Thursday, April 07, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Top spot goes to Tracy Pollan and Michael J Fox because you never hear anything bad about either of them and it seems like they are always out busting their humps for Parkinsons.
I know I am going to hell, but even after reading the excerpts from Ashley Judd's book, I still don't like her.
Ashton Kutcher takes photos of...
Whenever I see ads for this version of Little Red Riding Hood, it reminds me of porn. Maybe it is the bright red in the ads. I don't know. Anyway, Amanda was in London promoting it with her co-stars
and photo newcomers, Max Irons and Shiloh Fernandez.
Big Audio Dynamite - Nottingham
Bela as a vampire and her wedding dress in the new illustrated Twilight. You know, to keep cashing in.
Photos from the last Beatles tour.

Bai Ling, new hair, new lips, wearing clothes, and her mom.
Courteney Cox back in Los Angeles after vacationing with her guy friend then her soon to be ex. No, Coco is not confused at all.
Alex Rodriguez explains why he is so good to Cameron Diaz. She just loves this guy.
The cast of Ceremony on the top of the Empire State Building.
Victoria Beckham and David Beckham after eating some Brazilian food. Victoria thought it was a Brazilian wax which is why she went.


parissucksliterally said...

Posh must have a surrogate. There is no way in hell she is carrying a baby in that body.

Bai Ling's Mom must be so proud.

I love MJ Fox and Tracy! LOVE!

Pookie said...

awww...gotta love mjfox & tracy p. go them.

enty! go see the pics michael k. has of ashley! her makeup person is sooooo getting fired today. as is her stylist for that country-fried concoction/little house on the prairie outfit.

oh hai ashton. international male called. they say thanks for being a loyal shopper.

sweet little coco cox, this season's vertical're doing it right.

cameron looks good!

Suhyphen said...

Am I the only one who would love to see a Twilight movie open with the brooding vampires...well, brooding and then Buffy shows up and ices them? *cue kickass BTVS music* then the movie is all about the Scooby Gang? Extra credit if Giles sings.

With you on the Posh thing Paris.
Was also really happy to see MJ Fox on The Good Wife. He looks great!

parissucksliterally said...

wanna laugh about Ashley Judd?

riiiiiiiiight, this is why I see her fucking fillered face EVERYWHERE now.

Suhyphen said...

Gee, I thought Ashley (the relentless crusader for people less fortunate) bared her soul in order to give other victims courage to speak out

She's probably too busy rescuing orphans and puppies from burning buildings to be on such a trivial thing known as a book tour (Today show/The View/Interview with USA Today aside)

God bless her personalities. Every one.

Mimi said...

Ashley probably gave her make up person a mute stone and was retaliated.

HannahPalindrome said...


Ashley Judd = Pretentious!
I'm surprised she didn't write her book using big words from the dictionary!

Never liked her.
She uses big words for no reason but to show off.

Ms Cool said...

Do dudes really wear white pants? What is the deal, Ashton?

weezy said...

I think Tues. night's ep of "Good Wife" was the first time Fox has shown his tremor. Good for him -- so many people are working with this and similar issues, it probably meant a lot to viewers to see him mainstream his condition.

Judd *is* pompous (I'm tired of hearing how she majored in French at Kentucky and went to Harvard. Do something with your life, already.) That outfit is straight out of "YaYa Sisterhood" and the chalky eyes are certainly because she insisted on doing her own makeup (altho she probably billed the publisher for a makeup artist); no professional would use a product giving that effect at a photo op.

califblondy said...

Weezy, did you catch him on Rescue Me? He was awesome even though his character was psycho mean.

linnea said...

Amanda Seyfried is just so GD hot!

weezy said...

Califblondy -- no, I'll track it down and check it out. Thank you!

surfer said...

I agree with everyone about Ashley.

I get that not everyone has a great sense of style, but why does she always have to look to matronly? It looks like she's wearing a GD tablecloth (from the 60s, yet).

DJ Twisted Sister said...

Ashley Judd comes off as totally self-important and smug, even when she's genuinely trying to be the opposite.

Astrid said...

Suhyphen, I would pay a lot to see Buffy take out the Cullens.

Treesap-Covered Lady, the Humanist said...

LEE PACE! YAY!!! I forgive you for the recent fuckery, Enty just for posting him with the cast of "Ceremony."

Mango said...

Ashton can gingerly part his asscheeks and cram his camera up there.

OMG is that Mick Jones in the Big Audio Dynamite pic? My, how times have changed.

LOVE the Beatle pics. Thank you, Enty.

Can't believe that Cami is still fucking A-Rod.

Reese said...

Astrid, thanks for the best laugh I've had all day.

Tracy Pollan has had some major face work done; I barely recognized her. I liked her old face a lot better.

Ashley Judd continues to be insufferable; is anyone surprised?

MCH said...

That Bella doesn't have enough bitchface (a la Kristen Stewart) to look real. I don't recall Bella doing a wedding photoshoot in the book.

I don't really see the big deal if Courtney is dating someone else already. They probably aren't reconciling. I would think Coco would be more confused by her Daddy's nutty behavior the first few weeks following the separation annoucement.