Friday, February 04, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Apparently Billy Crudup only likes the number one position so I put him on top.
Bruno Mars entered into a plea deal for his coke bust. No jail and no permanent record if he is good.
Chelsy Davy is back in England and headed to Prince Harry. Looks like she is going to stay awhile.
Colin Farrell and the performers of "O."
Cheryl Hines does that whole Taylor Swift thing.
Cee-Lo looks to be headed for some hunting after the event.
Amy Smart canoodling with Carter Oosterhouse.
Drew Brees at a party.
When you don't want to have anyone know it is you and what you are ashamed to be wearing.
When you combine your love of horses and high fashion.
The haute couture version of surgical masks.
To show your love of toilet bowls.
That has to keep slipping all night.


rebellious, contrary and nice said...

I'm indifferent to Bruno Mars' music, but he needs to get it together.

Mooshki said...

I love Amy Smart. She's in a number of my favorite movies.

That black outfit would make an awesome unique Halloween costume. The horse thing just looks like fetish wear.

RocketQueen said...

Why can't the designers let the CLOTHING speak for itself. Enough with the facemasks and junk.

I love O! My first trip to Vegas we bought last minute tickets from the line where if the high rollers don't show up to get them, they release them to the peons. We scored third row, middle and I've never seen anything like it since.

Melody the First said...

The horse outfit reminds me of the stage version of Equus. It reminds me of it way too much.

Rose said...

I think the heart symbol has more to do with the event Cheryl is at than her love for Taylor Swift.

lanasyogamama said...

Chelsy Davy is great looking.

Amy said...

To think Bjork and her swan dress were just ahead of their time.

MCH said...

I would definitely canoodle with Carter Oosterhouse. He's handsome & can build me shit!? Bring it on!

That surgical mask photo looks like a gas mask! Love those pictures/captions!

Mango said...

Horrors! Chelsy Davy caught schlepping her own luggage!

On my (one and only) trip to Vegas my friend didn't want to see O because he'd seen it before, so we went to Mystere. Not as good as O, in his opinion, and not as good as La Nouba in mine.

Cee-Lo was great when he appeared on SNL a few weeks ago, however he seemed startlingly short!

Hellloooo Mr. Oosterhouse, whoever you are.

hotchacha said...

Oh fun -- there's my friend, front and centre in the raft/tube when Colin Farrell visited their show.


trashtalker said...

Oh boy. If Carter touched my thigh like that, I'd pass out.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Carter Oosterhouse is hot as hell. I'd like to hammer and screw him. #HGTV

Ice Angel said...

Carter is not only all sorts of hot...he seems like a really genuinely nice guy. Love him! And I'd take him over that other screwball Ty any day!

Cheryl is making a heart because she is supporting Go Red, which is an organization to help increase awareness of heart disease in women.

Ice Angel said...

Oh...and BTW....Bruno...don't you know that coke will stunt your growth??? Ohh...sorry....too late!


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