Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey Jake Pavelka - You Have A Real Job

Most of the time I do not begrudge anyone who wants to try and extend their 15 minutes of fame or try to earn a living doing reality television. It is your life, the economy is never going to get better and if someone is willing to pay you to be on television, then go for it. Most of the time the people doing this have no other sources of income and were trying to be actors or singers or in the business anyway.

That all goes out the window with this Jake Pavelka guy. Not only is not he being honest with himself, but that is an entirely different subject for a different time, the guy had/has a real job as an airline pilot. He was already making six figures a year in a job that is coveted and tough to get. The only reason he is doing any of this is because he likes being famous. The trouble is he is not good at it. Most people given this many opportunities would have stuck by now. He has not because no one really likes him and can smell the desperation a mile away.

The picture above is from his first date with Jackie Gordon for Bachelor Pad. To really hammer home those ABC/Disney connections they went to El Capitan which is owned by Disney and saw a Disney movie and then probably went and had dome food at the ice cream place next door also owned by Disney. To end the night, they each had Mickey's face tattooed to their chests in honor of him continuing to give them a weekly paycheck when most people would have to actually do something to make money.


timebob said...

funny he went from being a special guest at the last BP now he is a contestant.

I actually feel sorry the most for Vienna she honestly got duped by him. Not that she didn't enjoy the small fame bump she got. But she really thought they had a future.

I highly doubt he was making six figures as a pilot. I read he was a contractor for an airline (not a major one) and wasn't flying very much. His main source of income was a limousine rental company he owned. But really all this guy wants to do is act. Except he is a shitty actor and like enty said fame desperate.

Lauren said...

I met him and Vienna Sausage at a Disney event. Shocking.

He was really nice. She was vapid and I am so happy she seems to have slipped into obscurity.

RocketQueen said...

I REALLY REALLY dislike this guy. I don't watch this show, but everything I've seen (I watched that reunion show with him and the Vienna chick and he was just an ASSHOLE) and heard of him is actually kind of scary. He's dead in the eyes and I'd bet dollars to doughnuts he has rage issues.

0 said...

Um, hate to break it to you, but commercial airline pilots hardly make six figures. The industry operates on a seniority scale, and most pilots are lucky to break $50k or so after five years of service. Your most senior pilots, with a couple decades of inflight experience, might make six figures, but someone as young as this Jake cat hardly makes that much as a commercial pilot.

And it's not really a tough job to get. If you pass a physical, security checks including an FBI and Department of Homeland Security background check, and can withstand the intense months or years of flight school and training, you can be a pilot. I speak from experience as I've been a pilot for the better part of seven years, and my husband has been one for nearly fifteen years.

JasonBlueEyes said...

Yeah, what was that Michael moore movie whetre he interviewed the airline pilots? They don't make that much. But then again it was Michael Moore. He does distort truths when it suits him.

me said...

Jake is the biggest loser on tv. He must think this is the path to a acting career. Saw him at a marathon last summer tryig to get tv time on Bill and Guilana's show, by trailing her after the run. Which she beat him ...ha

Jaiden_S said...

Came here to say what 0 said. My friend Mike is a pilot with US Air and makes like 45k.

MCH said...

My cousin is a pilot and he USED to make six figures but that was before paycuts.

My friend met Vienna at a charity event & said she seemed nice.

But she definitely had fame whorey behavior. But nothing like this guy, who I thought was a DB from the beginning. If Jackie was dating him for any other reason than publicity, I'd be surprised.

Jeri said...

Isn't Vienna the female Jake? She's still trying to get famous isn't she?