Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Jack Hanna and Chevy Chase on the same stage? Comedy gold.
Blake Lively goes sheer for the premiere of Green Lantern.
For some reason, Ryan Reynolds did not go with the sheer look.
I know many of you wish Peter Saarsgard did go sheer.
But, Jason Bateman might not agree with you. His wife would though. Look at that smirk.
Christina Aguilera in W Magazine.
Cameron Diaz and her new lips in London promoting Bad Teacher.
Hef could not stop the cover from running, but did manage to get stickers on all the covers.
Elin Nordegren takes the kids to Disney World.
Randomness. Gerard Butler and AnnLynne McCord?
George & Elisabetta out to dinner.


MontanaMarriott said...

They airbrushed the hell out of Xtina.

Cameron either aged horribly or had really bad work done. She is begging to look like an old Tranney

Gerard is smiling as if he is about to "hit" that or already did.

New Life and Attitude said...

Is it just me or does Jason Bateman's wife look kind of like him?

I wouldn't have recognized Xtina.

Good for Heff!

RocketQueen said...

That might be Christina's face, but it sure isn't her body.

Um....anyone else think Bateman's wife kind of resembles his sister?

Nice try with the virginal white dress, Blake. Bahaha!

Ida Blankenship said...

Chevy has really won me over on Community. Isn't he supposed to be a megadick IRL, though?

Blake is a terrible actress, and I think she's the epitome of a butterface, but I actually really like her style. Leggyness + bedhair are sorta what I aim for when I dress up, too. But my closet came from Goodwill, not Chanel. :-/

I also love the way Ryan Reynolds dresses, though he does *not* make my loins quiver.

That Bad Teacher movie just looks unredeemable. Throw the ball at the fat kid's face! Wear slutty clothes! Joke about how much you don't really give a shit about the youth of America, anyway, but you're still getting paid to impart knowledge! Wheeeee! I might end up renting it, but I don't know. Given the current state of public education in this country...ugh. Whatever. NOT wading into that one.

Hef, you are THEBOMB.COM. That's hilarious! And justified, really.

The Nordegren girls are going to be insanely beautiful women (I refuse to acknowledge their paternal unit).

Um, Gerry and AnnaLynne = a cosmic meeting of like minds.

Elizabetta is so frickin' fug. I know I sound fourteen, but GOD, she is so UGly. I don't think George has dated an attractive woman since that French teacher from 43534 years ago.

JasonBlueEyes said...

Oh, great. Blake is now wearing doileys.

I'm starting to thing this whole Playboy/wedding scenario was a great ruse to sell a boatload of mags. I'll bet this issue is one of their biggest sellers ever.

parissucksliterally said...

that pic of Xtina is a joke. She is fat now! who's body is that?

Jason Bateman is HOT. so is P Saarsgard.

lisap515 said...

I swear I thought XTina was scarjo!

Jason and his wife have the same nose. Or something. I agree they do look alike but she also looks older than him?

Patty said...

WTH is Elin wearing? That is better suited to lunch with friends than Disney, in summer, in FLA.

MacVixen said...

That is some mad crazy photoshopping they did of Xtina. she looks about 2 inches wide and 10 feet tall.

@Ida, the WOODS children (even if you don't acknowledge the paternal unit, lol), are actually a boy and girl, not two girls. Sam will be gorgeous and the little guy (Charlie?) is also a real cutie.

bflogurl said...

ITA agree that Bateman's wife looks like him (or his sister)! Crazy!

X-Tina... who the hell's body is that?

Cameron looks julst pitiful. Absolutely pitiful. Sad.

MacVixen said...

@ Patty - I though Elin was trying to pull off a pirate look, which would be *somewhat* appropriate at DisneyWorld. Then I took at look at her shoes - what the hell are those things - some sort of crocheted piece attached to a sandal??

Ida Blankenship said...

@MacVixen -- One of those children is a BOY? I thought they were just exceptionally pretty girls with unisex names!

*casts a suspicious gaze your way*

No, seriously, I just wikied it, and you're correct.

And I still choose to ignore their paternity, cuz I'm stubborn like that -- and shit, once they get older, they might do the same thing.

LOL. I didn't even notice at first glance how insane Elin's outfit is. If she was looking to blend in with the tourists, uh, I think she failed.

MCH said...

Huh. I'm surprised Blake didn't have the bottom/sheer portion of that dress cut off.

I don't think Christina is fat now...maybe a little curvier post kid. She looked pretty tiny to me in Burlesque but def. looks a tad bigger on The Voice.

I almost didn't recognize Anna Lynne w/ that dark hair!

Ida Blankenship said...

C'mon, people. That Gary Teendad dude is fat. K-Fed is fat as HELL. And by his own admission, Enty is a porker, too.

Of course, *I* still think that's a ruse to deflect people from his true identity, and he's actually built like Anthony Weiner. ;-)

Anyway, Xtina is short, voluptuous, and busty, but she's far from FAT! Come to VA -- we've got more obese people here than you can shake a stick at.

