex offender regulations leave these people very few places where they *can* live. All that does is encourage them to lie or not report when they move, making them hide from the law.

jess said...

@nunaurbiz I agree, with my family being tied to the legal system this kind of things happen all the time. Sure this guy is guilty and well deserved but there are a lot of people out there that are not pedophiles and they won't get a job because of some irresponsible accusation.

bloodonthescreen said...

Let's bring back the guillotine.

ea73 said...

First, to the poster who said that sex offenders are not all the fuck what?? They're SEX OFFENDERS. They have been convicted of either attempting to or succeeding in assaulting someone sexually. I sure hate it that my tax dollars go to housing and feeding these scumbags. Death penalty is good enough for me.
I live in a New England city where some bastard who is a convicted sex offender jumped off the grid, only to resurface when he forced his way into a college student's apartment and tried to rape her at knofe point. Happy ending there is that the college student had guts and twisted his genitals so hard that he almost passed out. Then she held him at knife point until the cops showed up. She's a better person that I am; I would have castrated the mother fucker.
This douche Jeffrey Jones should locked in a room with the parents of kids who have been sexually assaulted. I guarantee you justice would be served.

J said...

IDK Rooney was a perv

And to think this guy played a high school principal

Super yuck