Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Congratulations to 30 Rock for filming their 100th episode.
And yesterday, filming in New York.
If you put Agyness Dean in front of me I don't think I could pick her out.
Most people just use weights, not live dogs when they jog.
Rumer is just going with one.
Amy Adams and her boyfriend/fiancee' hang out with their kid.
Brooklyn Beckham races his dad.
Brad Pitt shooting his new role in New Orleans.
Carmen Electra looking normal. Good for her.
Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell in London tonight.
Elizabeth Hurley wants you to know she loves kids. Please like her again.
Hello Gillian Anderson.
A very shaggy looking Gerard Butler.
Good Charlotte visiting kids in a Boston hospital.
Heidi Klum looks amazing.


bflogurl said...

Brad Pitt is morphing into Kurt Russell...

RocketQueen said...

Just once I'd like to see a celeb out with a shelter dog/mutt. It seems to always be some designer toy breed.

I will see pretty much anything with Brad Pitt in it. It's not just his looks....I swear he chews up the screen.

Heidi ALWAYS looks amazing.

Gillian looks like she is inside. Miserable. At least in my experience.

Ice Angel said...

The Beckhams have to be the world's most DNA-gifted family. They are all just beautiful. I hope she has a girl. I bet she would be a beautiful little girl...and who knows...maybe William and Kate may have a little one around the same age....

Cecilia00 said...

Yup, IceAngel...gorgeous family.

And I dare say it looks like they actually spend time with the kids and have a good relationship with them - not just for paparazzi show and tell.

amoteafloat said...

@RQ -- "Just once I'd like to see a celeb out with a shelter dog/mutt. It seems to always be some designer toy breed."

YES. That's another reason to love Birthday Boy Jon Hamm, actually -- he's got a mutt. :-)

I looooove Heidi's outfit! She's like a human peacock. She might look batty sometimes, but she's NEVER boring.

amoteafloat said...

P.S. I'm still mad about the 30 Rock time change. Some of us have geriatric sleeping schedules.

Also, can Elizabeth Banks please go somewhere far, far, far, FAR away? Avery Jessup is a beatdown.

parissucksliterally said...

who the hell takes pics of Rumer? how can they be worth money?

Gillian Anderson looks fantastic.

Carmen Electra never had any purpose, and still does not.

Jamie's Girl said...

Alec Baldwin has a big backside, which doesn't really go with his frontside belly.

Ice Angel said...

@amot-I hope you mean Elizabeth Hurley not Elizabeth Banks. I love Elizabeth Banks!

parissucksliterally said...

hey RocketQueen, a few celebs have mutts!

Aniston's Norman is a mutt, Mischa Barton has 2 ( I know, I know is she a celeb) I forget who, but an actress has a 3 legged dog she rescued....damn, what's her name? O
Orlando bloom rescued his dogs too.

there are some who don't care about the designer doggie!

Jerry said...

I thought Brooklyn is a girl's name.

Oh, Enty -- on your keyboard, hold down the Alt key then type 0233 for a wonderful surprise.

anita_mark said...

Fiancé (one e) refers to a man, fiancée (two e's) refers to a woman.

B626 said...

Wow is Demi financing a remake of Jeremiah Johnson for her boy toy to be in?

liba said...

Lovely sharing. I like the photos of 30 Rock TV Show. This is a great show and photos are also good man. Thanks for sharing.

linnea said...

Never! Will never start liking Hurley! :P

RocketQueen said...

Thanks @parissucks! Good to hear :) And of course Katherine Heigl!

nunaurbiz said...

oooh. Gerry. Oooooh.

MWAH! Love you, Enty!