Friday, February 04, 2011

Real Housewives

I know, I know, where is the Real Housewives Beverly Hills post so everyone can talk smack? Well, you can write your comments in this post. As much as I'm dying to see part 2 of the reunion show, I have been really busy and it is just sitting there on my DVR waiting for me, calling out to me like a tequila at noon on a Friday afternoon. Oh, you sweet sweet drink. I am going to savor this last episode of the show like that first Krispy Kreme donut after going without for two days and watch it this weekend. Feel free to say what you want though about it, the surprises will not be ruined for me and I can never get enough.

Now, as for New York, Bravo had to change things up a bit because the premiere episode was so boring. They are all going to be boring and useless after Beverly Hills. Bravo should just give up right now. The problem with any of the cities is that after awhile, anything the woman does is something that is associated with the show. That is because they don't have as much money as the Beverly Hills women and so are always out there in the public eye and always stirring things up. I think that with the Beverly Hills group, you will not see much of them until the next season. They don't need the money so there won't be too many appearances. The exceptions will be Kyle who loves this whole spotlight thing on her and Camille who despite not needing the money is addicted to this drug called fame. Speaking of Camille she is going to be $#*! My Dad Says.

And at the top of the page is the cast of Miami.


shakey said...

I saw the preview for this show online. Marysol Patton's mother is 1,000 times scarier than Taylor. She is like the Wildenbeast. And it doesn't look as exciting as RHOBH.

Anyone else think Kyle tried to one-up Kim by mentioning she was a child actor, too? For women in my age range Kim was a household name back in the day. I never knew Kyle existed until this show.

At least Camille apologized to Kyle for her behaviour towards her.

rebellious, contrary and nice said...

Kyle so hopes that Camille is not coming back. She wants that spotlight.

Borg Queen said...

@ Shakey - Kyle sure did try to take away the one "thing" Kim could hold onto by saying she (Kyle) was a child actress & helped support the family.

I think Kyle was jealous of Kim growing up and even marrying a Davis (oil tycoon) and then when Kim got divorced and the tables were turned, Kyle finally had the opportunity to be the "better situated" sis. Kyle is definitely a bully.

How bout Cedric? That lil biatch. And Ken. I love him and Lisa.

I loved how the husbands were at the Reunion.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Ok... I'm not addicted, I can quit any time.
That being said, the biggest thing I saw on part 2 was the Cedric situation.
And I was right, he's a poof.

Patty said...

The rumor was that one of the Miami ladies is transgender. Is that true or just a rumor? Went to the Bravo site this morning and no bios yet.

shakey said...

Patty, I read bios on them late last night. I'll try to find the link. Two of them are basketball wives but one of them is divorced.

Originally it was going to be a show on its own called "The Miami Social Club" or something like that but then it was bought by Bravo and turned into RHOM.

Also found a link about a rumour that Taylor and Russell are scam artists. Not sure if that's 100% true.

shakey said...

Here's the Miami link:

Here is the Taylor link: I got it off of another website that showed proof Taylor has changed her name twice.

nancer said...

jeez, why all the ripping on kyle? why in the world would she be jealous of kim? kyle's been married for 15 years to the same man, and they seem pretty happy to me.

the miami women could be pretty wild. i like the NY girls but without bethenny, i think a lot of the drama is gone.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


Old satchels of gold is still there, so the delusion lives on.

chihuahuense said...

the NY new season has already started? Shit! I am so behind in my trash-tv!

MCH said...

I'm behind, too! I haven't gotten a chance to watch the Bev Hills Pt. 2 Reunion & I thought NYC didn't premiere til mid -February!?

Up until last season, I personally thought NYC was the best, but I agree that without Bethanney it isn't going to be nearly as entertaining.

chihuahuense said...

agree, and @Sue Ellen, for some reason I do not find Kelly Beensomeone entertaining at all. At.all. Unless entertaining is wanting to punch someone in the face.

Mango said...

I liked Kyle at first, but soon tired of all the hair flipping and bullying of Kim. Even so, I don't get all the Kyle hate, and find her infinitely more tolerable than Taylor. I do feel badly for Kim, but she is just so pathetic that I just want to give her a smack now and again.

I find Camille loathsome but thought she acquitted herself better than I would have expected on the reunion shows. I was floored (floored, I tell you!) to find out that Kyle had invited/recommended Camille for the show. That revelation made C's accusations of jealousy seem silly.

My favorite part this season: The dinner party at Camille's with whack job Alison "I now lack all credibility" Dubois. It rivaled the NY housewives on Crazy Island with Krazy Kelly Bensimon.


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