Beth said...

@Patty, I don't think they'd let Elin on the rides with that hat. She'd get scalped or something, like that woman whose long hair got caught in a go-cart.

@Ida, Elisabetta looks like a man. Take a look at her PETA pics. Dude looks like a lady, which is why I think George likes her.

MISCH said...

To me Blake is no more than a clothes hanger, but I'll give her this she sure has pushed the little talent and looks she has to the will be interesting to see just how long she can hang on with so little going for her...
Unless she does manage to marry an A list actor.

califblondy said...

Personally I like Elin's look, but I'm so over those sandals. I was hoping they would be out this summer, but they hung on for another season...

George Clooney? Wow, could he look any Gayer?

I can't help it, I'm a Christina fan, but that is one horrible picture. It's sad to have all that photoshopping and still look like crap.

I think Bateman's wife is thinking "suck it ladies, he's mine."

TinselSass said...

To All of YOU... THANK YOU! My work world is so slamming, I usually now don't get to read CDaN until a few days have passed... but today, I have a sane moment and wanted to thank you for making life more fun, human, humane, interesting, accountable. Best wishes to all of you for a great laugh-filled gossip-fun but lame-lacking summer!

B626 said...

Poor unfortunate Xtina.
She has a good singing voice
and scads of $$$ and
everything else is bad bad bad.

MISCH said...

Jason Bateman's wife is Paul Anka's daughter, her mom is was a model I think...she looks like her dad....she got his pre-surgery nose.
But she sure got a cute husband.

Missy said...

The reviews for Green Lantern are terrible but funny to read. Too much CGI.

Ida Blankenship said...

@Beth -- "Dude looks like a lady, which is why I think George likes her."

Ha HA! I didn't even think of that. NOW it makes sense. :-)

Sylvia said...

Didn't know it was Christina until I saw her name. Looks weird and thought there was something funny about it.

I really don't like Cameron. Don't know why but just don't like her.

Elin's sandals are horrible.

AnnLynne looks old.

George looks like he got caught and Elisabetta looks weird.

Snakeoiler said...

Maybe it's Annalynne McCord's body, or some other emaciated, talentless, starlet.

Jasmine said...

Crystal almost-Hefner said on Ryan Seacrest's morning show that she DOES have a single coming out, or it already came out or something...

so whomever guessed that one amongst the other possible answers that Enty posted yesterday wins the prize!

Mean gold digger. And I totally wanna high five Hugh Hef for that sticker. HEhehe, awesome.

Robert said...

Wasn't there a blind item here about AL McC hitting on GB and him telling her, "You're too easy, even for me. Move on."? Maybe he changed his mind...

MizCaramel said...

dang I thought Peter Saarsgard was Tom Arnold at first glance. I love Jason Bateman, dude is hot. Does George C really swing both ways?

msgirl said...

Uh oh. No blinds again today?

@Ida, hahaha too funny especially because you might be right!

I always knew Cameron wouldn't age great. Too much sun.

I like the way Bateman's wife looks - like a regular person.

Mooshki said...

I think Bad Teacher looks hysterical. Green Lantern, on the other hand... They spent $300 million on that movie - the studio is fucked.

Gerard and AnnaLynne aren't "random" at all - they're Hollywood's two biggest sluts! (And I say that without judgment. :) )

The Black Cat said...

George has always struck me as not quite what you see is what you get, I've never been able to figure out what the deal was with him but I always found him creepy in a Tom Cruise sort of way.
Maybe the photo of Christina was taken a long time ago.
Cameron needs to get her hair styled.
Ryan Reynolds pants look weird.

nunaurbiz said...

@Robert: That's what I remember.

C'mon, CDAN folks!!! Who is that with Peter Saarsgard? Am I the only one who wonders/doesn't know? Is it his publiciist? Lucky lady!

Char said...

AnnaLynn McCord looks likes she's aged about 25 years in the past few months. Maybe it's the dark hair but I think it's her face. She looks rough.

GladysKravitz said...

Elin seems to be trying on Hulk Hogan's headgear. When in Florida, do as the Floridians do? Or, alternatively, maybe now that she's left the Love Schwinger, she's going for the Rock of Love look. I see a resemblance to Brett Michaels. Just saying.

Maja. With a J. said...

Re: Xtina - I don't know whose body that is, but it appears to either be missing its right leg, or is possibly a mermaid.

lisap515 said...

I still say they made Xtina look like ScarJo. The face anyway. I hate her white blonde hair. Anyone else? I just don't find that attractive on ANYONE. Natural can't be helped and that is fine, but so many actually dye theirs that color (in the SOUTH anyway).

Lissette said...

I met Jason Bateman a lont time ago, and he is sooooo good looking in person and down to earth. WOW! Dreamy! I hope she has a beautiful spirit/soul...otherwise, sorry, I don't get it.


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