Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Heidi Klum and Lou walking the streets of New York.
You know, Jane Fonda looks pretty good for 72. One hell of a surgeon.
Jwowww has her own fashion line. You know, just in case you wanted to look like her. Fake boobs not included.
Not to take away from Kate Moss, but have you noticed since she and Pete Doherty broke up, he is only in the tabloids when he gets arrested.
The cast of The Last Airbender decided Tokyo should share in the misery of the film too.
Leonardo DiCaprio and a vuvuzuela.
Leaves he and Mick Jagger clearing their ears after.
Lindsay Lohan and her newly injected lips head into court. I wonder if she got some pills for the pain.
LeAnn Rimes brings alcohol to Eddie Cibrian.
Niiki Reed a DJ? Well, Twilight won't last forever.
It's Geranimals for royalty. One day it can be part of the Trinidad flag and the next
it can be maple leafs for Canada.


valerie said...

Eddie Cibrian sure has some big manboobs.

selenakyle said...

Whose hand is that around Eddie Cibrian's arm? I found a phantom hand!

Tacky, tacky dress on JWoww, but that is a great photo of her.

MontanaMarriott said...

Wow Jane Fonda is beginning to look just like Mary Tyler Moore, they must have the same surgeon.

Lady J said...

Heidi and her baby are adorable!

Jane Fonda looks great, had no idea she was 72.

not on my dollar said...

Wow! Jane's 72? Good for her.

The queen's feet look swollen. I like reading about the royal family but don't want to pay for their upkeep even if it is just 94 cents.

bj said...

Lilo's lips are awful. is she doing them herself? She must of looked in the mirror and decided she needed to come up with the 'waitress punched me in the lips' cry.

RJ said...

selenakyle - If you look closely you can see that there's a small child behind Eddie's arm. He's in a shadow so it's hard to see. It took me a little while to figure out where the hand came from, too.

MontanaMarriot - I thought the same exact thing!! They are morphing into each other.

Lana's Blog said...

No matter how many bad things I read about Kate Moss, I still find her so attractive and glam.

Damn, I wish I looked like Jane in those jeans, and I'm half her age!

MadLyb said...

Jesus, who put leeches on Lilo's lips? She's such a pretty girl, and really doesn't need any 'physical' enhancement. A human plastic surgeon would cut her off from her family.

The pic of Mick looks like he's trying to catch a fly. I fully expect a 3 ft. tongue to come shooting out.

I've not noticed Pete Doherty missing from the tabloids (until now, LOL). Enty has a point.

The Queen is getting old. I will be sad when she passes, and I couldn't tell you why. Some people are staples.

MadLyb said...

Human = humane. Not that anyone cares.

aura said...

call me insane but jwoww looks like CZJ!

Sorka8 said...

Is that a big ole scar or a vein runing up from Lilo's wrist? Scary!

God Save the Queen! You gotta like the old girl, she's an institution all of her own.

califblondy said...

Is Jane Fonda wearing Cher's hand-me-downs?

memyselfandi said...

I'm so sick of Leann and Eddie. They are way too douchey for my taste.

Robert said...

In all likelihood, Prince Charles will probably die having spent most of his life waiting to ascend to the throne of England.

Lissette said...

@Aura! OMG! You are right! She does look like CZJ!

Queen's feet look like swollen feet, pobrecita!

Leeann better lay off the cellulite-inducing foods and liquids! We know Eddie moves on to bigger and better...Even if he does have manboobs (due looks like a lady!).

I love Mick's face! Too funny! He looks like my grandmother when she is trying to clear her ears in the second picture! I mean IDENTICAL! HAHA!

bionic bunny! said...

i LIKE the queen's first dress!
and i thought it had been made pretty clear that charles was not going to ever get the throne, it was going to william? well, sort of unofficially official, i mean.
wills is so much more personable and beloved, isn't he?

Mooshki said...

The queen needs a better bra.

Ella B. said...

Jane Fonda looks good but that "outfit" blows. It looks more like a costume and makes her look silly. I can't decide what I hate more -- the jeans, the weird shirt or that fucking hat.